One significant development in 2020 was Adobe’s decision to stop supporting Flash Player. Since then, Google and Mozilla’s online browsers no longer support the Flash plugins, and Microsoft has eliminated it from Windows. However, Flash still has a rich history and never falls out of style despite being cutting-edge technology for rich content on the Internet.  Moreover, it can prompt you to consider the best Alternative to Flash Player and see if anything can take its place.

Discover a range of Windows alternatives to Flash Player:

  • Lightspark
  • The Flashpoint of BlueMaxima
  • FLV Media Player
  • Shubus Viewer
  • OpenSilver
  • Swirl

We have raised a list of the top Flash player substitutes to assist you in finding what replaces Flash player the best. Focusing on the technologies, browsers, and gadgets you can use to install them, what’s more? This post separates the finest Flash player replacements into three categories for convenience. Please feel free to browse all the categories to identify single or multiple two solutions that more closely meet your most important demands.

Alternatives to Flash Player on Windows 

You can use the software alternatives to edit Flash files on Windows PCs. We listed them below.


Linux and Windows are the best platforms for editing and watching Flash content and are well-known alternate Flash Player.

lightspark (1)One can use this open-source tool, Lightspark, as a software package and a browser add-on. In addition, Lightspark offers a wide range of code editing options and enables YouTube H.264 Flash video playback. On Windows and Linux, this player supports all Flash-based file types. Above all, it functions well in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and other browsers. Download it from this page.


  • compatible with Linux and Windows
  • works with popular browsers
  • features for altering codes


  • None

Download: Lightspark

The Flashpoint of BlueMaxima 

It is not only effective for keeping but also for archiving old Flash files

flashpointbluemaximaFlashpoint is a comprehensive web game archiving project that can be your repository for Flash-based works. It is yet another free alternative to Flash player created to prevent the loss of Flash content and keep it around for future use. Flash content may be played and arranged for simple access in a home library using programs. Flashpoint has code editing capabilities in addition to its archival capabilities.

The Apache program launcher and Flash Point’s interoperability with popular web browsers and many APIs are some of its other advantages.


  • Archiving Flash content as well as data management.
  • Owing to the Apache program launcher, there is increased safety.
  • enormous compatibility
  • User-friendly interface


  • The app may be mistakenly identified as a virus by antivirus software.

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FLV Media Player

FLV Media Player is also another new alternate Flash Player. The player is designed specifically for FLV (Flash ) videos. You can watch Adobe Flash without a browser by using FLV-Media Player. It is best for using Windows to play downloadable Flash videos.

flvmediaplayerThe Windows software is simple to use, small, and enables managing playing, creating screen captures, and video playlist organization. Overall, it is a robust, functional traditional player that is free. Download it from this page.


  • Simple to use
  • creates playlists to organize material
  • and several useful features


  • None.

Shubus Viewer

The following alternate used for Flash player is Fourth Shubus Viewer. Best for Flash playback, it makes Windows encoding simpler.

shubusviewerA fun file viewer for playing Flash games is called Shubus Viewer. This simple tool enables Flash content streaming and gaming, HTML page creation and viewing, ongoing animations, and even file editing. On the other hand, users have many encoding options to have a preference for depicting the wording in multiple formats. 

Shubus Viewer easily handles DCR and Unity3D media and functions effectively with multimedia content. The ability to link Shubus Viewer with an internet browser and Google+ is an appealing feature. Download Shubus Viewer from this page.


  • Lightweight
  • extensive editing tools
  • creates websites and uses a variety of forms


  • There is reportedly only a little compatibility with some browsers.

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Another Adobe Flash player alternate is OpenSilver. For experienced users, the best for processing SWF documents and web development.

opensilverAn open-source replacement to Microsoft Silverlight is called OpenSilver. You may use OpenSilver to play Flash-based media on your Windows PC, though it is more of a development tool.

In addition to supporting SWF format, WebAssembly-based web development tools make it possible to work with many computer languages. Mobile and desktop browsers can both use OpenSilver. Click here to get OpenSilver.


  • Plugin-free
  • Tech-savvy users
  • Suitable Replacement for Flash Player for Mac 


  • These software programs can be acquired and played on macOS as standalone players.


It is best for watching Flash content with safety in mind.

swirl (1)Ruffle is A further public Flash player emulation that utilizes WebAssembly and is available equally for desktop and browser use. All OS’s, including Mac, are compatible because it was created in the Rust computer language. Ruffle has proven to be very secure and is updated frequently. However, it has minimal benefits for ActionScript 3 and is mainly geared toward previous Flash versions.


  • Positives Mac compatibility
  • routine updates
  • improved security
  • available in the browsers Chrome and Firefox


  • It Plays ActionScript3 files but not others
  • can run across bugs when programming


Macs are the best at viewing Flash content.

Gnash Flash Player is another application available as an internet browser plugin and a separate desktop player. It is a fantastic alternative to Adobe Flash Player for Mac and handles all Flash-based multimedia formats.

gnash (1)Furthermore, Gnash is accessible as a plugin in many well-liked browsers. However, it no longer supports SWF version 10 because its Windows version hasn’t gotten any upgrades since 2012. Gnash can be downloaded from here.


  • among the most secure extensions.
  • Compatible with Macs


  • Allowances for ActionScript and SWF version 10 are included in the Windows app.


One of the appealing alternate Flash Player for Internet nerds who enjoy visiting Flash websites is Lunascape.

lunascapeIn Japan, a cross-platform web page called Lunascape was made. One of Lunascape’s many appealing characteristics is that it can easily play Flash content, video files, and webpages. It offers extensive Internet freedom and works with all devices and platforms. The ability for consumers to select between three graphics engines is its main point of differentiation.

Lunascape is highly distinctive while remaining accessible and cost-free. Lunascape is an excellent option to go above conventional browsers and browse the Internet in a brand-new style driven by three independent rendering engines.


  • a feature-rich, free web browser
  • Supports all Flash content drawbacks.


  • None

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Do any browsers still support Flash 2022?

Many popular web browsers do not support the Adobe Flash Player. Some web browsers do, however, continue to support Flash. Puffin, Opera, Kiwi, Flash Fox, and Dolphin are web browsers that support Flash Player.

What replaces Adobe Flash?

It features built-in Flash support, which is why it can replace Flash Player. Lunascape automatically plays the content. The Lunascape Phoebe version is available to users searching for a replacement for Adobe Flash Player for Mac. Lunascape Mobile is accessible over iOS and Android gadgets.

Can I play Flash games with Adobe Flash?

You can still play Flash games without Adobe Flash, though. The Flash Game Archive allows you to continue playing games without a Flash player by downloading its client. You can download Flash games whenever you want and play them offline with the Flash Game Archive software.

How can I view 2022 Flash content?

The hidden trick to bringing an outdated and non-updating version of Flash Player to web browsers in 2022 and beyond is to thoroughly conform to it with either a prior model of one of the main browsers or a self-reliant browser. It has no financial incentive to stop Flash.


Finally, we hope this list may be helpful if you question what to use in place of Adobe Flash Player. We believe you have found the best alternative to Flash Player.

Furthermore, if you have ever produced eLearning materials in Flash, you can immediately see that the HTML5 format offers a more practical and widely accepted Flash substitute for instruction and training. With iSpring Free, you can unleash the potential of HTML5 and get a free download right now!

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