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When you build a website, it is essential to follow some guidelines such as testing of the website so that the end-users get the best experience. Also, the website needs to run on both mobile and desktop. If the website is working correctly on mobile, it should also work accordingly on the desktop. In this article, we are going to discuss about the Comparium review and why you should choose it over other tools. But before that, let’s know more about the tool!

Now how to know about all this? One needs a tool to check which show areas where the company is lacking while running their website.

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Some tools might be available on various software, but what if we tell you that you will be able to check your website performance in one place? Yes, Comparium is one such tool that helps the web developers to check all about website performance within no time so that the users can get the best experience. It offers cross-browser website testing tools, which, in a way, helps in automated testing.

Cross browser testing
Cross browser testing

The following are some of the things to know for discussing Comparium review.

Comparium Review | Introduction to Comparium Tool

The Electronic Team, Inc., who developed the Comparium Tool has an experience of 15 plus years in the IT industry and more than 2 million satisfied customers currently using various tools offered by the company for free. The company has a team of 50 experienced web developers who have specialized in the field of IT and are creative to come out with a user-friendly application.


The asset of Comparium review is the tool’s high-quality software solutions, which can efficiently work on the majority of platforms such as Windows 10, 7, Mac OS X Mojave, Linux, etc. Three versions of Comparium have come by now, and the website looks promising, and all eyes are waiting for their next launch. One can quickly check how their website looks on different web browsers.

Critical features of Comparium Tool

To analyze the Comparium review, it is essential to know the critical features of Comparium tool. So, without any further delay to go ahead with Comparium review, let’s look at the features.

Offline Reporting of Website Test results by emails

One of the major things offered by the tool is its working without the internet. If your internet stops working in between, you would not need to restart the process from the beginning.

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Offline service
Offline service

The only time one needs an internet is when you would want the screenshots of the problematic areas on email. If you do not need them and would want to check the errors at the end of the process, the need for the internet does not come into the picture at all. This key feature boosts the comparium review and creates higher possibilities of choosing this tool.

Free of cost

As we are discussing the comparium review, it is important to know the pricing measures offered by this tool.  The tool at present is free of cost and trustworthy to use. Why not take the benefit of the same and analyze how your website works on different platforms?

Most importantly, the company does not have any hidden charges, even on subscription. For this, the company might ask you to subscribe, which is free. By this, the company will be able to update the system whenever they come out with updates.

This will keep your application up to date, and you will be able to run the application swiftly in the future. Also, the company has no limit for usage. This means you can use the form to check as many websites as the user might want to check. There is nothing like one website check per user.

Easy to use

One need not be an engineer to know how the website can work. The website has a small how to use section for new users, and so layperson by clicking a few buttons would be able to run the app.

  • You need to open the URL of the app on a web page if one wants to test their website online.
  • After opening the site, you need to paste your website URL on the given dialog box and need to run the application.

It will run automatically and keep sending emails. Once you use the application, you shall never think for any other website as Comparium can serve all the needs.

Well, after knowing about the easy user interface, free of cost, and offline reporting features, there is more to add in the comparium review.

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Reporting the bugs and errors

Comparium allows sharing screenshots of the problem area to the email id linked with the website before running the test. If you would want to use a Comparium tool, there is a small formality of sharing details needs. This is creating a user id by providing an email id.

Report bugs
Report bugs

The Comparium software is for checking the website, tracks problem areas, and captures screenshots instead of stopping at every problem area. The screenshot delivers to the user’s email at the time of creating the user’s ID. This helps the users to know which location has an issue and can easily solve the same. Hence to conclude in a nutshell, Comparium’s method of reporting the problems is unique and helpful.

Works perfectly on various platforms

This feature is like a cherry on the cake for comparium review. As from Windows 10, 7, Mac OS X Mojave, Linux, etc. Comparium is capable of performing its job and smoothly giving results inappropriate time.

Unlike other applications, Comparium helps to adjust to various platforms used regularly. This helps the user to use browsers which they are comfortable in and run the app to check the problem areas of the website. Comparium shows the bugs in both mobile and webpage and helps the users to resolve and serve to the public promptly. As written in the third point of comparium review, the user-interface of Comparium is fast and straightforward.

Why Choose the Tool After Discussing Comparium Review

Whether to trust Comparium or not would be the question in the minds of the users. However, let us know the fact that it free and trying it would only answer your question. We strongly recommend trying it once, and we are sure that when the company comes out with the next version, you shall be the first to purchase! Also, Comparium looks to an excellent tool for all web developers to re-check their website for security before handing over to their clients.

If you have any issue or would want to speak to an executive of the company, the website has a solution for all your problems.

  • Users can fill in the page by clicking on contact us option.
  • It is essential to share your details like name, email id, and the question they have a query about.
  • The executive reaches the user as soon as possible.
Contact us
Contact us

We hope this comparium review helped you to take the right decision for your job. For more related content, do not forget to visit us again!

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