Want to know which is the best cheap Android TV box? Read this article. We have seen small boxes that we connect to our TVs. These boxes are known as TV boxes or Set-top boxes (STB). You can also learn about the Andriod TV box for dummies. The Andriod TV box is the device that runs the Andriod TV operating system. That’s all that it does. This small device lets us operate numerous apps and channels on our TV. Because you can stream online with the help of this box, it is also named a streaming player. But which TV box is the best?

Top Features of Affordable Android TV Boxes:

  1. Xiaomi Mi Box S
  2. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k
  3. C Cosycost Android TV Box
  4. MeCool KM2 Smart TV Box


The device looks similar to a smartphone, making it simple to search for desired content and designate it as a favorite. To acquire Android applications, you will utilize Google Play. However, you won’t find all the Android apps as they are modified for SmartTV. Do not worry; the Android TV box’s Google Play has all the apps you would probably require for your smart TV. It not only lets you watch videos, but also you can listen to music and play games. Some boxes even have Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you connect your TV to your phone, laptop, and keyboard.

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Best And Cheap Andriod TV Boxes

If you are not looking for something expensive and want quality features, here is the list of the best and cheapest Andriod TV boxes:

  • Xiaomi Mi Box S
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
  • C Cosycost Android TV Box
  • MeCool KM2 Smart TV Box

Although they are to choose from, their features make them unique. The high-cost product qualities you can get in a low-cost product.best and cheap andriod tv boxes

Further in the article, you will understand the features of these special boxes. 

Xiaomi Mi Box S Features

  • Google Assistant: Its remote is Google Assistant speech activated for your TV. This feature lets you operate your TV and search for any content.google assistant
  • Bluetooth: Xiaomi Mi Box S comes with Bluetooth 4.2 and a remote control for your ease of operating the Xiaomi Mi Box S box.
  • Where most cheap TV boxes support 2.4Ghz wifi, Xiaomi Mi Box S supports 5G.
  • CPU Core: It has the ARM Cortex A53 quad-core as the initial core found in every TV box.
  • Clock Rate: The maximum clock rate of this box is 957 MHz to 2.65 GHz per core.
  • Resolution: You will experience the cinema while watching as it uses 4K resolution and 3D technologies.
  • Speed: You can be sure of its momentum due to the software compatibility that opens up doors for new apps.mi box
  • Reviews: People have used and loved it. You can find most of the reviews for it on Amazon.
  • Experience: Xiaomi Mi Box S will not disappoint you if your experience is not good with other boxes.
  • Storage: You will get a good amount of storage capacity of 8GB, which you can later expand to 32GB using an SD card.
  • Chromecast: This feature will let you directly cast the apps and pages online from your phone or tablet.
  • 4K Content: You can watch 4K Content through third-party apps.
  • Price: With all these high-quality features, its price makes it the best cheap Android TV box.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k features

  • Version: Amazon Firestick covers the third version of Amazon streaming devices.
  • Resolution: As it says, a 4k featured resolution gives you a high-quality experience.
  • Voice Assistant: It comes with Amazon Alexa. Just ask Alexa to do the job for you and enjoy streaming.firestick
  • Price: You won’t need a second, though, as its price falls under $50. It is a cheap 4k Android TV box.
  • Cable: The extender cable comes with an extra line that you can use to improve your Wi-Fi connection. Also, it can enhance remote control performance.
  • Processor: It uses an 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip and a 1.7GHz quad-core processor with Dolby Visions and atoms.
  • Remote buttons: This version of the Fire TV Stick now has volume and power buttons. You can even unpair or pair the Fire TV remote very quickly.
  • Installations Process: Installing the Fire TV Stick is more convenient. After plugging it, you must go through the screen prompts; not going through the manual is required. That makes it the best cheap Andriod TV box.firestick features
  • Live channels: Navigating to live channels is more convenient for US customers. You can find all live channels in one location.
  • Speed: The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k makes it smooth and responsive when signing up for a new app or loading any video.
  • Search Function: You can easily search by actor’s name, show titles, and 4k content. And don’t just go for any browser; understand and use the best browser for your Android TV.
  • Portability: If traveling elsewhere or in a different country, you must install a VPN to unlock the Fire Stick content.

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C Cosycost Android TV Box Features

  • Performance: The powerful GPU enhances the C Cosycost Android TV box’s overall performance.
  • Cost-effective: The competition is high, and still, it offers excellent performance at such a low cost. And this makes it fall under the best cheap Android TV box.
  • Update: It is up-to-date in terms of the Android version.c cosycost android tv box features
  • Storage: It comes with 4BG DDR3 RAM and is expandable up to 32 GB with the help of an SD card.
  • Processor: It has the quad-core processor, Allwinner Cortex A53, and the premium Mali G31 MP2 GPU used for 3D graphics acceleration.
  • 4K Content: You will experience the 4K resolution with the help of third-party apps. It also supports 3D graphics.c cosycost android tv box features 1
  • Android Version: The most attractive feature of the Cosycost box is the Android 11.0 operating system.

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MeCool KM2 Smart TV Box Features

  • High-Performance: The MeCool KM2 Smart TV Box is a highly consistent performer and the best cheap Android TV box in 2022.
  • Remote: Its remote control makes it much easier for you to operate your TV. It provides smooth connectivity between the TV and the box.mecool km2 smart tv box
  • Android Version: This is not the latest, but still, the MeCool Andriod Version is 10.0, which is pretty good.
  • Memory: If you do not require expandable memory, it will give much of it. However, inserting an SD card might create a problem.
  • Resolution: The significant part is that it supports 4K and 1080p HD resolution.
  • Wifi: It supports 2.4G and 5G for networking and has built-in Bluetooth 4.2.
  • Processor: It has a quad-core Allwinner Cortex A53 CPU and an ARM G31 MP2 graphics card.mecool km2 smart tv box features
  • Storage: It provides 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage in the box.

You might want to install the Spectrum app; you can do it on your Samsung TV.


How to update apps on the Andriod TV box?

Only by following three simple steps can you update apps similarly as you do on your phone. Open the Google Play Store on your TV and go to Menu. Select the Manage apps and games option; after clicking on your profile, select the Updates option and click on Update all.

Should I connect the TV box to the internet?

Yes, you should connect it to the internet to stream online. However, if you are watching TV channels and not streaming online, you can skip connecting it to the internet. To watch Prime Video, Netflix, and similar apps, you need to click either to a wifi connection or connect using ethernet.


This article has given you the four best cheap Android TV boxes. Choosing from more options makes it more difficult and confusing, but these four will give you a pleasant outlook on your requirements. The most common website to buy these fantastic TV boxes is Amazon. You should check out the best Andriod TV app. It will clear your confusion about where to buy an Andriod TV box. 

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