Apple watches are in trend these days, so there are many never-ending questions about how to get water out of Apple Watch. One buys a smartwatch to avoid using phones but has to keep it in proper form, with proper safety, so that no water goes within it and no scratches are there. No cracks come up. Charge it time-to-time and similar other overheads.

How to evacuate water and turn off Water Lock. Your Apple Watch’s Digital Crown should say Unlocked when you press and hold it for a few seconds. You can use your display as usual once a sequence of tones plays to remove any remaining water from the speaker.

Give this article a read and learn several solutions to remove water from an Apple watch and make it work as it worked at the buying time.

What Is An Apple Watch?

Apple Inc created the smartwatch brand Apple Watch. In addition, working with iOS and other Apple products and services combines health tracking, health-focused features, remote media transmission, and wellness-focused capabilities.

The Apple Watch Series 2 and more recent models can be used for adventurous activities like trekking and swimming in shallow water, like a pool or sea, as they are water-resistant. However, water can still enter the device, preventing water from being released from the Apple watch.


A water lock feature will also be available on Apple watches. A Water Lock feature is included in Apple Watch with Series 2 and above. This feature puts a lock on the screen so you can swim without damaging it. You can likewise utilize this element to discharge water from the speaker openings and keep dampness from causing long-haul issues.


Just put it on your Apple Watch and take it off. With a bigger screen, it keeps everything you care about front and center. Even without your phone, you may stay in touch with your loved ones, friends, music, notifications, images, and more when cellular service is available.


  • Finishes: It is available in assorted color shades per the individual’s needs. The colors are Aluminum, Green, Blue, Stainless Steel, Graphite (PVD), Silver, Gold (PVD), Titanium, Space black, etc. The individual, as per his preferred shade, can buy it.
  • Features: The features provided within the watch are similar to those provided in a phone. Those are a compass, water-resistant, an electrical heart sensor, an ECG application, can make an emergency SOS call, a calling option, an apple pay option, and a capacity of 32GB.
  • Environmental Features: Although it is an electronic gadget, it is environmentally friendly compared to the other smartwatches. Some of the features that it supports, thereby being environmental-friendly are:
    • 100% recyclable – aluminum in case, tungsten in the Taptic Engine, tin in the SIP.
    • Energy efficient
    • Responsible packaging
    • Arsenic-free display glass
    • Mercury-, BFR-, PVC-, and beryllium-free

How To Remove Water From The Apple Watch?

Removing water from the Apple Watch is usually a headache for people. They think they have to visit the center, pay some amount, and it might start working. It is also not a surety.

There are various solutions for how to get water out of the Apple watch. The easiest ways to release water from an Apple watch quickly without putting in much effort, without shaking your watch to eliminate water from the inside, are provided in this article. Find out how to get water out of Apple Watch by following these steps.

  1. Swipe up on a watch face or press and hold the bottom edge of the screen while in an app to bring up the Control Center on your Apple Watch.eject water
  2. Select the Water Lock icon (it looks like a water droplet).
  3. Press the Digital Crown to unlock the screen and drain the speaker of water once you’re back in a dry area.
  4. Now check; the water probably would have dried up, and the watch is watch drop

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How To Use And Activate Water Lock?

Although the steps for how to get water out of Apple Watch are easy to follow and generally resolve the problem, to avoid this, activate the water lock by following these steps:

  1. To access Control Center on your watch, swipe up on the screen.
  2. Look for the icon of a drop of water.
  3. To activate it, tap the icon.remove water iwatch
  4. Water Lock can remove any liquid that may have accidentally entered your device if you remember to turn on the feature before entering the water. Though it ought to have done so automatically, there is a chance it won’t.
  5. When you turn the Digital Crown after exiting the water, the watch will start beeping and will cough up any water it has been crown
  6. According to Apple, you should also wash and delicately dry your watch. (That’s crucial if you drop it in something impure like orange juice. A chlorine-filled pool or any other acidic or sweet liquid.)apple watch
  7. Those beeps are extremely smart. According to Apple, they were created because their sound causes the membranes to shift just enough to allow any water inside your Apple Watch to be expelled.

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Should I take any action after swimming while wearing my Apple Watch?

Yes. After swimming, carefully clean your Apple Watch Series 3 or later (including the Apple Watch SE) with warm water.

How does the Apple Watch use a water lock?

Apple included the cool Water Lock feature to protect your watch from moisture, starting with the Apple Watch Series 2. To avoid figuring out how to get water out of an apple watch, turn it on before you get in the water.

Should I think about the watch band I am using in water?

Yes. You must consider the band you use with your Apple Watch if you dive underwater. Not only are all straps not created equal, but some may loosen when wet, which means you might lose your watch.

Should one purchase an apple watch online or offline from the store?

One can also buy it online, depending on the required features one wants, but purchasing it from the store would be preferred, as when buying from the store, one gets to know the product in real and leaves the person in no doubt later.

Can apple watches be repaired in the normal store, or does one only visit an apple store?

Generally, apple products are repaired in the apple stores only, but one can try contacting a general repair shop if it could repair it.

What to do if, after following the steps also, the watch doesn’t work?

If the watch doesn’t work, even after following the steps provided for how to get water out of the apple watch, contact the repair shop.

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Thus, this article provides ways how to get water out of Apple Watch and bring it to everyday use. Maintenance of electronic gadgets can sometimes be a big task, and their solution could be bigger. So to avoid this, try to read your gadget’s features and use it carefully without negligence.

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