Craig Newmark is the one who established this advertising website in 1995. It carries information like jobs, personals, sales, community, services, housing, resumes, and several discussion forums. This service is available in several countries, present in various languages. So, here we have compiled a list of the Best Craigslist Posting Software for you. I hope it helps!

Here are some of the best Craigslist posting software options: 

  • Craigslist Auto Poster
  • CL AD Blaster
  • Craigslist Auto Posting Software
  • Craigslist Bot Pro
  • ESC Ad Poster
  • CLAD Genius
  • ASN Auto Posting Tool
  • Craigslist Quick Poster

You do not need to pay money to view the ads, but it is necessary to pay for the site if anyone wants to post the job and details of the company. Nearly 70 countries have this site for their advertisement enhancement. It is a popular site that has almost 49.9 million visitors to the site.

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12 Best Craigslist Posting Software That You Should Use

Craigslist Auto Poster

Craigslist Auto Poster by CrayZilla supports Craigslist, which is easy to use to post ads. With simple clicks, it provides you with accounts for emails and advertisement sites. It is automatic software where you do need to create accounts manually.


You can easily search all of Craigslist with ease. It creates nearly 1000’s variations in your ads which feature is not available in any other Craigslist Posting Software. This makes each ad unique and new. It is software that works hard to advertise online successfully, and it is best for ad management.

CL AD Blaster

CL Ad Blaster is in the top position since it posts your ads in multiple cities on Craigslist. This Craigslist poster is automatic software to post your ads, where you must spend more time establishing your online advertisement.

clad blaster

You do not need to worry about the expiring date of the ads. This software helps you by automatically reposting the ads as soon as they expire.

This is one Craigslist ad posting service where you can renew your ads within 48 hours, which is done automatically. To explore this software before buying it, try the trial pack to experience it yourself.

Craigslist Auto Posting Software

Are you still wondering how to post on Craigslist? This software allows you to post your ads on top classifieds, which designs—You can create more customers and enhance the number of clients for your company by posting various ads via this software.


Craigslist Auto Posting Software compiles various softwares where you can post your ads in Craigslist posting, Craigslist Flagging, and several features like Facebook posting, fiver scrapping, etc. It can auto-renew the post—a deserving spot on our Best Craigslist Posting Software list.

Craigslist Bot Pro

It helps you eliminate the worries about the work for posting the ads. Craigslist Bot Pro enables you to advertise your personal and business needs online.craigslist bot pro

This is Craigslist software where you can manage your posted ads every day. A few simple clicks in the software automatically allow you to post multiple ads. Recruiters, real estate dealers, Marketing companies, and auto dealers can easily download this software to reach clients.

ESC Ad Poster

Download ESC Ad Poster to post your ads on various electronic boards. It allows you to add contact information which will be an advantage for you and provides easy access to clients. esc adposterIt is straightforward to handle. Just add the content and sit back to relax till it is posted.

CLAD Genius

CLAD Genius has the option of custom marketing to promote your products where you wish to reach them. Similar to the name, it works like a genius to develop your marketing worldwide.clad genius This genius can multiply your one ad into infinite different ads. So you know to think about other concepts for posting one ad.

ASN Auto Posting Tool

An advantage of the ASN Auto Posting tool is that you can quickly view where and when the ad is visible. You must set the time and the cities where the advertisement should be open. It is a comprehensive tool.

Then other works are quickly done by the software itself.

asn auto posting tool

This tool is more advantageous for those who want to improve car sales. Because it posts the ad of every car you have in the showroom quickly, try it for $29.95, and it is the platform where you can change the format of your ads.

Craigslist Quick Poster

Craigslist Quick Poster is the auto-poster software for startup companies to establish their business via poster It follows the way of One click, one ad. Here you do not need to take any risk of advertising through the website.

Craigslister eAssistant

Just give the details of the ad and click on the Save button. Within seconds, your ad will be ready for posting on several sites. Craigslister eAssistant even helps you to post ads on YouTube. Here you can choose how many ads you need to post.craigslister eassistant

It works as an assistant for you during ad posting online—indeed, one of the Best Craigslist Posting Software. Credits will be afforded for posting. It will cost you one credit for plain text ads, while you need five credits for YouTube ad posting.


For those who wish to secure your market online, this is the right software to get help. AdPlotter will help you by posting your ads on multiple free high-traffic listing sites.

It would be best if you created a single ad for your product. Ad Plotter will convert your single ad into multiple ads on multiple sites. It can add your posts to more than 400 classified advertisement sites. It helps in maximizing the customers for your product.

adplotterAd Plotter helps in maximizing the customers for your product. Ad Plotter will convert your single ad into multiple ads on multiple sites. It can also add your posts to more than 400 classified advertisement sites.


