The fan base of the Gaming Industry is increasing, especially with the advancement in new-generation digital platforms. You might be fascinated by colorful graphics, but veteran games have a unique experience. There are many 2D games with organized stories and gameplay in the market. However, choosing an ideal game to boost your adrenaline levels isn’t easy.

best 2d game

Let’s check out some good 2d games

  • Terraria
  • Mark of the Ninja
  • Castle Crashers
  • Starbound
  • Celeste
  • Inside
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Spelunky
  • Limbo
  • Darkest Dungeon

We are here with amazing 2D games for PC that you will enjoy with your family and friends. Don’t forget to configure your computer for optimal sound and video quality.

Are 2D Games Still Popular?

Undoubtedly, advanced games have taken over the industry, and players seem to enjoy them too. However, the craze and fun of 2-dimensional games will never disappear. They might be old-fashioned, but they thrill veteran players a lot.

2d games played

Moreover, it depends on the gamer; some like playing games today.

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Best 2D Games of All Time

As mentioned earlier, it could be tedious for new players to choose and play a perfect 2D game on Steam. Well, here are some of the terrific 2D games that you would like to try,

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The first 2D game on our list is Terraria, motivated by the all-time favorite Super Mario. You will enter the world to beat the boss and get the final reward. Further, enemies and obstacles are procedurally generated so that you will fight in a new environment each time you die.


Overall, Terraria is an action-packed game that is quite fun to play.

Mark of the Ninja

If you want a game that involves some action, Mark of the Ninja is the one. The animation suits the game’s theme well, where you must cover the map stealthily. You can take down opponents differently, allowing you to explore multiple options.

mark of the ninja

The playstyle might resemble Terraria, but it is pretty smooth and exciting.

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a perfect 2D game for players who want a light gaming experience with a humorous touch. You could quickly complete different levels, except for boss levels which need some grinding. Players can explore the terrain according to each stage’s design.

castle crashers-2d game

The most significant feature is playing Castle Crashers online and offline with friends.


We now have Starbound, one of the most popular 2D games ever displayed on Steam. You are in a spaceship and must look for intelligent life forms on various planets. Players can unlock multiple weapons, items, and armor to proceed.

star bound game



Moreover, you can play the Story mode or complete quests in Starbound. It also provides farming and building features to enhance the gameplay.


Celeste could be one of my favorite 2D games due to its 8-bit art design and calm background music. The game was initially developed by a team of 4 people and still became a huge hit. Players will encounter challenges at every level that keeps up the game’s thrill.


It involves adventure while exploring new worlds and saving people.

Also, to encounter challenges in the Solitaire of Mahjong, click here for some tricks to practice yourself.


This 2D game is based on a boy trapped inside an evil project with enemies. Your mission is to escape from the place by solving riddles placed across the map. However, you have to lay low and keep yourself distant from dangerous characters roaming here and there.


It might look normal initially, but users will soon indulge in various puzzles you must solve.

Mortal Kombat

Everyone knows the Tekken game series, but have you tried the good old Mortal Kombat? It is a fighting game where you fight against other opponents to win battles. Players can access characters like Sub Zero, Sonya, and Shang Tsung to participate in brutal matches.

mortal kombat

The graphics are pretty good, with detailing in blood spills and action sequels.


Spelunky is among the best 2D games for PC based on a caveman exploring the underworld kingdom to find treasures. Moreover, avoiding hidden traps all over the map would be best. You will also encounter enemies looking to take away the prize in any way possible.


The graphics may not be the finest, but they work well with the game. Hence, you can enjoy playing Spelunky in your free time.


Limbo is mainly based on the black color that brings out the terrifying adventure of the game. The players act as a small boy searching for his sister in this black-and-white world. Each level consists of puzzle-like elements that are important to escape from there.

limbo - best 2d games

You must navigate all hurdles and run from spooky spiders and whatnot! This game might be your next horror for several days.

Darkest Dungeon

At last on our list of best games, we have Darkest Dungeon. The game is impressive in terms of graphics and overall gameplay. Different heroes in each team are head-to-head against the enemy. Players need to analyze their stress levels and send them to battle accordingly.

darkest dungeon

It might appear to be a basic game, but it involves many actions.


What are the best 2D games to try out this winter in 2023?

This winter, there are amazing 2D games you should play! Explore the exciting worlds of 'Hollow Knight,' 'Celeste,' 'Ori and the Wish of the Wisps,' 'Stardew Valley,' 'Cuphead,' and 'Undertale' for unforgettable gaming adventures that will make your winter days more enjoyable.

Can people of all ages and gaming skill levels enjoy these 2D games?

Absolutely! These 2D games are for a wide range of ages and gaming abilities. They offer different difficulty levels, providing engaging gameplay experiences for casual and seasoned gamers.

Can I play these 2D games on different devices like computers, consoles, or phones?

Most of these 2D games are available on various platforms. You can play them on your computer, gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, and some even have versions for mobile devices running iOS or Android.

Are these 2D games meant for single-players, or can I play with others?

These 2D games focus primarily on single-player experiences, immersing you in captivating storylines and rich worlds. However, some games like 'Stardew Valley' and 'Cuphead' offer multiplayer options, allowing you to play with friends or family members for added fun.


We hope you now have a good idea of the best 2D games for PC that you can try this winter. These games are available on Steam and other trusted gaming platforms. You should ensure adequate hardware and software to play these games efficiently.

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