The current gaming community is highly dependent on mobile players who love to try new genres. No doubt PC games are still admired, but various games, like chat room games are gaining more popularity nowadays. The most attractive thing about mobile games is that you don’t require any additional setup to play. Unlike large consoles and giant TV screens, you can play any game on your phone. Moreover, players like to involve in story games that revolve around a particular plot with twists and turns. The games with a storyline are more likely to provide an enhanced experience to the players. That is why in this post we have listed the 10 best story games for android.

best story games for android
best story games for android

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Mobile games are moving ahead of being a mere time killer for the young generation. It is also expanding its branches towards the E-Sports Gaming community. Electronic Sports include various genres of gaming that have a prominent future from a competitive aspect. If mobile gaming fascinates you, this blog is only for you. Today, we are here with the Best Storygames for Android readily available on the Google Play Store. Make sure to read it down as we have tips for you.

Best Android Story Games

As mentioned earlier, story games gather much attention from young users. There are thousands of different games that you can try. However, our experts tried to line up the best apps according to their gameplay. It will save you time, and you will have a lot of fun playing them. So, let’s dive straight into the list.

The Walking Dead

First, we have The Walking Dead for all adventure-loving players out there. You have to survive while the world is under attack by zombies.

the walking dead
the walking dead

Also, you have to cross fields by evading attackers who might infect you. The game includes multiple characters with a unique story plot. However, you need a suitably powerful device with adequate RAM to handle the game.

Download: The Walking Dead

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is the best game out of all free Android adult games, with an interesting story to keep you engaged. You play a detective who solves murder mysteries to find the culprit.

the wolf among us
the wolf among us

Moreover, players will find various characters from the fantasy world. Make sure to make accurate decisions to complete different levels in the game.

Download: The Wolf Among Us

Life is Strange

Next, we have Life is Strange as one of the best story games for Android devices. You get the chance to live a teenager’s life through the entire story. Also, you will face various sad and happy moments that happen with the character.

life is strange
life is strange

Don’t forget to look out for emotional traumas, which will affect the gameplay. The graphics are quite pretty, and you even have the option to redo any past choice.

Download: Life is Strange

Jade Empire

Jade Empire is now available for mobile users after a successful story mode game on PC. The players experience open-world gaming where you need to complete various missions.

jade empire
jade empire

Also, you can get in touch with in-game characters and interact accordingly. You will love to use several unique mechanics while progressing through the story. This is a great storyline games for android.

Download: Jade Empire

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Every veteran gamer knows the name Grand Theft Auto or simply GTA. Many people are happy to know that now we have an Android version of GTA San Andreas.

grand theft auto san andreas
grand theft auto san andreas

Further, you can explore and complete Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro missions. However, you might face some issues while controlling various buttons on your touch Android phone.

Download: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

80 Days

If you are looking for the best story games on Android, 80 Days could be an ideal choice. The game has multiple outputs that combine to give the result, and you can even unlock new levels depending on the performance of previous stages.

80 days
80 days

The best part about 80 days is that you don’t require an active internet connection.

Download: 80 Days

This War of Mine

As we move ahead, This War of Mine is one of the realistic story-driven Android games on the Play Store.

this war of mine
this war of mine

It has exciting background music and graphics that enhance the gaming experience. You must survive in the evil world and watch every movement around the character.  

Download: This War of Mine

The Cave

The Cave is a mindful game where you have to solve puzzles and mysteries to complete different levels. Also, there are 7 characters in total, out of which the user can control 3. As the story progresses, you will learn about the past of each in-game character.

the cave
the cave

If you have a low-end device, the game might load slowly in some situations.

Download: The Cave

Lone Wolf

As the name suggests, you portray the role of a professional sniper whose mission is to kill! Moreover, the game is based on a specific story to learn more about the character.

lone wolf
lone wolf

It is available for free on the Google Play Store. However, you might need to purchase some in-game packs from the Shop.

Download: Lone Wolf

Genshin Impact

In the end, you can also try Genshin Impact, which has an exciting storyline for the players. Being an RPG fantasy game where you have to choose your character initially, it also has different characters who possess mystical skills.

genshin impact
genshin impact

Therefore, you can easily defeat your opponent and progress in the game.

Download: Genshin Impact

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What is the best free story mode game?

Story mode games are enjoyable to play. Game of Thrones, Winter Is Coming, is a cult favorite based on the famous series. DC games online is also a free website to access story games.

What is the best story game right now on the PC?

Here are some of the best games on PC, What Remains of Edith Finch, Life is Strange: True Colors, Disco Elysium, The Witcher 3, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are some games you can look into!

What does a story game do?

A story game is where different players care for the characters and spontaneously develop stories. They work together to bring life and make the story convincing.

Why are story games important?

Story Games are important because they stay with you. Rather than a regular game, story games play a significant role in interaction and the feeling of teamwork. It is a learning process where you can collaborate with people.


This is all about the Best Story Games for Android that you can download and install in 2023. Also, many developers are continuously working on new and improved mobile games for their customers. We hope our guide will give you a quick overview of various story mode games on Android. Do check them out and enjoy them with your friends in your free time.

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