Everyone is switching to large displays to binge on their favorite movies and shows, especially during family time. Moreover, large and advanced TV screens are making their way into your living rooms. There is no doubt that Android TVs are one of the most feature-packed screens in the market. However, some users want to open various web pages on their TV and view it on a large screen. It could be a tricky situation unless you know about multiple browsers for Android TV. Today, we list the top 10 internet browsers that you must try. Also, it will help you choose from the best browsers for Android TV, depending on your requirement.

Can I Get Chrome On Android TV?

Yes, it is pretty easy to download and install Google Chrome on any supported Android TV. Although, you can only sideload its APK from online sources as there is no designated app for the same. You can also put multiple other internet browsers to increase the output and have a better online experience. We even have some other browsers that will work on your Android TV and give exciting results.

Best Web Browser For Android TV

As you know, Chrome has many built-in features that make it a perfect choice to install on your TV. Although, many users want to try out different web browsers with unique functions. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of browser applications available on Android TV.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular web browser supported by millions of web pages. It allows you to sync different devices with the same account on Chrome to share data. Also, you can turn on the Incognito Mode for anonymous browsing and private internet surfing.

best browser for android tv

In case you want other additional software, Chrome Extension Store has everything. It is available on different platforms with an interactive interface. However, users might face issues while using it with the Android TV remote.

Visit: Google Chrome


You don’t find many browsers like Opera that support offline browsing features for later viewing. You only need to load the page, and it will be saved for future reference. It might not have a direct TV application, but users can load it on their Android TV.

best browser for android tv

It not only generates quick search results but also minimizes the overall data consumption. Therefore, it is better for users with a limited amount of available data. The best feature is that you get an in-built VPN server for secure and faster browsing.

Visit: Opera Browser


The Firefox internet browser has APIs specially designed to adjust with the interface of Android TVs. The card structure enables the user to switch between tabs and type URLs accordingly in each search bar.

best browser for android tv

Once you log into your account, it will display the sites you visit most on the home page. Users can bookmark or share multiple online pages for better accessibility. The only thing is that you need to log in using the same account on every device. Each tab could have different colors according to your preference and requirement. Further, you can activate the privacy feature to prevent children from accessing dangerous online sites.

Visit: Mozilla Firefox


It is the best web browser for Android TV for users who keep privacy as their priority. There is no backtracking of data that you search online. Moreover, it prevents ads from accessing your screen and gives you freedom.

best browser for android tv

However, we still recommend you download and install a separate VPN for security. Users can also clear the entire search history with a single click and takes only a couple of seconds.

Visit: DuckDuckGo Web Browser

Samsung Browser

Samsung Browser is explicitly designed for Samsung TVs, but we see a gradual increase in its usage on Android TV screens. It has the potential to become the best browser for Android TV in the near future.

samsung browser

It contains live trackers that keep a check on your daily browsing activities and downloads. The browser can automatically adjust the screen color and size according to the aspect ratio of your TV. You can download the APK file from the internet or the official Samsung website.

Download: Samsung Browser


The first web browser for Android TV is the Puffin application that provides fast speed while searching online. Moreover, the complete traffic monitoring system only allows authentic users to the server. Unlike other browsers you need to sideload, the Puffin browser is directly available on the Play Store. It is similar to the Firefox browser in terms of card interface and bookmark option. Therefore, users will not face any difficulty in using it on the designated platform.

best browser for android tv

ou can also set the browser to clear the browsing history regularly. It enables the user to customize the colour scheme and supports various types of flash games. You might no be able to use it in countries like China or UAE due to online restrictions. However, you need to purchase its subscription to unlock unlimited daily usage. Otherwise, the browser will shut down once you spend the free limit.

Visit: Puffin Web Browser

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TV Bro

Next, we have the TV Bro web browser for your TV under the development phase. Thus, you have to sideload it to your device without paying any extra charger. It includes a web rendering engine that will enhance the overall usability of the application.

tv bro

If you have an Android TV remote, it can even support voice search commands. Unlike other apps, you need to download it from third-party sources and install the AK file. It saves the last tab if you want to re-access it after shutting down the system. Overall, it is a well-established web browser for normal to extensive usage.

Visit: TV Bro

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser uses a personalized Webkit that improves the overall speed and processing as compared to other browsers. The night mode is quite helpful to view text in low light conditions at night.

kiwi browser

Web page translator and optimum ad-blocker are some of the valuable tools in it. The only downfall is that you can’t install extensions like Google Chrome in Kiwi Browser.

Visit: Kiwi Browser


If you search for the best browser for Android TV with a unique build, Vivaldi is for you. This browser is quite effective with several features like QR code reader, full screen, Clone Tab, etc. Vivaldi browser can support more than eight search engines and select the default engine as well.


The only downfall is that it is not efficient to block unwanted ads on the screen. Hence, it would be best if you switched to third-party ad blockers for the same.

Visit: Vivaldi

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge might seem undesirable due to its ancestor browser, Internet Explorer. However, users can undoubtedly improve their browsing experience from this new application.

best browser for android tv

It has a private browsing mode, an ad-blocker, and a protected password manager for your assistance. Users also have the privilege to access the pre-installed translation tool and other applications. You can also connect all your devices with a single Microsoft account for better management.

Visit: Microsoft Web

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If you want a reliable Android TV internet browser, the Dolphin browser is the most desirable platform. It supports multiple tabs and blocks unnecessary ads while streaming online content.

best browser for android tv

Users can even switch between different search engines and adjust the search results accordingly. Moreover, it allows the users to share anything on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. The integrated Adobe Flash player helps in playing games seamlessly.

Visit: Dolphin Browser

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Brave is one of the recent Android TV browsers that can bring your rewards for various things. Further, visiting specific websites can bring you tokens that will lead to additional perks.

best browser for android tv

This is the reason that Brave is not getting a high share of web browsers in the market. Users can also set different search engines depending on their preference and set ad blockers. Thus, it will provide a suitable environment for doing official or regular work.

Visit: Brave

Web Browser for Android TV

At last, we have the Web Browser for Android TV, which could work as your secondary browsing application. It might not have the latest features but works extremely fine, especially on TV. It allows you to stream videos, movies, songs, etc., directly from your Android TV. Users need to purchase the premium version to block ads and pop-ups on the screen.


Every internet browser has unique features that make it suitable for different situations. Make sure to give a thorough revision and choose from the best browsers for Android TV today! In the end, you can try various applications mentioned in this blog and get improved results. 

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