Admissile is one of the best ad posting tools that you can use for posting ads on websites such as OLX, eBay, and even marketing places such as Craigslist.

The full version of this Craigslist Posting Software is premium, but currently, it is in beta, so it is free. The official website advertises itself as a Craigslist auto-posting Powerhouse. They promised to help you get more leads and increase your business’s traffic.

ebayEven though you can post Ads for many online platforms, as mentioned earlier, with this Craigslist Posting Software, admissile is mainly focused on generating ads and Posters for Craigslist. It is a great dedicated tool built into it by which you can track, repost, and renew your ads. The service encourages you as a business person to focus on your business instead of sweating at the little things.

This Craigslist Posting Software has many other valuable features, such as reposting and annual service for your ads in case they get flagged. Getting here at camp in flood is one of the worst things to happen to your ad promotion. You will appear less often in search results, and your campaign or post shall not be recommended for matching keywords. So in case any of that happens, Admissile has got you covered. So go ahead, and start beta testing now!


Crayzilla is a 100% automated ad poster on Craigslist. It is a free Craigslist ad posting software service for Craigslist, which offers excellent features such as multi-site management, renewal, scheduling, account creation, and ad spinning service, to name a few.

It also offers handy features such as automatic scheduling and captcha bypass using optical character recognition (OCR), which is pretty cool.

If you don’t know why this is important, you must fill in a captcha whenever you post an ad campaign to Craigslist, Wi-Fi that you are not a bot trying to spam users because Birds cannot read text or characters written on an image. This saves you the hassle of manually ringing those weird letters Yourself by using enhanced optical character recognition Technology each time you want to post a genuine ad on Craigslist, saving you a lot of time and patience.

There is a free trial version and a premium version of crayzilla, each with its feature set. The free version is a trial, allowing you to create ads and set campaigns. However, if you get used to getting the paid version for about $100 per month, you get unlimited ads and unlimited posts with high-priority support. You can also build accounts by choosing the time of posting them and get standard help with everything for the free version.


Whether you choose to upgrade or not. This will depend on how badly you want your Craigslist gig to touch the sky. If you are happy with the results, you will be better off with the free trial version. Otherwise, you don’t want any limitations on it. And you are making a ton of money already. Maybe those hundred bucks a month is worth your investment.

The binary installation file is only about 11 megabytes in size. If you have decided that you are ready to go with the features mentioned above of the service, then download Crayzilla for yourself.


What are the 12 best free Craigslist posting software of 2023?

Here are the 12 best free Craigslist posting software of 2023. Clad genius Craigslist Automotive Advertising Poster Post clone Ad plotter Clad blaster CL automatic posting tool Craigslist Quick Poster Craigslist posting tool Automatic posting tool Craigslist Auto Posting Software Craigslist Auto Post Service Ad auto-refresh

How can Craigslist Posting software help in the Posting process?

Craiglist takes care of all the tedious tasks, making your life easier. Creating ads becomes a breeze as you only need to enter the information once, and it generates multiple listings for you. Say goodbye to manually posting in different categories and locations because this software simultaneously does it.

Is Craigslist posting softwares completely free to use?

Some Craigslist posting software options are free, while others may have a cost. It is recommended to check the pricing details of the specific software you are interested in to determine if it is free or requires payment.

Can I post to multiple locations using Craigslist posting software?

Many Craigslist posting software allows you to post to multiple locations. You will usually be given the option to select the city or region in which you would like your ad to appear.

Are there any limitations associated with using the free Craigslist posting software?

Craigslist's free posting software may have fewer posts, features, and account support than paid software. Additionally, there may be some risks with using automated tools. To ensure compliance and maximize results, it is wise to research and select reputable software, follow best practices, and monitor advertising performance.


So, these are some Craigslist Posting Software that you can use to build campaigns for your business on Craigslist.

Choose the one you like and go ahead with the same. But be aware of the issues you will face if you put your ad campaigns on Craigslist compared to other ad posting sites. Craigslist is notorious for flagging and deleting your campaigns out of the blue, sometimes for no genuine reason.

There is a genuine need for Craigslist Posting Software. That happens with all the big online organizations when their user base grows. The probability of them screwing over smaller or usually innocent members increases by that much. Damn, it feels like I’m describing YouTube! Oh well, that’s the price we must pay for doing Craigslist business.

Here is a little business tip from a non-businessman’s vocabulary. Work hard, play fair, and pay the right people! Best of luck.

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