29 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

There is a hell of a lot of phone lookup services nowadays. Thus, in turn, getting the perfect one for you might get a tad bit difficult due to this. We have done the tough job for you and have compiled a list of the top 29 best reverse phone lookup services. In my personal opinion, they are worth each buck.


Reverse phone lookup
21 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services – Techwhoop

We know that you are already frustrated with getting calls from different numbers and not knowing who is on the other end. So, after tremendous research and testing, this is what we have for you. These Reverse Phone Lookup Services are the finest in the market as of today.

NameSuccess RateSuitable For
TruthFinder Phone Lookup100%Finding Hidden Truth
Intelius Background Report100%Person Background Check
Instant Checkmate Background Check99%Person Background Check
Livewire Reverse Phone98%Reverse Background Check
Intelius Phone Report95%Identify Phone Information
Intelius Phone Search Report95%Identify Phone Information
Intelius Public Record Report95%Search Public Information
Intelius Criminal Check95%Criminal Information Check
Intelius 24 Hour Pass95%24*7 Hour Information
PeopleFinders Reverse Phone Lookup92%Reverse User Information Generator

Top 29 Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Given below are some of the best reverse phone lookup services that you can consider today.


It’s one of the most widely used reverse phone lookup services in the world. It works well on both Android as well as iOS platforms. In no-time, this application lets you know about the details of anonymous calls.


This app also allows you to block the calls and report them as a scam. You can use it for free and get a premium account too. The premium account allows the users to access the page where they can see “who viewed their profile” with no annoying ads and pop-ups.

All you have to do is enter your phone number and your email address to sign up and create an account. Truecaller will do the rest and let you know about the information related to the caller direct via a notification.

Visit: Truecaller


Besides just being accessible in the US, PeopleFinders is a phenomenal free reverse phone lookup stage that offers a greater number of highlights than an essential opposite telephone query administration. Also, the site is not difficult to explore and allows clients to do exhaustive exploration with simply a telephone number. Clients can see the guest’s location history, complete itemized historical verifications, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

PeopleFinders likewise values staying up with the latest, ensuring you’ll discover important information on dubious calls. A straightforward telephone number hunt can incorporate the guest’s name, address, email ID, and then some. Be that as it may, clients should record if they wish to have full admittance to reports and public quests. This is one of the best free phone number lookup service available out there.

Visit: PeopleFinders


It’s one of the best reverse phone lookup services available in the cyberspace. It’s free to use and works well with cell phones as well as landlines. Ratings and popularity of this application are quite high, and downloads run into millions.


What makes this app stand out from the rest of the apps is its unique feature of collecting public information. They do this to provide the users with names and images of unfamiliar callers.

Visit: SpyDialer


If you’re looking for a website that can let you make calls for free, then you are the right place. SPYTOX is one of the most valid reverse phone lookup services. From searching for people to have a look at their social media profiles, this application has wrapped it all for you.


SPYTOX permits clients to exploit its converse telephone query includes for nothing. Just enter the email ID or telephone number you wish to discover data on, and you’ll get speedy admittance to the data you need.

Moreover, it lets you recognize the place of call, phone number as well as email ID of hidden callers. You will certainly gain the best experience while using it. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to know more about this site and discover its features.



WhitePages is perhaps the most suggested free phone number lookup by name pursuit administrations. The assistance is accessibly liberated from cost and can be gotten to on the web and application both. The site was established in 1997 and cases to have contact subtleties of more than 200 million grown-ups across the USA. You can set up a telephone number on the site and discover the individual’s name and address. You can likewise play out a normal pursuit by setting up the individual’s name. Aside from that, the site likewise offers a converse location search where you can look into one’s location.

Visit: WhitePages


It’s one of the decent reverse phone lookup services. You can always extract useful information and data of the anonymous callers. Even if the numbers of the unfamiliar callers are not registered, BeenVerified can let you recognize the person and provide you with other information related to him.


An amazing feature of this website is that it enables the users to dig into the criminal files of unfamiliar callers. This explains the growing popularity of this application BeenVerified among people. The searches are covert and confidential and it doesn’t notify the person you’re browsing.

Visit: BeenVerified


Another free cell phone number lookup site, ZLOOKUP, offers a basic interface that guarantees to look through a telephone number is pretty much as clear as could be expected. The site looks through a great many records to accumulate data regarding the business or number you’re keen on exploring. Searches are limitless, unknown, and secure.


The solitary drawback is that clients can’t look into email locations, names, or other data other than an avalanche or cell number.



If you’re looking for a website that is easy to use and can give you reliable results, then Kudos your quest has come to an end. Hiya has an interface that’s user-friendly and not very complicated. However, this reverse phone lookup service works only on iOS devices and not on Android platforms.


