In a crazy inquisitive world, It’s ironic that everyone wants to gain anonymityOn those lines, we’re going to learn today how to send an anonymous email. But, more on that later, let us get a clear idea of why anonymity is such a hype nowadays.

To answer the question of why everyone wants to be anonymous is because security is a big deal these days. With the increased cybercrimes curve, nothing is secure. So I won’t be surprised If anonymous browsing becomes the next big thing. It will include everything, from Facebook surfing to downloading music.

Email service, in my opinion, is something we use daily in our lives. So, if you’re thinking of going anonymous, then you should know how to send an anonymous email.

Those who already know about it, kudos! Those who don’t, no worries, I’ve got you!! Allow me to go ahead and tell you how to send an anonymous email. That is without revealing your own identity.

how to send an anonymous email
how to send an anonymous email

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Top 4 Ways to Know How to Send an Anonymous Email 

The following four ways can help you to know about how to send an anonymous email while retaining your identity.

Using Cyber Atlantis

It is the first technique to make you learn how to send an anonymous email. It uses the good old public key encryption thingy. It states that only the person in possession of the key can access/view the information in the encrypted form.

Also, it encodes the information, and sends over the message without the IP address. So, what’s so special about it? Well, without the address, someone can’t follow your address back to you. It was thus making you invincibly anonymous.

But the method can fire back if the possessors of the key are small in number. It’s entirely foolproof and secure.

VPN for the Win 

The next step towards how to send an anonymous email is an obvious and effective one at that. VPN!! It’s a service that masks your real IP address, thus securing your location.

You can either use a VPN, along with whichever email service you possess. There are some things you’ve to make sure you’ve checked in the case:

  • Get yourself a temporary email account, which you can discard after you’re done. Choose one with any of the services at your disposal.
  • Arrange for a free of cost client. You’ve got some options like a thunderbird. Get the one you’re comfortable with.
  • Configure everything, starting from the email client and to the VPN service. You’re good to go now!!

How does it work? Usually, when you send an email, the “from” field has your address, but after you make the above changes, it won’t. Instead, there will be VPN’s address there.

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But opt for the paid one, with all the features, rather than using the free one. It is an investment worth making, irrespective of how light your pockets feel after it.

After you make the arrangements for using VPN, there can be two scenarios:

  • If using regulation, the government agencies enquire about your address, then? Then, the servers provide them the VPN’s address instead of yours. Wicked, right?
  • The second case in how to send an anonymous email is where someone traces the address back? If that happens, even then, your exact location, they can’t find. It happens if you’ve got a good VPN. The ones that work for free tend to keep track.

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Using Protonmail 

Those who are familiar with the concept must have heard of one email service. It occupies the next place in the series of how you can send an anonymous email. It happens to be one of the safest, fastest, and it is efficient in every way possible. Which, in turn, makes it the most sought-after service.

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The highlights of the same comprise of:

  • User Data Security: The tool in the process of telling you how to send an anonymous mail, ensures security. How does it do that? Again, it has got vital encryption, which it applies to your local computer. The upside to it restricts access to data, to you only. The downside being, if there ever is a loss of data, you’ll have to recover it yourself.
  • Encryption All the Way: The app encrypts the data no matter which process is taking place. Whether the servers are storing it, or if it is a question of saving it.

Using Burner Email 

One more way how to send an anonymous email is by using a burner email id. Now you must be thinking of what that is.

To end the suspense for you, it’s an email id that stops working on its own, after a while.that is how it ensures that you remain anonymous and your identity remains safe.

No one can get to you if they cannot find the email. Can there be a better and simpler way? 

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So these were some tricks telling you how to send an anonymous email and keep your identity a secret along with securing your personal details. It all comes into play when you want to vanish from the scene for a while. Or in the case where you want to operate discreetly. Also, if you are a Chromebook owner, check these email clients for Chromebook.

Go through it, and you can find out which one works for you. Moreover, if you are thinking to send bunch of mails, consider taking a look at IP warming.

Stay tuned for more.

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