Are you searching for the right blog post to show you how to watch Showbox on Xbox One? Wait, you are on the right page. Well, Showbox is an app that lets you watch movies and TV shows on your big screen. It’s free and available for all Xbox One owners, but sometimes we get stuck and search for it.

There seems to be a mismatch or incompatibility between the version of Showbox you have installed and the server you are trying to connect to. To resolve this issue, you have two options. You can either update to the latest version of Showbox or revert to an older version.

You can use the Xbox One Media Player app to watch Showbox on Xbox One. The Media Player app is available for free from the Xbox Store. Once you have installed the app, launch it and select the Showbox option. Today, this blog will briefly cover how to watch Showbox on Xbox One and common troubleshooting tips, like Amazon Prime video problems for Android, error messages, etc. We will discuss them in brief!

How to Watch Showbox on Xbox One?

Here are some ways to understand how to watch Showbox on Xbox One:

Create an account on the Showbox app

After creating the account, search for “Showbox on TV” and select the device you want to connect with.


When you are connected to your device and it’s ready, press the power button of your Xbox Controller on the screen of your XBOX One. We will help you if you search for how to watch Showbox on Xbox One.

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After that, subscribe to the following option in the Showbox app and enjoy watching shows or movies without hassle. The app allows users to download HD content so that they will also be able to enjoy watching their favorite movies and TV shows on Xbox One without any network connection.


You can stream free movies, anime, and TV shows from the Viewsters website or download the app on the Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox One, Apple TV, and Roku platforms. For example, to stream free movies on Xbox One via Crackle, head into the Store and choose the option “Apps.”

Install the app

As you can see, Showbox streams to your TV via Xbox One. Once you install Showbox on an Android phone, you will find the modern Android interface making it easier to navigate through the latest releases of movies and TV shows alike.


To install Showbox, you will need to enable Installation from external sources in the settings of your Android phone. Unsurprisingly, Google prevented Showbox from listing it on the Play Store due to its streaming piracy capabilities. However, you can still install the Android app straight from Showbox. A fun site. It means even if you are streaming or downloading a movie or TV episode, it will not count as piracy, as Showbox provides access to free legal content.

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Search Online

You can search online for How to watch Showbox on Xbox One. There are several apps for the iPad, Android, iPhone, PS4, Xbox One, smart TVs, Apple tv, and more. So whether it’s movies, TV shows, anime, or live television, using a few different apps accessible on the web for streaming your favorite content is convenient. 

cinema hd

Cinema HD is an excellent application for streaming favorite TV shows, episodes, and movies. Showbox on Xbox One is a perfect application for those who like watching movies, TV shows, videos, or cartoons online. Like Popcorn Time, Showbox is an app designed mainly for streaming movies and TV shows over the Internet at no cost. 

Google Play Store

Many users reported downloading Showbox or any other application from Google Play Store but needed help watching it on Xbox One. However, there is a solution to it. You can also use Showbox on your Xbox One, as you can install this app from other sources like torrent files, serial keys, and different apps but still cannot watch Showbox on Xbox One.

google play store

Showbox APK provides you with a wide selection of movies and TV shows. It provides this capability by gathering streaming links online and torrents. You can use various providers like YouTube, IMDb, TVRage, and more to perform your searches, making Showbox one of the best film apps for the Android platform. So go to Showbox and choose movies, TV shows, news, or your interest. 

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Common Troubleshooting Tips For Showbox On Xbox One

Let’s go ahead if you know how to watch Showbox on Xbox One. Please comment below if you face issues streaming Showbox on the Xbox One. There are times when the Showbox App Not Working problems occur, and this article explains how to resolve these issues. First, if Showbox apps are not working, try rebooting the device to see if that solves the problem. Another way to solve Showbox apps not working is by clearing the device cache.

Showbox Server Not Available, Showbox Video Not Available 

For this, trying a different Server is an error the user often faces while downloading or playing movies. This error is similar to the crash of the Showbox app.

showbox not working

This time, you must upgrade or install the latest Showbox apk. And clean the app data and cache of the Showbox app. If you are facing similar errors, clean the cache and application data for the Showbox application.

Error messages

One of the common problems that Showbox users reported to us is getting error messages like Cannot Play Video, Video Not Available, Try Another Server, Server Down or Not Available. The Cannot Play Video error is one of the more common errors encountered.


It is especially seen by new users who need to tune and configure their Showbox installation on Xbox One. 

Amazon Prime video problems for Android

Customers can experience Amazon Prime Video streaming and connectivity issues and encounter Amazon Prime Video error codes when trying to use Amazon Prime Video.

amazon prime

Here, we got this guide for problem-solving the most common problems and issues occurring in Showbox apps. The list includes PlayBox HD, Showbox, Movie HD, MegaBox HD, etc. Use this guide to solve common issues streaming Amazon Prime video on your device and problems downloading Prime videos on your phone or tablet for offline viewing.


Can you put apps on Xbox One?

You can put apps on Xbox Series X|S Console Apps.

Can Xbox One install Google?

Yes, Xbox one can install google.

How do I get Cinema HD v2 on Xbox?

Cinema HD v2 is an app for Xbox that allows you to watch movies and TV shows in HD. To get it, simply go to the Xbox Store and search for it. Once you find it, select it and then select 'Get.'

What apps can you watch on Xbox One?

There are a variety of apps that you can watch on your Xbox One console, including popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and Amazon Video. You can also watch live TV through apps like PlayStation Vue and DIRECTV NOW. If you wish to watch something that's not on one of these streaming services, you can check out the Xbox Video app, which has a variety of movies and TV shows to choose from.


This article on How to watch Showbox on Xbox One cannot solve every issue you may encounter when using Showbox. We did take a shot at helping you find solutions for some common issues reported by Showbox users. If you do not see the problem you’re facing listed here, look at our troubleshooting guide for the Xbox Series X. You can even check out the list of the most common issues with Xbox Live. It could be another problem on your Xbox One console, take a closer look, locate the case, and solve it.

Before you contact Microsoft to say that the Xbox One is broken, try these steps to resolve the problem. It may be a problem on the Xbox One, an issue with your Internet connection, or even something at Microsoft’s end. For example, if you are having issues playing videos on Showbox, downloading the MX Player should fix the problem.

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