How to Make Dolphin Emulator Run Faster [Configuration]


If you’re a gamer, you probably know of the Dolphin emu. It is an open source emulator for big names like Triforce and Nintendo GameCube. It can be run on operating systems such as Linux or Windows, and it has gained popularity for its accessibility and range as an emulator. If so, you’re going to need the following steps to make Dolphin emulator run faster.

You’ll also suffer the emulator’s famous problem, slow functioning speed. Maybe you’re dealing with a slow computer, or perhaps the game you’re running has specific specifications that the emulator needs to be informed about.

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Make Dolphin Emulator Run Faster by Re-configuring Emulator Settings

The best solution that can make Dolphin emulator run faster is to configure dolphin emulator games. However, if your CPU happens to be slow, upgrading your tech is your best way out.

In this method of configuring to make Dolphin emulator run faster.

  • First, choose the tab called Plugins under the button that says Config at the top. You’ll get an option – Graphics.
  • Under Graphics, select the option Dolphin Direct3D9.
  • Choose a suitable resolution for your gameplay from the Display tab. A recommended resolution would be 1280×720.
Dolphin Emulator
Dolphin Emulator
  • Select the Hacks fastest mode for Text cache, in the Hacks section of Direct3D9.
  • If the game keeps crashing, you’ll find that the second quickest option works best.
  • Resolution and Hack settings are essential to make Dolphin emulator run faster.
  • You must remember to press a tick against the options Enable Dual Core and Enable Idle Skipping. Both speed up, under the section Basic Settings.
  • Also, press a tick against the Enable OpenCL option in Advanced settings.
Dolphin Emulator Settings
Dolphin Emulator Settings
  • You shouldn’t forget to choose JIT Recompiler in the part that says CPU Emulator Engine before saving your settings.
  • You must enable DSP HLE emulation as well as DTK music.
  • Finally, under Advanced graphics, press a tick against the option that says Enable EFB copy Texture.
  • As well as against the Disable fog setting option, and save settings.

Final Words

These are the settings to make Dolphin emulator run faster. You shouldn’t suffer from a slow emulator. After all, emulators make our lives easier. And you deserve to know how to configure your Dolphin system to make the Dolphin emulator run faster.

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