We assume you are experiencing the same problem- why is craigslist not working? In addition to apartments, for purchase, businesses, volunteer work, employment, products wanted, resumes, discussion forums, and contracts, Craigslist is a well-known advertising webpage. At this stage, you can list every one of the worldwide as well as public and nearby internet-based classifieds destinations to advance your site and gain traffic. craigslist

Problems like craigslist won’t load or where craigslist is loading slowly. We can fix this issue by clearing the browsing data, resetting the cookies, disabling the VP, or disabling the ad blockers used.

Craigslist is a wonderful spot for bosses to draw in competitors and post occupations for nothing. In this guide, you’ll learn to resolve the issue- why Craigslist is not working, step by step.

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Why is Craigslist not working?

However, there is no great explanation for why the Craigslist site or craigslist mobile app is not working appropriately; we can say that it tends to be because of the accompanying craigslist problems:problems

  • Have a bad internet connection?
  • Is the website down because of temporary service outages?
  • Isn’t it up to date?
  • You might have activated your ad-blocker.
  • There could be repairs going on on the website.
  • Maybe you’re using a VPN.
  • Perhaps you didn’t remove your cache and memory.

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How do you Fix It?

As previously stated, temporary service outages may cause the Craigslist website to be unavailable or craigslist not loading. To find out if Craigslist is down, go to websites like Downdetector, Updownradar, Isitdownrightnow, or Down status and look for outages within the last 24 hours. You may look up “Is Craigslist down” on Google as well. Try the following troubleshooting steps if the website is working properly but you can still not access it. It might help you fix the problem- why is craigslist not working?downdetector

Find the causes of this problem and solutions for eliminating it by visiting forums such as Reddit, Twitter, and Quora. Therefore, enter “Craigslist website not working” and look for related articles. Even if you don’t find the exCraigslist solution, you’ll know what other people do when they have the same problem. reddit

The most common issue is frequently the internet connection. Additionally, verify that other websites are operating properly to determine whether or not it is truly an internet issue. If not, attempt to switch networks. 

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Ways To Resolve the issue.

There are several ways to resolve to issue-why is craigslist not working? Follow any of these provided methods and get it resolved.

Clear Browsing Data

Cookies are small files that websites use to improve your online experience. Additionally, cache helps pages, such as images, open more quickly on subsequent visits. It may become corrupted at times, preventing the site from functioning properly. 

With Safari

To fix the site’s loading issues, you must remove your cookies and cache. To erase or erase cookies and cache, follow these steps:

  1. For deleting cookies and information, go to Settings, hit Safari, then choose Clear History and Website Data.cookies
  2. In Safari’s Settings menu, select Advanced Website Data and then click Remove All Website Data. (If you wish to access websites without leaving a history, it is advisable to turn on Incognito mode.)safari cookies
  3. However, it will delete your browsing data, including your list of frequently visited websites, downloaded items, recent searches, page history, and web page icons.

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Reset Cookies

On your browser’s settings, you must exit and reopen your browser after deleting the cache and cookies from it to use Craigslist once more. This will change the browser’s status to your liking.reset cookies

Make sure the time and date settings on your computer are correct. If they aren’t, the Craigslist website may have problems and won’t work properly. Make sure they are correct. Therefore, go to Start -> Settings -> Time & Language -> Date & Time on your computer to set the date and time. Choose the preferred time and date now, then click the update button. 

Disable Ad-Blocker

You may have enabled the ad-blocker feature, which makes it impossible for you to access the Craigslist website. Therefore, disable it and check to see if this resolves the problem with Craigslist not working. Follow the procedure: 

  1. Launch the Safari web browser.
  2. Inside this Chrome window’s upper-right corner, click the 3 dots. adblock 1
  3. Select Extensions Now from the More tools menu. adblock 2
  4. Select Safari Now from the Settings menu. Under General, choose Content Blocker. adblock
  5. Disable your ad blocker.

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Disable VPN 

Craigslist or any other website may not function properly if your device has a VPN enabled. Therefore, disabling it and attempting to reenter the Craigslist website is suggested if craigslist is not working.

  1. Go to Settings, and tap Network & Internet
  2. Then choose VPN from the left-side menu. vpn
  3. Select Disconnect for macOS for the VPN connection you want to disable. 

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Update your Program

This is one of the ways to fix- why is craigslist not working issue. Having the most recent variant of your program will safeguard you better against tricks, infections, and dangers. Additionally, it addresses previous browser issues and glitches. Additionally, it addresses previous browser issues and glitches. Having the most recent variant of your program will safeguard you better against tricks, infections, and dangers.

For Opera

Tap Manage Apps & Device on the Google Play application to locate Chrome in the Updates Available section and select Update.opera

For Safari

Select General in the Settings app, then click Software Update to install the most recent version of Safari and download the most recent version of your devices.safari update

So these are some steps by which you can update your Web Browser.


What types of jobs are best for putting on Craigslist?

Craigslist is a great option for posting job openings in the retail, hotel, and labor industries. High-level executive opportunities often perform far worse than those for positions in construction or bartending.

Would I offer a free vacancy via Craigslist?

In the mainland United States, Hawaii, and Alaska, a job posting on Craigslist will always cost between $10 and $75.

How long is a job listing on Craigslist active?

On Craigslist, job postings are valid for 30 days. You can modify your posting as necessary during that period to draw in more qualified candidates.

Is it ethical to hire via Craigslist?

Engage with Craigslist advertisements from folks you can meet in person. To prevent scams on Craigslist and other job board websites, you must be able to conduct transactions in person, even though you may originally interact via texts or phone calls. Wait to transfer money in advance.


Check for a working internet connection, update your device, use a different browser or device, or wait for the Craigslist website to be fixed if it is not working or not loading. Therefore, we hope that the article above has assisted you in resolving the issue with the Craigslist website of why is craigslist not working

In conclusion, the Craigslist app might need to be fixed for several reasons. If it’s because of something outside your control, like the internet, try not to use the app again for a few days. These problems should be brief.

But if the app isn’t working because of something more personal, like a problem with your device, it’s best to get professional help. If you get in touch with Craigslist customer service, they will soon get your app working again. Moreover, if you want to learn about Carigslist proxies, you can check this article.

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