Google is the leading search engine portal that controls uncountable online pages and websites. There is no doubt that the programmers working at Google need to keep their users engaged. So programmers come up with things like some of the best Google Gravity tricks. Google is not the only to do this. There are also other developers trying out stuff to keep people engaged.

best google gravity tricks

Moreover, people find it entertaining to interact with their favorite search engine. It is quite obvious that Google needs to come up with something awesome for this. Some third-party developers also put their input in this journey of inventing gravity tricks. Here are the top 10 best Google gravity tricks that are quite interesting and easy to use. It is necessary to have an active internet connection for these tricks to work on your system.

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What is Google Low Gravity?

Like many other regular internet users, you must be wondering what a Google low gravity trick is? Well, we are here to explain some basic concepts and working behind the feature. It was first launched in 2009 when the usual search engine transformed into something interesting. Once a user types Google Gravity in the search bar and press enter, the entire page’s content will drop. Similar to a situation where there is gravity, and everything lies on the bottom of your screen. Moreover, users can easily drag anything with the mouse pointer and toss it across. Although, it will again fall back on the ground and stay there until touched again.

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Best Google Gravity Tricks

However, we see many more Google gravity tricks after the initial launch. More developers try to bring new tricks to make an interactive search engine for users. Therefore, we have some tricks that you can try on your computer or laptop. Here are some of the best Google anti gravity tricks present in 2021,

Gravity Fall

It is the most common gravity trick which is quite popular among Google users. You only have to type in Google Gravity and press the “I am Feeling Lucky” button.

best google gravity tricks
Google Gravity

All the content bars on the new page will fall as if they are in zero gravity. Users can easily grab any tile and move it around the screen.

Visit: Gravity Fall

Google Mirror

As the name suggests, everything that appears on your screen will mirror the original page’s image.

google mirror
Google Mirror

Ant text that you write in the search bar will also be displayed in the opposite structure. It makes it quite difficult to read what is written on the screen and can be an ideal time killer in many situations.

Visit: Google Mirror

Google Terminal

This is one of the best Google gravity tricks for users who want some nostalgic touch to the search engine. The entire screen will turn into a classic MS DOS-style structure where only the keyboard input work.

google terminal
Google Terminal

Thus, you won’t be able to control anything using your mouse or touchpad. However, you can have a great time reliving old memories about using computers.

Visit: Google Terminal


People with an engineering background will already know what will happen in this Google gravity trick. Whenever you type the word ‘recursion’, Google will prompt you with the message “Did you mean recursion?”

Google Recursion

It will always give the same output. Hence, it resembles the actual meaning of the recursion algorithm.

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Google Sphere

Google Sphere is quite different from others of low gravity Google trick as it is based on gravitational properties. Once you enter this mode, every text will start revolving around the Google icon at different speeds and angles.

google sphere
Google Sphere

Users can also control movement by changing the direction of the mouse pointer. The screen will zoom into it when you click on it.

Visit: Google Sphere

Google Loco

Google Loco will tremble the entire icon like there is an earthquake in the search engine. It might look simple but can easily amaze your kids.

google loco
Google Loco

Also, the webpage might fall in some time after the earthquake is over. Hence, you can wait for the same or enjoy the shaking of your screen.

Visit: Google Loco

Google Barrel Roll

One of the most known best Google gravity tricks, you will make the entire screen and the Google search results barrel roll on the axis. You only need to search for “Do a barrel roll” and hit the Enter button.

best google gravity tricks barrel roll
Barrel Roll

However, it will only do it once and stop after completing the spin. You can try new things by putting something like “Do a barrel roll 1000 times.”

Visit: Google Barrel Roll

Google Space

You can easily comprehend that it will have the opposite effect of the Google zero gravity trick. The entire page will fly away as if it is in space, along with other tabs and text present on the screen.

google space
Google Space

Also, you can try using alternate texts and experiment with different movements of this trick.

Visit: Google Space

Google Underwater

It is one of the best Google tricks that you can perform on your PC. Open any browser and search for it online.

google underwater
Google Underwater

You will find several results that will lead to the underwater page. Moreover, it will contain various fish species that you can increase or decrease accordingly.

Visit: Google Underwater

Google Pacman

Pacman is undoubtedly the best arcade game that everyone is aware of. Google did a brilliant job in bringing it on their search page.

google pacman
Google Pacman

Players can control their Pacman without the need to download or install the game. Further, challenge your friends and try to create high scores.

Visit: Google Pacman


This is all about the best Google gravity tricks that you can perform and surprise your children and friends. Don’t forget to use alternate inputs to have unexpected results.

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