You can not only know the details of US-based callers but also get the information about international calls. It’s open for all and identifies all incoming calls. You can have a free account or a premium account based on your needs. Click on the link below to visit this website and uncover new features!

Visit: Hiya

TruthFinder Phone Lookup

An exceptional safe & legit phone lookup service that helps you to find the one you’ve been squandering the yellow pages again and again.

TruthFinder Phone Lookup
TruthFinder Phone Lookup

Reconnect with your family, the long-forgotten friends, and your childhood classmates. Search for the suspicious relatives, or your associates quickly using the TruthFinder services.

It doesn’t work like any regular search engine such as Google or Bing. TruthFinder uses the deep web search algorithms to get the details of a person across various social media. It can help you find images, videos, and photos that are lying on hundreds of websites.

You can easily identify the caller using the Reverse Cell Phone Lookup services of TruthFinder and the carrier name, possible location coordinates and the demographic data as well. Search for every possible identity across the United States for free.

However, before generating details, you can go through truthfinder reviews available on the web for your security.

Visit: TruthFinder Phone Lookup

Intelius Background Report

Intelius is a leading company for all the unique phone search and lookup services across the states. They happen to have a thorough search algorithm across multiple exclusive phone and people directories.

Intelius Background check
Intelius Background check

If you’re suspecting someone, maybe one of your colleagues, associates or your wife’s new friend, you can easily do a confidential background check on him/her.

Just fill in some necessary details on the Intelius website like the person’s First Name, Last Name, the current address of the individual (if known) and his/her living City and the State. Go through Intelius Background check reviews before using the it just to be sure what people are saying.

The algorithm then searches the whole web and the directories for any possible criminal records, marriage records, lawsuits and the nice chunks of information like Phone Numbers, Addresses, and much more within minutes.

If the person comes clean, then you’re good to go or else something’s fishy is going on!

Visit: Intelius Background Report

Instant Checkmate Background Check

With more than 30 different data sources, Instant Checkmate one of the huge & legit reverse phone lookup services available right now.

Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate

A simple search through several public records and a background checking tool instinct can help you find whatever you’re looking for.

Suppose, you’re suspecting someone across you who can have a history of violence or any possible criminal charge, then you should definitely look up him/her using the Instant Checkmate Background Check services.

Search through criminal records and directories for a person who might be a criminal. However, it’s always advised to check instant checkmate reviews before using it.

Using manually through different websites and search engines is usually time-consuming, and you don’t even find something concrete on the person looking.

A background check requires minimum details like Name, State, etc. and you’ll be presented with the results instantly. Moreover, the service also offers premium reports for a reasonable price as well.

Visit: Instant Checkmate Background Check

Livewire Reverse Phone by Instant Checkmate

Are you smelling something fishy among your partner or the rumors of your girl hanging out with that casual guy is killing your focus? Well, The Livewire Reverse Phone Lookup services are the instant cure that you should be looking for.

Livewire Reverse Phone by Instant Checkmate
Livewire Reverse Phone by Instant Checkmate

If your gut is not helping you take the right decisions, then it’s no harm in using Livewire Phone Lookup.

The service works fantastic as it scours the web with a smart, deep search-analytical engine. It only requires the Phone Number of your girlfriend, wife, husband or whoever you’re searching.

The Instant Checkmate services are already famous for its lookup services and therefore, trustworthy and reliable as well.

So, once you enter the number of the person, Livewire starts tracing for all the possible information relatable to the person and presents you with a report of all the social media accounts, Personal details like Name, Address, Gender, Location, etc. precisely.

But wait, most of the information is privileged for the respective privacy policies. So, you need to access the report details using some premium services too.

Intelius Phone Report

If a number is registered under someone’s name, then that name along with the details of the person can be searched using the phone number.

Intelius Phone Report
Intelius Phone Report

Intelius Reverse Phone Lookup services provides this service mainly to track down an unknown number that has been calling you repeatedly.

This paid service works like a simple search tool where you can search the number. Which results in all related information like Registered Users name, address, age, etc.

Visit: Intelius Reverse Phone Lookup 

Intelius People Search Report

If you are looking for a person, but have insufficient information to start the search, you can simply use the Intelius People Search service.

Intelius People Search Report
Intelius People Search Report

You may be looking for a person that you had once met but forgotten details about now, a long forgotten family member, or simply look into the details of someone that you have just met.

Using the millions of information that is available online and the expertise of data mining, Intelius gives you a detailed report of people that you are looking for.

The search engine of the website is relatively simple. Where you just have to input the person’s first and last name. You can also narrow down your result using filters like a location.

