It is common to see players across the globe using the Steam platform to download and access thousands of games. It allows them to manage their gaming library and switch between different accounts.

Moreover, it saves you time in looking for various games and purchasing them accordingly. Although, playing any game using a mouse and keyboard could be frustrating.

Here’s a list of what controllers work with steam:

  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • PowerA Enhanced Controller
  • Eswap X Pro Controller
  • PlayStation Dual Sense
  • Razer Wolverine V2 Controller
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

It is challenging to control, especially if the game involves multiple actions. The best alternative is to connect a gaming controller and configure it with the game. However, many don’t know what controllers work with Steam and similar platforms. Thus, we are with a handful of Steam controllers that you can purchase to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Top Controllers that Work With Steam

If you plan to purchase a new gaming controller to enjoy multiple games on Steam, you are at the right place. We bring a top controller that works with Steam on your computers or laptops. Let’s go through them one by one,

Xbox Wireless Controller

The first Steam link controller you can have is the Xbox Wireless controller that supports Bluetooth. Players will feel much better while holding the Xbow wireless controller, even for long hours.

xbox wireless controller

Also, you have a better grip due to the device’s texture padding and hybrid design. Moreover, it has a designated share button for easy navigation through Steam and other game hosts.

PowerA Enhanced Controller

PowerA controller might look like the first copy of Microsoft’s Xbox Gamepad, but it does produce excellent results. You can get almost every feature of a branded controller by paying half the total amount.

powera enhanced

Further, it is compatible with Steam and Windows games without significant issues. The joystick is quite comfortable and provides a soft touch gesture to decrease effort. It also has an additional mute and volume rocker on the handle.

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Eswap X Pro Controller

Thrustmaster’s Eswap X Pro controller is ideal for players with more budget as we advance. It simply connects with any system through a cable and generates high efficiency. You will not feel any lag while gaming on Steam as it has smooth buttons.

eswap x pro controller

Moreover, Eswap X is a fully customizable controller with swappable modules. Overall, it is a perfect controller for professional gaming at higher ranks.

PlayStation Dual Sense

You already know that Sony recently released PlayStation 5, which has a new generation controller. There is no doubt that you can use it as your new Steam link-compatible controller.

dualsense steam controller
It has a fantastic build quality with an additional touchpad in the middle. Many experts believe it to be a revolutionizing change in the controllers market. You can play the latest games without losing battery life.

Razer Wolverine V2 Controller

If you require a budget-friendly Steam link controller, Razer Wolverine V2 is the best choice. The device is powered by a USB cable that gives you less lag while pressing buttons.

razer wolverine

Also, players can adjust the sensitivity for each analog stick according to their playing style. It has multiple features that make it quite suitable for action and shooting games. Therefore, you want to have this controller while playing games.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

The term “Elite” in the name means players have control over every aspect of the device. It includes changing the sensitivity of joysticks, shift paddles, d-pads, etc. You can charge the controller through a Type-C cable, which supports Bluetooth connectivity with the PC.

wireless controller series 2

The Xbox Elite even has a transport bag that can power the Steam Link Xbox One controller for 40 hours.

Scuf Instinct Pro

We have seen multiple Steam link controllers, but Scuf Instinkt Pro is unique. The device brings together positive features of controllers from Microsoft and Sony. It supports a USB C-type cable connection and has changeable thumbsticks.

scuf instinct pro

Therefore, it eliminates any common problems while playing games on Steam. Scuf controllers are responsive and provide better in-game support.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo is a famous brand known for making exciting gaming consoles and controllers for its customers. The Nintendo Switch Pro has motion controls, amino functionality, analog finger sticks, and more.

nintendo switch pro

The battery will support long gaming hours, and you will not feel tired of its weight. Players will also receive a USB C-cable to charge and connect the controller.

Turtle Beach Recon

Turtle Beach Recon is a mid-range controller with all the features you need in a Steam link-compatible controller. It has removable and special audio enhancement buttons to listen to the slightest sounds.

turtle beach recon

The device might seem a bit heavy, but everything is worth the output it generates. Hence, you can get one and enjoy playing games on Steam.

Retroflag Classic Gaming Controller

Last but not least, the Retroflag Classic Gaming controller gives you an authentic experience while gaming. This device is quite helpful for veteran players who want to relive their memories.

retroflag classic

Unlike modern controllers, it is a replica of Nintendo devices that were the thing of earlier days. You can use it on Windows and Mac machines to play both old and new games accordingly.

Can You Use an Xbox Controller with Steam Link?

Every controller in the market is designed to support most consoles and PCs. Hence, you can easily connect with the Steam Link with an Xbox controller.

xbox controller

However, we suggest you choose a device from the list mentioned above that what controllers work with steam.


Does any USB controller work on Steam?

The Steam Deck enhances its versatility by accommodating wired and wireless controllers, catering to various gaming preferences. Additionally, the device allows for the simultaneous connection of multiple controllers. This makes it easier to host engaging couch co-op sessions with friends. Users can flexibly choose between wired and wireless controller setups.

Can I play Steam without a controller?

When you initiate the Steam Link app without a controller, it automatically enables touch controls. This functionality allows you to adapt a layout or craft a play style while streaming through the Steam Link App. As touch controls get activated, they present a user-friendly and flexible means of interacting with streamed content. This enhances overall engagement, ensuring smooth navigation.

Why does my controller not work on Steam?

If your controller needs to be configured correctly, Steam might need help to detect it. To rectify this situation, you should examine the controller settings within the Steam application and confirm that Controller Configuration Support is activated. By taking these steps, you can effectively troubleshoot any potential issues related to controller detection, establishing an optimized interaction between the controller and Steam.

Why is the Steam Controller discontinued?

Regrettably, Steam Machines encountered a twofold challenge: they were costly for the console gaming audience seeking affordability and posed significant hurdles for PC users aiming to upgrade their systems. This convergence of challenges ultimately led to the product's failure to establish a substantial presence in the market and fulfill the anticipated success.

Final Verdict

We hope you know what controllers work with steam and their expert review. This guide will help you choose the best controller to support your gaming style. Make sure to purchase the controller that you seem to be comfortable with. 

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