Best RAM Cleaner for PC | Top 9 Reviewed

The use of computers and laptops is increasing day by day. Everyone has a need to stay online and get going with their work. Moreover, the system should be capable enough to survive the complex instructions. It is commonly observed that the PC gets slow with prolonged usage. Also, it affects the overall performance of the system and its components. Therefore, the best way to counter this problem is by using the best RAM cleaner for PC. You can also check your RAM frequency through this guide. There is no doubt in the fact that cleaning the RAM will boost the speed of the system. The application manages the RAM storage and deletes all the unnecessary files. Also, you can optimize the memory and use it more effectively.

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9 Best RAM Cleaner for PC

Thus, here are some of the best RAM cleaner for Windows 10 operating systems. These are available on the internet and can be easily downloaded. Make sure that your system is compatible with the software.

Piriform CCleaner

Almost every PC user is quite aware of the CCleaner application. Apart from the veteran users, the new generation also benefits from this RAM cleaner for PC. Moreover, the software is capable of optimizing the internal memory and eventually clean it. All the junk files are removed from the system to allow some free space for the new programs.

piriform cleaner
Piriform cleaner

It also deletes the browser cache files and various cookies around it. Further, users can purchase the premium version of Piriform CCleaner for a better experience.

Memory Cleaner

As the name suggests, Memory Cleaner is the best RAM cleaner for PC and laptop users. It keeps a regular track of all the memory locations in the system. It is commonly observed that cache files take a lot of space in the storage. Thus, the new software is unable to proceed due to a lack of internal storage.

memory cleaner
Memory cleaner

Hence, Memory cleaner will shut down all the useless applications and generates more space. The user interface is quite simple, and everything can be done with a single click.

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Iolo System Mechanic

This software is among the popular RAM cleaner and system care tools in the industry. Apart from saving valuable space in the computer, it also boosts performance. Your PC will run at a different level of speed using the Iolo system mechanic.

system mechanic
System mechanic

The software also assists in blocking various unwanted settings. The system is compatible with detecting and removing more than 50 types of scrap folders. It can also delete the cache and cookies of the internet browser.


CleanMem is more of an auto RAM cleaner for PC with some advanced features. This software is absolutely free, and the user doesn’t need to purchase any kind of subscription. After you install it in the system, CleanMem will automatically scan the computer.


It will take the help of the Windows Task Manager to run the scan after a timer of 15 minutes. Moreover, the user can manipulate the additional settings of the software.

Wise Memory Optimizer

It is a common trend for the computer to run background apps in the system. These programs often take a lot of space in the RAM and can slow down other processes.

wise memory optimizer
Wise memory optimizer

It stops these useless processes and improves the performance of the system. Thus, the PC will have a better response time and resource management. Along with the hard drive, it also scans any flash drive connected to the system.

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Razer Cortex

If you are a gaming freak, Razer Cortex will be the best RAM booster for PC and other components. The computer often freezes while handling large game files. Thus, you require a complete tool that will reduce the game lag.

razor cortex
Razor cortex

Razer will detect the unwanted background processes and remove them while you are playing games. Further, it also provides a game boost feature for regular gaming users.


Many users are looking for an effective RAM memory cleaner and similar software for their computers. RAMRush is a free-to-use optimization tool to improve memory utilization.


Moreover, the software uses the latest algorithm to find the blocked memory locations and deletes them. This will eventually decrease the frequency of system cash and apply the recommended settings. Also, the software defrags the primary memory for better allocation.

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Advanced System Optimizer

It is safe to say that Advanced System Optimizer is the optimal RAM cleaning software for laptops and PCs. The software intelligently cleans the cache memory and unwanted background apps.

advanced system optimizer
Advanced system optimizer

Moreover, you only need a single click to perform the complete scan and delete junk files in RAM. Users can access it directly from the Start button and get the job done.

Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

This will not only be the last addition on the list but the most important too. The Tenorshare Windows Care Genius is capable enough to upgrade old computers to new ones. Yes, you will feel the difference between the speed before and after installing it.


The software also removes the extra icons from the desktop and menu bar. Moreover, the in-built feature of File Manager helps to delete bulk files. Eventually, there will be free memory in the system for new applications.


This is all about the best RAM cleaner for PC users for all the latest Windows operating systems. Thus, we recommend you download and install them for the best experience. Moreover, it is advisable to update the Windows to the latest configurations for better results.

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