In the market for free VPNs, Urban VPN is a noteworthy newcomer. Numerous VPN providers advertise their free version to get users to sign up for a paying membership eventually. Yet, Urban VPN doesn’t even have priced packages; the service is free. The article discusses the Urban VPN review.

Urban VPN is a free VPN service with unlimited bandwidth and can unblock streaming websites like Netflix, so you can stream as much as you wish without worrying about how much data you use. There is a catch, though, as with any free or inexpensive offer.

The VPN guarantees that everything about your system and operation is of the finest quality when downloading and installing this VPN, unlike other VPNs that offer free services. Read below to learn about the Urban VPN review.

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How Quick Is Urban VPN?

Speed is a crucial component of any of the best free VPNs. When they first entered the market, people were most interested in a VPN’s ability to create a secure and anonymous connection. These days, it’s equally necessary to have a streaming speed fast enough to watch Netflix, for instance. The results of Urban VPN’s speed tests do not indicate that it is a speed demon. Particularly not when linked to a distant server. Yet, Urban VPN maintains its position during most routine browsing tasks because it is a free service.urban vpn

The findings of the Urban VPN review regarding speed are as follows:

  • The speed test with Urban VPN’s distant server could have been better than it appeared on paper.
  • Both the nearby and distant servers operate quickly while browsing and streaming.
  • Using Urban VPN to download torrents is not recommended (fast).
  • Online multiplayer games should not be played using UrbanVPN due to the lengthy connection times.
  • Urban VPN’s stability and speed vary widely.

Privacy And Logging Of Urban VPN

A VPN must have both a logging policy and a privacy policy. You want to avoid a VPN that is negligent with your data or that saves or resells data, after all. It contradicts the anonymity that VPNs guarantee they will offer. You need a VPN to protect and stay safe.privacy policy urban vpn

With Urban VPN, you could run into specific issues. For instance, according to the provider’s logging policy, they gather particular “online identifiers” from their consumers. IP addresses and Android IDs are included (if you use VPN on mobile). According to Urban VPN review, they “determine geographical location” using their IP addresses.

Another issue is that Urban VPN only deletes these online tracking cookies when you uninstall their program and stop using their service. 

Urban VPN also discusses gathering other information, like the websites users visit and their searches. The only other reference to this information is the immediate anonymization of it. It could be more reassuring and be a little hazy. The truth is that Urban VPN’s logging policy does little to guarantee user privacy.

It only worsens when you consider that Urban VPN sells “anonymized” data to outside parties. On the website of Urban VPN, you can choose not to participate.

Urban VPN is not desirable for selling user data. This compromises your privacy in Urban VPN review. You want to keep away from this at all costs. Finally, remember that Urban VPN is situated in a nation with five eyes, namely the United States.

User Interface Of Urban VPN

One of Urban VPN’s most significant characteristics is how user-friendly it is. Yet, despite having a lot of benefits, its simplicity of usage has some drawbacks as well. The findings are as follows:urban vpn ui

  • On the Urban VPN review webpage, getting started is simple and quick. Moreover, the homepage offers valuable server location data.
  • Regrettably, the website also has much uninteresting content that resembles advertising. Finding crucial information is now a little more challenging as a result.
  • Complete omissions of several crucial details include thorough descriptions of Urban VPN’s encryption techniques.
  • Urban VPN can be quickly and easily installed.
  • It is simple to use the Urban VPN app.
  • Unfortunately, Urban VPN doesn’t offer official customer support.

Pricing And Promotions Of Urban VPN 

Urban VPN is a platform that is offered for nothing at all. You can download it or use another VPN to test whether it meets your expectations. Thus, its services have no costs or special offers, as per Urban VPN and pricing

  • Urban VPN costs: This VPN has no charges because it is entirely free. Download and enjoy; no bundles, pricing points, or other restrictions exist.
  • Urban VPN promotions: This VPN’s services do not include discount codes or coupon promotions. There are no total premium prices or packages for using its services. Thus no savings of any type are to be achieved.
  • Urban VPN Ways of Payment: The site does not provide a means for this kind of an action because Urban VPN is a free complete program that does not require fees.

Is Urban VPN Safe?

It is important to remember that many accessible virtual private networks, including Urban VPN review, are cost-free for a reason. Using a free VPN could put your identity and personal information in danger because they often offer lesser security and encryption standards than premium Virtual Private Networks that cost money. It’s even been reported that several free VPN services sell the sensitive customer data they store and share. Every VPN service must make money in some way, and most free Virtual Private Networks achieve this via deceptive means, so this is an essential factor to consider.vpn privacy

Accessible Virtual Private Networks also sometimes have slower server connection rates, which make it impossible to stream and play high-definition games without lagging and buffering. Another VPN service with restrictions is Urban VPN Review. It is essential to take note of its subpar logging policy, absence of customer service, and the lax security requirements that come with its peer-to-peer software, even though it might be successful at accessing some streaming sites. Here are some reviews on GEOfinder, to read about this article, click here.


Does Urban VPN hide your IP?

By establishing an encrypted connection or tunnel between your device and the internet, Urban VPN can mask your public IP address and replace it with any of the tens of thousands of IP addresses in the global network.

What drawbacks does Urban VPN have?

However, you need a few useful features because of Urban VPN's incredibly simple user interface. Split tunneling, a kill switch, manual server selection, or a choice of protocols are not available with Urban VPN.

Do banks allow VPNs?

Generally speaking, the answer is 'yes.' Banks expect that most consumers won't use VPN protection when using their services, so they implement encryption and security mechanisms on their online banking websites and mobile apps.

Does urban VPN collect information?

The information from other apps, websites, your computer, tablet, or mobile device is not combined by them. They don't monitor or gather data on user behavior across websites or applications. They provide the affiliated company access to Web browsing information.


It is all about the Urban VPN review. Your IP address can be kept secure with Urban VPN without costing a fortune. This VPN distinguishes itself not just for its affordable cost but also for the high caliber of its services. Utilizing an urban VPN largely depends on your objectives and needs.

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