Visit: Intelius People Search

Intelius Public Record Report

Public record means official documents that are not confidential and hence available when required.Each has many public records like- marriage/divorce information, driver’s license, Address information, etc.

Intelius Public Record Report
Intelius Public Record Report

Some state laws allow specific records to be optionally public. For example, in California, couples are given the option of confidentiality for their marriage license.

Thus if they choose for it to be confidential it will not be available online. Using Intelius Public record report service you can obtain a comprehensive review of all the public records about a single person.

It saves the hassle of tracking down each record individually. From this search, you will get all the public records that are available online for the person.

Visit: Intelius Public record

Intelius Criminal Check

Criminal history checking is an essential part of reviewing anyone’s application. Generally, you would not want to let a person with a serious criminal history rent your empty flat, or take up the vacant position in office.

Intelius Criminal Check
Intelius Criminal Check

But pulling out criminal records can be a cumbersome work. The Intelius reverse phone lookup services does the work for you.

A professional court record researcher verifies the records of the person in question and sends you the detailed criminal history report.

This report not only includes details of the person’s criminal cases but special notes from legal experts.

Visit: Intelius Criminal Check

Intelius 24 Hour Pass

The People Search option from Intelius comes at a price for each search that you perform. But if you are looking to do a mass crosschecking in a short duration of time, then Intelius gives you the option of 24 Hour People Search Pass.

Intelius 24 Hour Pass
Intelius 24 Hour Pass

Once you buy the pass for a fixed price, you can search as many as people you want in 24 hours.

The pass currently costs $19.95 and includes information for- Full Name, Present Address and Address History, Date of Birth, Contact information and Relatives.

Other information like Background Check, Criminal and Property Record, has to be separately purchased. This pass comes very handily when you are going about tasks like screening multiple candidates for a position.

Visit: Intelius 24 Hour Pass

PeopleFinders Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup in PeopleFinders is a feature that allows you to find the owner of a phone number.

PeopleFinders Reverse Phone Lookup
PeopleFinders Reverse Phone Lookup

It can be used to reveal the identity of that mysterious caller that keeps pestering you and your family.

Or it may simply be used as a reviewing tool, to crosscheck whether the phone number provided by someone is genuine.

Along with the owner of the phone number searched you will also get associated information like Phone carrier, City, Address, etc. If you’re tight in budget then give a web search to “peoplefinders promo codes“. You might get some discount coupon.

Visit: PeopleFinders Reverse Phone Lookup

PeopleFinders Background Check

A background check as the name suggests is an investigation looking into the details of the person in question.

PeopleFinders Background Check
PeopleFinders Background Check

PeopleFinders is a company that provides this precise service of Background Check on potential candidates for jobs and other people of interest.

A comprehensive background check report consists of Age, Address, Other names of Maiden names, Criminal Record, Marriage, and divorce records and other specific information as per the requirement.

You can use these checks for pre-employment screening of a candidate. Especially when the position you are interviewing for involves a lot of trust or responsibility.

You can also do it for the following purposes- Academic verification, Address verification, Credit History Checking and Checking for gaps in educational and employment history.

Visit: PeopleFinders Background Check

PeopleFinders People Search

People Search is a service that allows you to find confidential information about people using the information available to them on the internet databases. However, due to low success rate it’s listed so much below in our reverse phone lookup services.

PeopleFinders People Search
PeopleFinders People Search

PeopleFinders gives this service of finding people among the 700 million people on their databases.

The website has a simple User Interface and an integrated search engine. It allows you to search the site with ease.

The best part of this website is that it is a free service. Along with finding the necessary people, you can also find out relevant social, professional and other contact information.

Visit: PeopleFinders People Search

SeekVerify Public Record Search Phone Search

Unknown numbers can be a source of constant annoyance as well as intrigue.

SeekVerify Public Record Search Phone Search
SeekVerify Public Record Search Phone Search

Although anonymous to you, this number is registered in someone’s name and using SeekVerify Phone Search option you can quickly reveal that ‘someone’ behind the phone number.

Also, you can run this search with complete privacy but get all the relevant information regarding the interested phone number.

The website is highly lauded for its fast searches and reliability thus making the phone number searching comfortable and dependable.

SeekVerify Public Record Search Email Search

In today’s cyber world, sometimes an email address becomes more important than the actual living home address.

SeekVerify Public Record Search Email Search
SeekVerify Public Record Search Email Search

In cases of cyber-bullying, random emails or official purposes it may become necessary to track down the owner of an unknown email address and all useful information relevant to the owner.

SeekVerify’s Email Address search function can do just this. Using the websites search services you will just have to provide the email address, and it will pull out all relevant information.

Visit: SeekVerify Public Record Search Email Search

SeekVerify Public Record Search General

It is a website that compiles 10 billion public record data and integrates into an accessible and user-friendly search engine format.


