Hackers are everywhere looking for the least opportunity to take advantage of your negligence. But you can keep them at bay, and one way to do that is to block an IP address that they use. The ways to achieve are not in lack—they come in their numbers.

This post will examine five ways to block an IP address when the need arises. But before we delve in, let’s define an IP address, and a proxy and give reasons why IP blocking may be necessary.

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What is an IP Address?

We all want to enhance our internet security, and if you don’t have an idea of what an IP address is, then keeping your online activity safe may not make real sense right now.

An IP address is like a street address or your place of residence where you receive packages, bills, etc. You give a combination of numbers and letters to identify the location. An IP address works in a similar way, but this time, on the internet.

Every device (PC, phone, etc.) that connects to the internet has a unique IP. The device’s IP address enables it to interact with others and also receive information from them on the internet.

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Proxy Server

A proxy is a server or a barrier that stands between you and the site you intend to visit. Some protocols come to play when connecting proxies. There are plenty of other sources that you can refer to know what is a proxy. By using a proxy server, you can reach a website via HTTP request —rather than travel directly to the site. Your request will go through the proxy server, before making it to the site.

Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are basically for more than one person on the same server. These proxies work by carrying a lot of people along—who are using the same IP address.

The downside of a shared server is that the connection is slow because so many people are on the network. In this situation, you’ll have to contend with shared proxies. Some delay will always come into the picture.

Let’s talk about other types of proxies as listed below.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are common and seen everywhere. They have nothing to do with your connection or Internet Service Provider when you wish to hide your IP address. 

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are real IP addresses associated with residential addresses — and that makes them difficult to ban. You can hide your IP address, and you will have no problem going past geo-blocked content.

With all of these said, proxies may also be shared or dedicated. When shared, as stated earlier, it will have several people on the network. When it is a dedicated proxy, it is solely for one individual.

Why Block an IP Address?

There are different reasons a website or an internet user would block an IP address. The list below will give you a better perspective:

  • Hackers and spammers infiltrate a site, and they put a strain on the bandwidth.
  • Limiting website access for employees of a business to increase productivity.
  • Protecting the company’s data from hackers.

How to Block an IP Address Instantly

Here are five ways to block an IP address:

CPanel IP Deny Manager

To do this, you’ll have to login into your cPanel and head straight to your Security and then the IP Deny Manager icon. Enter the IP address you want to block when you open the IP Deny Manager icon. All the IPs you choose to block will show up in the cPanel.

Block an IP Address in a Home Network

  • Open your web browser and input 192.168.01 to gain access to your router’s administrative page. In case that does not work, you can use any of,, or
  • Fill in the admin user name and password.
  • Look for the “Block Sites” or “Firewall” configuration page. You may find these settings under “Content Filtering” or “Parental Filtering.”
  • Then go “Security.”
  • Click the link to get to the configuration page.
  • Input the IP address in the space where it says “type keyword or domain here.”
  • And click “Add.” At the bottom click “Save.”

Using IP Manager

  • Head to your Hostinger hPanel and find your way down to the IP Manager section.
  • Type in the IP you want to block in the IP to Deny box.
  • Then include additional comments on the Notes textbox. Click “Add’ as soon as you finish.

Using the Windows Firewall

  • Open the control panel.
  • Then double click on the “Windows Firewall” icon on the display screen that comes after.
Windows firewall
Windows firewall
  • Now select “Inbound Rules” and “New Rule.” It is time to hit the “Custom” radio button, then click “Next.”
  • Choose “All Programs” and double click “Next.”
  • Now choose the “These IP Addresses” menu option and “Add.”
  • Type in the IP you want to block—there’s a field for that. Hit “OK” and then “Next.”
  • Pick the “Block the Connection” menu; you can now type a name for the new firewall rule.
  • To complete the process, click “Next” and “Finish.”

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Blocking an IP Address for Mac Users

If you’re blocking an IP address from accessing your Mac computer, you’ll require access to your wireless router—or LAN router—and connector to the internet via an Ethernet cable. The password is usually on the outside of the modem.

System Preferences 

  • Look for the Apple menu, represented by the Apple logo, and it is in the top left corner of your computer screen.
  • Find the dropdown menu and choose “System Preferences.”
  • Immediately your system preference shows up. Search for the icon “Network.”
  • Hit the “Advanced” bar which is at the bottom of the screen. Head to TCP/IP tab.
  • Here you’ll find your IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Access Router

It’s time to log in to your router. You’ll find your password information written outside of the router.

Restrict Access 

When you login into your router, you’ll get a list of enabled and disabled IP addresses. You can deny access to any IP address right from there with most routers. You’ll have the option to block a website too. After you achieve that, the IP address will not be able to gain access to your network.


Is it possible to block someone's IP address?

For Windows users, blocking an IP address is possible. On a Windows machine, blocking IP addresses requires using the ‘Windows Firewall.’ A firewall, in technical terms, is a component that allows your computer to limit access to your network while still allowing you to communicate with other networks.

On my network, how do I ban an IP address?

Begin by navigating to the router's settings page or access control panel, which is commonly accessed by typing the router's IP address or address range into the address bar of a web browser. Look for an ‘Internet Filtering’ option in the settings menu, switch it on, and enter the addresses you want to block.

What is the most effective IP blocker?

The Top 10 IP Blocker Apps (IP Address Blocker Tools In 2022) •NordVPN •IPVanish •ExpressVPN •BeeThink IP Blocker Software •A2 Hosting •Windscribe

What do you mean by IP cloaking, and how does it work?

Simply defined, IP cloaking is when a person masks their IP address. The main benefit of IP masking is that it allows people to avoid being followed and monitored online because everything they do online is linked to their IP address. This is accomplished by connecting to the internet through a proxy server, which is a second computer.

What are IP blocks and how do they work?

IP-based blocking uses network obstacles such as firewalls to prohibit all traffic to a specific group of IP addresses. Other low-level network identifiers, such as a TCP/IP port number that might identify a specific program on a server or a type of application protocol, are used in protocol-based blocking.

Is it possible to report an IP address?

You should report hackers' IP addresses, IP map locations, and ISPs to the following institutions in addition to the ones listed above: The FBI. Select Report Internet Crime from the SCAMS & SAFETY tab at the top of the page. This will take you to their Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

How can I disable a device's access to my wireless network?

Follow these steps to set up access control: Using a computer or mobile device connected to your router's network, you need to open the web browser. Enter the required username and password for the router. Then Select ADVANCED > SECURITY > ACCESS CONTROL from the menu Then turn on Access Control by checking the box.

What is the best way to ban an IP address from my router?

Select Advanced Routing > Static Routing List from the router admin panel. Fill in the blanks: Enter the IP address you want to block in the Destination Network field. Enter 255.255 as the subnet mask.

What can I do if I'm not sure if my IP address is being tracked?

When you have a few applications open as possible, preferably just one Internet browser, the Netstat tool works best. The Netstat program generates a list of the IP addresses to which your machine is transferring data.

What happens if my IP address is revealed?

if a hacker has your IP address, they can exploit it to steal sensitive information such as your location and online identity. They might potentially hack your device, steal your identity, and more using this information as a starting point.


The importance of choosing the right proxy provider comes with plenty of benefits. You will get good proxies for your online activities among several others. Are Hackers on rampages? Not to worry, with all the ways mentioned above to block an IP address, you should be one step ahead of the game.

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