Just like in a majority of outdoor games, you need a team to boost your enjoyment in online gaming too. You need a group of players for a better multiplayer gaming experience. Nowadays, there are so many online games available on the internet that have a multiplayer option in which you can create your team of players and enjoy gaming against another team of players online.

Listed below are the six best free voice chat apps and services for gamers to find more and more players related to their games. This way they can get in touch, communicate with each other and have an intensified gaming experience. You can even look in the list of google hangouts alternatives to find free calling and texting apps.

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Top 13 Free Voice Chat Apps of 2023

Here are some of the best apps to chat for games. Do try all of them!

Element (formerly Riot)

While talking about the best voice chat apps, it becomes mandatory to add Riot in the list. Riot could be operated on different kinds of platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, Browser, and IOS. It provides end-to-end encryption, VoIP, Service integrations, Native video conferencing, and many more services. You can easily search, see your message history, media, and you can also share your files easily.


It is the best voice chat app for high powered collaboration. Also,it organizes a room for different communities or teams. It provides bridging in users and groups. Keep your secret conversations safe with end-to- end encryption. You can easily own your data by hosting your own server. Around seven million companies trust it. Please explore and check it out by clicking on the link given below. This chat app is available for 25 different languages.

Visit: Riot

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This lightweight application is a VoIP service that can help you with voice chats while playing. This app is so much light weighted that it barely uses up any resource of your computer, thus resulting in high performance. It will also, therefore, not interrupt your game as you will barely see its effect on your system.


One of this app’s main features is that it can accommodate upto 100k users in a single raidcall group. Raidcall will also provide you with features like call recording, changing of themes and emoticons, noise reduction in the audio, file transferring, making polls and giving announcements, etc.

If you are into Dota, you should definitely check out Raidcall before the other apps given in this list because many Dota players use it for communication during gaming. You can also run this app alongside while you are streaming on Twitch. This app is available and is compatible with all kinds of systems therefore provides the best voice chat for gaming.

Visit: Raidcall


One of the best voice chats that come to our mind is Matrix, a decentralized conversation store. Along with E2E encryption, you can choose your host for your communication. It is an open-source application handled by a non-profit organization Matrix.org foundations.  It is cool to use it for your productions. You might wish to change your voice while using skype or other platforms. Get voice changing software for here.


You can easily chat or call your friends and enjoy the multiplayer game to the fullest. There is a simple standard HTTP API for sharing real-time data on the web. It can bridge different platforms onto one single open matrix of communication. The companies maintain bridges for popular Discord, Facebook, etc. They are also working on augmented and virtual reality. Check it out by tapping on the link below:

Visit: Matrix

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Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is one of the best voice chat apps that has a super simple User Interface. It shows you many options to stream trending games like PUBG Mobile, Garena, Mobile Legends, etc. Once you start watching some games, then according to your liking, it will show some recommendations.

Omlete Arcade
Omlete Arcade

Choose amongst them or explore more by scrolling down. It also shows trending communities with millions of followers and trending posts too. This application also allows you to join Minecraft Multiplayer worlds. This is very flexible, and you should try this for once. Quickly log in or sign up with the link provided below.

Visit: Omlet Arcade

Ventrilo 4.0

We have checked out so many voice chat apps, but Ventrilo 4.0 is said to be amongst the best voice chat apps that you couldn’t ignore. Now easily communicate in large groups with the help of this app. It provides super special sound effects per user, or global communication level.

Ventrilo 4.0
Ventrilo 4.0

The user can also customize the sound options from other users. It uses a client-server based communication with a high level of encryption. However, it never stores any data from the user due to which it can’t be shared with external entities. The engineers maintain security, internet bandwidth, and maximum uptime. Please explore more and check it out by clicking on the link below.

Visit: Ventrilo 4.0

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Discord is the best chat app for Gamers in 2019 as per the reviews. It is a user-friendly chat app that can be used via a web browser or by installing it on your device. Discord is effortless to set up, create an account, and get going. This one of the Voice Chat apps has thousands of servers which you can join as per your interest and understanding, and it is highly adoptive so you can get familiar with it within a few minutes. Discord shows the gaming integration of each user, which helps create a group and decide with whom you want to play.


