Everyone dreams of having a home theatre to emulate the experience of watching a film they’d only get at a theatre. With the advent of technology, we have witnessed the release of state-of-the-art televisions. Each of these televisions has improved massively in graphics and sound quality. We present the best iPhone projector apps.

Top 7 iPhone Projector Apps To Use

  • Projection Simulator
  • MultiPresenter
  • Epson iProjection
  • Air Projector by Qrayon LLC
  • Barco Projector Control
  • ClickShare
  • Projector Slender 3D Prank

These projector apps, though not accurate, will help you somewhat simulate the experience of watching films in a theatre at home. While a ‘turn phone into projector app’ doesn’t yet exist, a projection screen app will help you project HD videos and high-quality videos on a big screen. So without further ado, here is our list of the best iPhone projector apps for 2023, along with their features.

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Projection Simulator

Projection Simulator is an iPhone and also iPad projector app that does exactly what it says it will. The application is a tool designed for easy simulation for various Sony Projector installers and integrators. It also features a simulation of throw distance for a simple lens and available lens shift range.

projection simulator
projection simulator

All aspect ratios concerning the screen and the projection image can be modified as per preference. However, please do keep in mind that the application solely provides theoretical values which are supported on the dimensions entered. The real-life values may differ slightly. Overall, it is a brilliant application and is sure to please you if you own any Sony Projector.


MultiPresenter is an iPad and iPhone projector app that lets you display photographs and various documents on receiving devices. It is ideal for receiving content with NEC Projectors or widescreen displays. It is the perfect application for corporates and classrooms. Some features of the app include projecting your photos, various documents, web pages, etc. You can also draw and write on the projected content and employ the pointer function to draw attention to something.


Finally, the data can be received from multiple devices, and images can be transmitted and shown on multiple receiving devices. The app has a simple-to-use interface that is very straightforward. Via this application, you can control the sound of the content that you’re displaying as well as pause and play the presentation. Various functions of the projector can be controlled with the help of this application, for example, selecting the signal source. It is available in several languages too, and is truly one of the best iPhone projector apps.

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Epson iProjection

Epson iProjection is one of those iPhone projector apps that is available both on apple and android devices. With the help of this application, you can smoothly and wirelessly project data by using an Epson Projector. The best features of this app include displaying images from your iOS library, web pages, and complete control over the functionality of the projector.

epson iprojection
epson iprojection

You can link up to 50 different devices and employ the moderator feature to control and manage the display contents. Some files supported by the application include MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Keynote, Adobe’s PDF, etc.

Finally, the app has a smooth and interactive interface for efficient usage. It is a must get if basic functionality and ease of usage is your priority.

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Air Projector by Qrayon LLC

Air projector supports all the latest versions of browsers. However, you might find the app malfunctioning if you are working on an older version. It even has a virtual laser pointer making it ideal for boardroom presentations.

Using this app, you can now project images from your phone to a browser, seamlessly, by following a few simple steps.

  • Visit the apple store
  • Install the app Air Projector
  • Enter the URL of the images or page in the browser
  • If it is a page, then select the desired image.

Wireless projection on an iOS device has never been this simple. Before beginning these steps, however, both devices must have internet access vis the same network. This is important for the functioning of the app.

air projector
Air projector by Qrayon LLC

Barco Projector Control

Barco Projector Control is a free projector app for iPhone 6 and above designed for Barco Projectors. It permits you to control them easily when connected to the same wireless router. The app takes the place of the traditional remote as well as provides more functionality.

barco control app
barco control app

This includes quick setup, switching in and out between internal projector test patterns, etc. The best part of the application is the quick switch option it gives you so that you can change between different projectors. The app is equipped with a full demo for setting up and exploring the various functionalities.

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ClickShare is one of the best iPhone projector apps on our list. The app has received brilliant reviews on the App Store and provides several features. It is perfect for offices as you can easily send and receive content with your colleagues.


The application allows you to share and comment on almost all kinds of files on the conference room’s central screen. With a single click of a button, you can display information from your device onto a shared screen.

Plus, the application provides an option for screen-mirroring. So, you can mirror your screen to that of the central screen of the conference room.

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Projector Slender 3D Prank

The final iPhone projector app on our list is for all the pranksters out there. The app allows you to project an image of a slender man on your phone screen. The application does not require an internet connection, so you can utilize it anytime, anywhere.

prank projector
prank projector

This is an app for fun only, so do keep that in mind !

Find it on the Apple App Store

So here’s our list of the best iPhone projector apps out there. Each works fairly well, considering the fact that they are simple applications with a limit to their functionality. That being said, they’re sure to aid you in your projector related endeavors.

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Are There Free Apps To Project With By Using My Apple iPhone?

Yes, there are several free apps available in the market to wirelessly display your content to another device. Consult the list of apps given above by scrolling and select whichever suits you best. All the apps mentioned above are compatible with your iOS device.

Why iPhone Projector App Is Not Working?

There may be a few reasons why the iPhone projector app on your device is unable to work. Update your app: If there is a new version of the app available in the Apple Store, the older versions might stop functioning. Update the browser Ensure both the devices have connection to the internet via the same work. If they are not, projecting files between them may become difficult.

Can I Use My iPhone As A Projector On The Wall?

Unfortunately, no phone can act as a projector. However, many portable projectors fit in the palm of your hand! These devices come in all price ranges and you’re sure to find one that suits all your needs.

How Can I Project Using My Android Phone?

There are many ways you can use an Android phone to project files on a separate device. Using Miracast or Chromecast or Screen Mirroring: All of them mean the same despite their different names. Make sure that both the devices both devices have connectivity via the same network. Use the search bar in your settings app to search for any one of these names. Follow the steps mentioned. Using third-party apps: There is a large number of third-party apps that will perform the same function. The required app must be downloaded from Playstore and again, make sure both the phone and screen device both devices have connectivity via the same network. Follow the steps mentioned in the app.

How Can I Connect My Phone To My TV Without A Wifi Connection?

Another easy and hassle-free method to connect your phone to the TV and transfer files between them is by using an HDMI cable. This is simple and will not require a connection to the internet.

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There you have it. Here are our top-picks of projector apps for iPhones you can use to project your files onto a larger screen. We hope this article has given you clarity on the matter and has been useful to you.

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