Nintendo 64 is something that awakens numerous memories from the good old days. This was when we sat with friends in front of the old TV, surrounded by snacks and fighting bad guys. It is incredible that now we can use free roms and play our favorite games from childhood. Among the numerous Nintendo games’ roms, you can find Rarest Nintendo 64 Games like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. 

14 Best Rarest Nintendo 64 Games And Its Price

Nintendo 64 has released numerous games, but which are the Rarest Nintendo 64 Games among them? Here is the list: 

Turok: Rage Wars ~ $400 

It is one of the first series of rare n64 games about the combat adventures of a Native American with a not-typical name – Turok and his associates. Already here, one can trace the makings of a good game, which were fully implemented in the second and especially the third parts.


Visit: Turok Rage Wars

Bomberman 64: Second Attack ~$400-700 

Continuation of Bomberman’s 3D adventures. The main innovation in the gameplay is the ability to grow a Pommy helper. The hero finds a strange egg and takes it to his spaceship. Soon he is attacked and wakes up in prison.

Suddenly, a strange creature named Pommy hatches from the egg, with the help of which Bomberman escapes from prison and begins to take revenge on the offenders. Technically, the game does not differ from the first part, so the graphics and sound are average. 

bomberman 64

Visit: Bomberman 64 Second Attack

Snowboard Kids 2 ~ $300-$600 

Races on snowboards of some big-nosed guys five of them in total). These guys run on their snowboards along various tracks.

The game is made exceptionally well in graphics and sound compared to other Rarest Nintendo 64 Games; however, it is still probably intended for players of a younger age who want to know how to play Nintendo Switch without the internet.

However, it won’t hurt adults to play, either. It is one of those games that allows you to connect 1-4 players.

snowboard kids 2

Visit: Snowboard Kids 2 

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Yoshi’s Story International Version ~ $300-500 

This is one of the rarest Nintendo 64 games about the adventures of Yoshi, the dinosaur, Mario’s friend. He runs through the levels, collecting (eating) various fruits and fighting funny (and not so) enemies.

Fruits give Yoshi new strength, turning him into a true hero. In general, if you are looking for uncomplicated and exciting exciting graphics, you will surely appreciate this creation. 

yoshis story

Super Bowling ~ $500-1,300 

Everyone strives to make a strike in this sport, and this game, albeit in part, allows you to bring it to life. There are many interesting and exciting with many different sites, each with its design and difficulties.

You control eight characters, differing in the level of professionalism. It is one of the most expensive n64 games available out there.

super bowling

Visit: Super Bowling

Harvest Moon 64 ~ $400-$600 

Anyone who played this game on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) will download it without hesitation. Your hero gets a farm at their disposal. To hell with summer cottages and vegetable gardens; you have Harvest Moon.

Grow vegetables, raise chickens, milk cows, shear sheep, and in between these matters, communicate with residents and participate in holidays (and horse races, for which you are given a young stallion).

And do not forget that now the equipment is gaining levels – the more you use it, the better it gets. It is a single-player game. The unique concept of this game makes it one of the Rarest Nintendo 64 Games.

harvest moon 64

Visit: Harvest Moon 64

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time ~ $1,000-$1,100 

The game takes place before the events of the first part. That is, it is the prequel to the first part. The main villain will be Ganon, as in many other series parts. Ganon seeks to capture the Triforce artifact, which grants the owner’s wishes. With its help, the villain tries to conquer the kingdom of Hyrule — Link’s homeland. To stop Ganon, Link will have to travel back in time. For this, you will need the Ocarina of Time, after which this game is named. This is one of the best among other Rarest Nintendo 64 Games.

orcania of time

Visit: The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask ~ $1,000 

Majora’s Mask is the sixth part of The Legend of Zelda video game series and the second 3D game. Majora’s Mask is more thoughtful, darker, and more profound than more profoundedecessor, Ocarina of Time. Many players love it for its atmosphere and attractive, exciting king. It is one of the rarest n64 games. This is one of the most valuable n64 games in the market now.

majora's mask

Visit: The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask

WCW Backstage Assault (Gray Cart): ∼ $300

WCW Backstage Assault is a fighting game created by Kodiak Interactive and delivered by EA in October 2000. This game is especially significant because it is the last game paid unproducedame of WCW three months after WW, and WWF bought its assets.

wcw backstage assault- rarest nintendo 64 game

The game just sold 200,000 units, which further expanded its significance. This game is elusive in the wild, costings about $300 to get on eBay. It is ideal to purchase a genuine wrestling ticket at this cost.