It’s considered as one of the best, affordable & reliable reverse phone lookup services out there.

You will be provided with all useful and relevant information in one search report. Using the services are easy, and it is affordable too.

From a simple peoples search to a thorough background check, SeekVerify provides you with all the possible solutions.

The website has a vast user community which is supported by a 24×7 Online Customer support team. They claim to have given more than 19,000 satisfied search reports to help its users.

You may use the website for different reasons- surveying a client, reviewing potential candidates, students, dates, neighbors or just to find an old contact.

Visit: SeekVerify Public Record Search General

Who’s Texting My kids

Are you really freaking out because your children or teenagers might be indulging in some online activities that can compromise their privacy?

Who's texting my kids
Who’s texting my kids

A lot of researchers and surveys have proved that more than 98% of teens are chatting with people who they meet online.

So, how much percentage of those are suffering from any social media abuse or harassment online.

Well, a lot to instantly bring up your attention to check who they are texting or not. Who’s texting my kids is an online service to help you find out the person who could be anyone.

Also see: Top 10 Best & Fastest Free Public DNS Servers – TechWhoop

eVerify Phone Lookup

We will directly give our honest review for eVerify Phone Lookup Service without beating around the bush. As we have selected it as our number one, it obviously is the best available in the industry. The service will provide you 98%+ results with extreme accuracy.

eVerify Phone Lookup
eVerify Phone Lookup

Here are a couple of facts that you might find interesting:

It is the most preferred service selected by private investigators.

Update: It was also discovered that numerous businesses use this tool for generating leads for direct mailing purposes.

We strongly recommend this service as getting the premium will enable to have endless searches all year long.

Trust me when I say this, their database is Massive with billions of records at your disposal.

Any number can be found including Cell Residential, Pager, Business, Unlisted and Toll-Free numbers.

The best point for using this service is that they guarantee to provide you with a complete refund if they are not able to find out the information that you requested.

Visit: eVerify Phone Lookup 

Reverse Phone Check

At a super close second position, we have the Reverse Phone Check. This one of the Reverse Phone Lookup Services is tending to have a 97.2%+ accurate and provides the results immediately.

Reverse Phone Check
Reverse Phone Check

It is a highly popular service and, we can vouch for it that it is a genuine one, not any scam. One of the best things that about this service is the vast amount of search tools that they provide.

They provide not only reverse phone lookups but also offer additional services including criminal records, background checks, birth records and more. They do amazing work.

A prominent reason for ranking them high in our list is that they have a continually expanding database. And thus the chances of getting your required information are high.

Similar to the previous one, they too have a refund policy if they are not able to provide you with the information.

Visit: Reverse Phone Check

Phone Detective

No matter how much the user tries to hide their confidentiality, this one of the Reverse Phone Lookup Services will find the history of that particular number. Phone Detective shows up the results including the owner’s name, carrier, address and numerous other details depending on their availability.

Phone Detective
Phone Detective

However, Phone Detective makes sure that your privacy is completely maintained. Also, it also won’t compromise on the functionality that it claims to possess. The user interface is very simple to access, and it also provides a description of the unlisted numbers.

There are multiple options to choose from. But 1-year premium membership is our strong recommendation. It will allow you to look up for as many unknown number details as you want for an entire year.

Visit: Phone Detective


PhoneRegistry gives you with reverse cell phone lookup alongside the number and name with a simple registration process. This service provides you with endless searches on phone numbers with the name of the owner. This data is from a billion telephone records that they have available in their database.


They gather information after conducting numerous searches and investigations. This service is mostly meant for the US citizens, and it also provides an option for printing out the reports.

You can try these two options before buying it: –

  1. $2.95 Trial, then $19.95/month (This gives infinite Reverse Phone Lookups)
  2. $2.95 Trial, then $29.95/month

(Unlimited Access for five days. Reverse Phone Lookups on above a Billion Records with complete Background Reports and a lot more.)

Even though being a premium service, you won’t regret buying this. This service will provide you results from the first search itself.

Visit: PhoneRegistry

Reverse Phone Ferret

Reverse Phone Ferret is the last one on our list for the best Reverse Phone Lookup Services. It’s one of the best reverse phone lookup services. Even after, it’s the last one on our list, it has a lot to offer. It’s still much better than all the other services that we have not named.

Reverse Phone Ferret
Reverse Phone Ferret

The database of this service has greater than 300 million mobile, landline and unlisted numbers. Using this service, you can easily perform a background research on someone and find interesting stuff about them.

This should be your go to the application if you are looking for something affordable but also extremely effective. If you still don’t feel satisfied after using it, then you can even request for a complete refund.

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