WinRAR is a compressed file that contains a number of small files. These small files are compressed to make a large file and are named WinRAR files or Zip files. These files can be created by the user or can be downloaded from the internet. They occupy less space, less time to download, and less data when compared to other files. These files when downloaded from the internet contain some kind of password. this article discusses on the topic to remove winrar password

These passwords are not easy to crack. People often fail to crack them and leave them unused not knowing what to do. You have to search for all the permutations and combinations to crack them. Thus, you must know How To Remove WinRAR Password Without Software.

These passwords can be cracked easily by using some software, but as of now, we are going to solve them/crack them without using passwords. This is not a hard task to do. You just need to swipe your hands over the keyboard, and you know how to Remove WinRAR Password Without Software. People also often tend to save the WinRAR file in order to protect the stored data. They forget the password sometimes and there the issue is created.

3 Ways to Remove WinRAR Password

There are some online as well as offline tools to remove the password. Online software is also available, but as I mentioned earlier, we will know options to Remove the WinRAR Password Without Software.


There are basically four methods by which you can try to remove the password.

Online ZIP Converter

You can Remove the WinRAR Password Without file software and do the conversion online by going to the online zip converter.

online zip converter

Follow these steps to remove the password and convert your Zip file.

  1. Search for an Online Zip converter.
  2. Then you may have two options on your screen.
  3. One is browsing and selecting the file from your computer.
  4. The other is to directly copy and paste the URL of the file.
  5. As soon as you do this then click convert at the bottom.
  6. Your file gets opened without asking for a password, and thus you can now have full pledged access to your file.
  7. You can also convert the file to a Zip file and compress it also using the converter.

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As mentioned earlier you can convert your file in offline mode also. For this, you need to open a notepad on your computer/PC. Using Notepad helps you convert and remove the password protection from your file. You just need to type some characters in order to Remove WinRAR Password Without Software.


Follow these steps to remove the password.

  1. Open the Zip file using Notepad.
  2. Now search for Ûtà with 5³tà’.
  3. And also replace ‘IžC0 with  IžC0.
  4. Now save your file after editing.
  5. Then open it, and you may notice the change.
  6. This edited file doesn’t require any password, and thus you can happily open it.
  7. These two methods were the successful and best methods by which you can remove protection from WinRAR files without using any software.

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Remove Password from RAR File with CMD

To assist non-technical users in cracking password-protected RAR files. Some advanced users have enclosed command lines using a batch file, that works as a free word cracker for RAR files.


In Short,

1. The command executes the BAT file in your native laptop and does no harm to your laptop or privacy. You’ll be able to open the batch file with a tablet to appear through the the bat file

2. Make sure WinRAR has been installed into C:\Program Files\WinRAR\ on your laptop, so the BAT file is ready to run the program.install winrar

Steps to follow -:

1. Download the BAT file for cracking the RAR file.

2. Click the BAT file twice to run it. You may need to enter the file name and the place of the RAR file which must be unsecured.

3. Open the folder that contains the RAR file.

4. Copy the complete name along with the RAR extension and paste it into the window, then press Enter.

5· Right-click the folder name in the address bar of File Soul, select Copy address, then paste the complete address within the window and press Enter.

6. Wait for the method to complete and it has Remove WinRAR Password.

Depending on the complexity of the file, this technique may take time and could end up being slow to end the method. However, it’s completely free to use. It always solely works for numeric passwords.


Can online services remove WinRAR passwords without the software?

Online services claiming to remove WinRAR passwords without software should be approached cautiously. They may be unreliable or potentially malicious. Using reputable software or tools recommended by trusted sources for password removal is advisable.

What software can I use to remove a WinRAR password?

Several reputable software options are available to remove WinRAR passwords, such as PassFab for RAR or RAR Password Unlocker. These tools employ advanced algorithms and techniques to recover or remove passwords, providing a reliable solution.

Is it legal to remove WinRAR passwords with software?

Using software to remove WinRAR passwords is legal as long as you have the right to access the files in question. Respecting the legal and ethical boundaries surrounding password-protected files and using the software responsibly is essential.

Can I recover a forgotten WinRAR password without software?

Recovering a forgotten WinRAR password without software is exceptionally challenging. Password recovery without specialized tools is time-consuming and often not feasible. Using reputable password recovery software is recommended to increase the chances of successful recovery.

What should I do if I can't remove the WinRAR password?

If you cannot remove a WinRAR password using software, consider contacting the person who set the password for assistance. Alternatively, you can explore professional password recovery services, although they may have associated costs.

Can I bypass a WinRAR password without software?

Bypassing a WinRAR password without software is highly unlikely. WinRAR's encryption is robust, and password bypassing requires specialized tools or techniques. Using reputable password removal software remains the most practical approach for accessing password-protected WinRAR files.


You can also check out the RAR password cracker to Remove the WinRAR password. You just need to open the application and then type the file name, and file destination, and your password will be removed automatically depending upon the length of the password. It checks every possibility for the password and unlocks it. It may take time to remove some files as they might contain big passwords.

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