You can even send an invitation to a group via invite link. There have been times when Discord does not open but there is always a fix. A good thing about discord app is that it supports video chat as well and the clarity of its voice chat it is remarkable. It holds the feature of language localization which allows you to share your experience of gaming with a localized group of your interest. Discord has more than 250 million users and more than 15 Million users get logged in every day, which gives a clear idea about how active groups you can find there. So go ahead and try it and see how it goes for you.

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Visit: Discord


Another powerful name to the list of best free voice chat apps and services The attraction of this mumble service is its custom user interface and the excellent voice quality provided that app. It has a very less requirement and resource usage, which is beneficial to the users for a better gaming experience.


It also has free and open-source software. Mubble app is compatible with a lot of operating systems. It has an effective information encryption system which cannot be disabled, so all the user data is secure with this service. It offers a customizable UI to its uses, which is one of the most attractive features of mumble. All these exciting features it is definitely worth what giving a try.

Visit: Mumble


Another competitor in the list of free Voice Chat apps, which uses VIVOX integrated voice chat service for the betterment of users. It is one of the most significant alternatives of discord as it is quite easy to set up an free to use.


Overtone provides its users with some exciting services like the social feature. This will allow you to connect with people who hold a similar interest to you. It does not require heavy usage of your computer equipment, and it can be used on a web browser directly, or it can be installed on your system.

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For all the gamers out there who like to play games on their mobiles, Pinch is the option to go with. Pinch has a very simple user interface and one of the best gamer chat apps can be easily run in the background while playing games on your mobile like Minecraft, Roblox, etc.


Your game remains uninterrupted while you can start group calls on this app so that you don’t have to leave your game. You can join any call instantly with a request. It also provides you with notifications when any of your mutual come online to play; therefore, you can always be updated and can play along with your friends. 

Pinch provides pretty good sound quality for your voice calls and understands its importance during gaming as it is a platform built by gamers themselves. So if you are into mobile gaming, you should definitely check out Pinch!

Visit: Pinch

Teamspeak 3

The name speaks for itself it is also an excellent voice chat app that we have included in our list because of its user-friendly interface, and it has fine-grained administration options. Teamspeak 3 supports high-quality audio and text Chat it is widely in use in massive multiplayer online gaming.

Teamspeak 3
Teamspeak 3

This one of the Voice Chat apps has some quality features like a corporate action and sound turning. And it also supports encryption for the safety of its user’s data. It has plugin support as well. The only drawback about TeamSpeak 3 is that it does not support any video chat. Also, the mobile app cost money.

Visit: Teamspeak 3

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Blizzard Voice chat

Blizzard voice chat application is one of the most stable voice chatting apps available right now. It offers amazing audio exchange quality over other similar apps. You can add unlimited users to a channel while playing and streaming for communication. 


The Blizzard voice chat programs provides the best and most extensive audio settings for its users, among all other apps. It handles all its channels efficiently and therefore has become a much-preferred voice chat app among gamers who prefer good quality audio calls.

This app is available for both Windows system and macOS, and it’s free to use; therefore, it’s an option you should definitely try out once.

Visit: Blizzard Voice chat

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Although it is the last name in the list of 6 best free voice chat apps and services but it is not necessarily true that it has any fewer features than the others. It allows you to create groups with your friends, which will increase your gameplay enjoyment.


You can join any group and even share URLs if you want. Just like in WhatsApp groups in steam chat groups too, the higher-ranked users can kick out other members. And also manage group information and set restrictions in the group chat. You can use this via your web browser, or you can download and install it in your system. So ho ahead and check out this exciting service.

Visit: Steamchat

Google Hangout

Even though Google Hangout may not be specially made for gaming purposes, it is still used by a lot of gamers for voice chats during gaming. It’s a free voice chatting program that most people are familiar with and is pretty easy to use. Hangout provides pretty decent audio quality and lets you connect with your friends during gaming easily. 


As it is a popular chat application, almost everyone has it, and therefore it reduces the efforts of downloading or buying other specialized gaming voice chatting platforms. Therefore if you are looking for a simple way to connect with your friends during gaming without having to go through much hassle, you should definitely try out google hangout.

Visit: Hangout


In this article, we enlisted 6 of the best Voice Chat apps for gamers. You can try multiple Voice Chat apps then decided which one is the best for you. We hope this article assisted you in finding out the best voice chat services. You can enjoy all the exciting games like PUBG, Fortnite, Call of duty, etc. with some spice added up by the voice chat apps.

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If you use some other voice chat apps let us know in the comment section below.

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