Top 14+1 Free Voice Changing Software For Skype

Skype is one of the best video calling software used worldwide. Not only video calling you can also send text messages and chat with opposite person through Skype. You have to download the Skype software to your PC and then create your Skype id that will be visible to your contacts and then start video calling or chatting with your family, friends and whoever you want to. But it would be fun if they didn’t hear your actual voice and heard some modulated one. You can use this list on Top 10 Voice Changing Software For Skype and drop their jaws.

Now coming to voice changing, it is something that fascinates every one of us as will love to do it. Playing pranks on someone or making fun is what everyone wants and doing that makes you relax and gives you pleasure and takes off the burden from you after your stressful day.

Voice changing, the term itself explains its meaning, i.e., to change your voice. It can be done by any means. You can change your voice to women’s voice if you are men or to men’s voice if you are female or you can also change it to animals voice or young voice or any voice you would wish to that makes you happy or that is something you or the different persons would like.

As I mentioned earlier voice changing is done by person who wants to play pranks, but it is not really necessary that it should be only used for pranks, some of them use it to get leave from school by changing their voice to their mom’s voice or make an excuse by changing their voice to an ill person.

Some of them use to make people laugh by their voice modulation as the mimicry artists do in the reel as well as real life. Voice changing can also be done while playing games and also while using different Android/iOS applications. They are some anonymous voice changer tools also in the market. You can use them too as an alternative.

List of Best Voice Changing Software for Skype

Here are some voice changing software that people commonly use for Skype:

Skype Voice Changer

This Voice Changing Software For Skype is available for voice changing only on Windows platform. Skype Voice Changer is the most basic and one of the best voice changing software available.

Skype Voice Changer
Skype Voice Changer

You have to install it on your PC and then grant few permissions required for the functioning of the software, and there it goes it just works as an equalizer. You can change your voice into any voice you want and also lets you pitch down your voice.

Visit: Skype Voice Changer


This voice changer skype is only available for Mac, i.e., specially designed for iOS platform or Apple laptops or PCs. You should install Garageband to modulate your voice on Skype.

Garageband for Mac

It gives you funny and humorous voices that you would never have experienced. You will be able to change your voice on Skype by use of the vocal transformer. You also need to install Soundflower to process this.

Visit: Garageband

Virtual Personality

Virtual Personality does not have any limitations and can be downloaded for windows as well as mac and functions quite normally on both the operating systems.


This Voice Changing Software For Skype also works for telephone lines and also yahoo messenger. All you need is to pay 28.45$ to download it and then you will also be able to fool or in other words making fun of your callers also.

Visit: Virtual Personality

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus

This is a very interesting software as you also have background voices inbuilt in the software so that you can master in voice modulation and completely stun the opposite person by your voice modulation.

Blaze Audio
Blaze Audio

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak also comes with an inbuilt equalizer to make your voice much efficient. But the bad thing about the software is it is very much expensive.

Visit: Blaze Audio Voice Cloak

Voice Master

Voice Master is also a very interesting voice changing app which shows your voice informs of wave and you’ll be able to pitch your voice with the help of software.


You have to open Skype first and then start voice master and grant the permissions required. And then you may start voice modulation according to your convenience.

Visit: Voice Master

AV Soft Voice Changer

AV Soft Voice Changer is a skype voice changer free that lets you change your voice from male to female or from female to male or a celebrities voice or an animal’s voice or a cartoon character’s voice. But it is a paid software.

AV Voice Changer
AV Voice Changer

All you need is to pay 59.97$ for the full version of this software. But you can also try for the trial version of the software for 15 days.

Visit: AV Voice Changer

Voice Changer for VOIP

This Voice Changing Software For Skype is available to process on many applications such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype, QQ international calling, yy calling, etc., so, for Skype,

Voice Changer for VOIP
Voice Changer for VOIP

It is a well-known software to be installed and made pranks and fun on the opposite caller. Voice Changer for VOIP also has various voice effects, and it also can sync voice over different calls on any of the platforms.

Visit: Voice Changer for VOIP 

All in One Voice Changer

It helps you pitch your voice in different ways and lets you show your humorous side to your friends, family, relatives or any particular person in your life .

All in One Voice Changer
All In One

All in one Voice Changer is beneficial if you are trying to play pranks on any of your friends or family.

Visit:All in one Voice Changer

iFX Tomtom Voice Changer

iFX TomTom Voice Changer is somewhat different from above software’s as this software lets you make your voice and then use it, isn’t that interesting?


You can make your duplicate voice and then circulate it among your friends for making fun.

Visit: iFX TomTom Voice Changer


DoNaut Voice Changing Software For Skype lets you modulate your voice, and the best part of this software is it shares the music when voice calling your friends or family. It has a user friendly interface which enables you to change voices quickly.

Visit: DoNaut

Athtek Voice Changer

Athtek voice changer was built just for using Skype, which means it will give you one of the most compatible and smoothest performances on every version of Skype that exists. With its preset pitches for male and female and many more sounds, it sure isn’t a time-consuming voice modulator.

Athtek Voice Changer
Athtek Voice Changer

You can also download emoticons such as smile, laughter, heart to send in chats, and make it livelier. If smooth performance and a fun conversation on Skype is all that you’re looking for, Athtek voice changer is the best option for you.

Visit: Athtek Voice Changer

Fake Voice

Fake Voice is one of the leading voice changing software out there. It helps you sound like a female, male, aged, young, child, boy, girl, or someone entirely different. You can also get effects like robotic Voice and echo, which gives your listeners a feel that you are speaking from an empty room or the mountains.


Fake Voice is a simple software to use as it has multiple sliders for you to play with so that you get your required results. Fake Voice can be installed in your device, and its small size is a bonus. You can also record messages for your friends and goof around using the sliders. You can also use it to get voice clarity over Skype. It’s an entertaining software to use.

Visit: Fake Voice

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish voice changer is one of the extensively used voice changers not only in Skype but also across many live streaming websites like hangouts, Viber, etc. You can use it to add background music to your sounds, as well as send pre-recorded sounds like laughing, clapping, etc.


You can turn your Voice into one of the robots. It’s built-in spell-check and voice recording features are one rarely found across other software’s. If you want to come across as funny and also want it to be easy, Clownfish voice changer is the one for you.

Visit: ClownFish

Voice Mod

Voice Mod is a free voice changing software. It changes your voice to sound like a female, male, aged, young, child, boy, girl, animals, aliens, robots and even breathed.

Voice Mod
Voice Mod

Its versatility is very incredible as it can be used not only in Skype but also in Twitch, Steam, Discord, and other online video streaming services. You can also have fun using it to record voice notes to send to friends and family. Voice mod has a user-friendly interface, so it should not be a difficulty to handle.

Visit: Voice Mod

Bonus – AV Voice Game

AV Voice Game is used for making voice modulations while playing games online or offline and make funny characters out of it. You can also apply it for Skype and make your voice tune into desired voice by making proper use of it.

AV Voice Changer
AV Voice Changer

But you have to pay 29.95$ to download it. It also comes with a 14-day trial, so if you have interest, you may go for the trial version and check it out.

Visit: AV Voice Game

There is some more voice changing software that I haven’t mentioned above. Some of them are:

  • MorphVox Pro voice changer
  • Voice candy
  • Voxal voice changer
  • Hero Voicer


Hope our list of best voice changer for Skype was in help to you. Do let us know your thoughts. Also kindly let us know your suggestions if you know more such cool voice changers! Cheers!

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