Visit: WCW Backstage Assault

Pokémon Snap (Not for Resale Version): ∼ $300

Everybody knows that Pokémon Snap was one of the best video games of the time, delivered in pure Pokémon frenzy. Nonetheless, a “Not for Resale” version can be handily recognized as a “Not for Resale” mass variant in which a sticker is glued to the artwork.

pokémon snap- rarest nintendo 64 game

This version is hard to track down, costing about $300 to buy on eBay. Although a specific cartridge was sold at a shocking cost of $900 in January 2020, so it is clear that the expense will increase dramatically.

Visit: Pokémon Snap

Banjo-Tooie: ∼ $300

BanjoTooie is the continuation of the amazing Rarefantasticme Banjo-Kazooie. The stage game follows Banjo and Kazooie as they attempt to stop the cunning trick of the witch named Gruntilda. The game offers an assortment of riddles, collectibles, and a multiplayer game mode for four players.

banjo-tooie- rarest nintendo 64 game

The first game and its continuation were delivered toward the end of the N64’s life cycle, so they are not as famous as different games. These games are of extraordinary interest and rare Nintendo 64 games, yet they are, as of now, not accessible in stores. O,r then again, its predecessor may pay about $300 or more on the web.

Visit: Banjo-Tooie

Conker’s Bad Fur Day: $500-$700

Conker’s Bad Fur Day is a humorous stage game that recounts the tale of an alcoholic squirrel named Conker who should return home to see his sweetheart. The game incorporates linear obstacles, riddles, and fights with different enemies because the greedy forest animals gather money to continue. With obscenity, ridiculous violence, and rough humor, this game is just for grown-up crowds.

conker's bad fur day- rarest nintendo 64 game

As probably the best game of N64, it is in incrediblofinterest. Unfortunately, deals were influenced when Conkers Bad Fur Day showed up around the same time the console was discontinued. From that point forward, costs have been rising and are presently somewherebetweenf $500 and $700.

Visit: Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Stunt Racer 64: $200-700

Stunt Racer 64 is still probably the rarest N64 game. Indeed, even around then, this game didn’t make any difference. It was overshadowed by the incredible game Mario Kart 64. It is additionally delivered through Blockbuster, which adds unimaginable extraordinariness.

stunt racer 64- rarest nintendo 64 game

An ordinary duplicate on eBay costs about $200; be that as it may, in case you are searching for the full version (counting the crate and manual), the cost will be pretty much as high as $700 or more, yet we are simply beginning.

Visit: Stunt Racer 64

ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cut: Up To $14,500

ClayFighter: Sculptor’s Cut is a refreshed version of the ClayFighter 63 1/3 game delivered only as a Blockbuster rental, implying it couldn’t be bought. Henceforth, many contend this is the rarest Nintendo 64 game available.

clayfighter sculptor's cut- rarest nintendo 64 game

The irony is that this game always seems to be on eBay, and if you want a copy, you have to spend a lot of money. The price of the cartridge itself is more than US$500, but the cost of the full version is usually between US$2,500 and US$3,000. With this in mind, a copy was sold for $14,500 in February 2020. This is the most expensive Nintendo 64 game.

Visit: ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cut


Does a Nintendo 64 have any value?

The cost of a restored N64 ranges from $60 to $290. A fixed console in a peripheral package or an almost-mint outer case unit will cost gamers extra. Most original N64 launch consoles sell for roughly $799 when unopened.

Does the old Nintendo console have any worth?

The average cost of an NES console is $74. Depending on the unit's condition, used systems can cost between $30 and $200. While complete-in-box models of the original NES console cost upwards of $200, a working system with noticeable wear will sell for roughly $20.

Was the Nintendo 64 stronger than the PS1?

The N64 was more robust in terms of pure computing capability than PS1. However, in the actual world, PS1 games were frequently more expansive and had better graphics than N64 titles. It was primarily due to the PS1's use of CDs rather than N64 cartridges.

Do Nintendo games decrease in value?

No, Nintendo primarily creates timeless games. It implies that they are constantly current. Ten years after their initial release, they are just as enjoyable to play with no decrease in value.

Why is the Nintendo 64 so well-liked?

Unlike disks or CDs, the Nintendo 64 played games in plastic cartridges. Because of this, the load times for the console-exclusive games were quicker than they would have been on disk. This is the reason why the system's popularity skyrocketed after its debut.

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