In this article, you may learn everything you need to understand regarding Hulu subscriptions with Prime Video. Here, we answer your queries like “does amazon prime include Hulu?” “Can I get Hulu through Amazon Prime?” “What are the Hulu plans with amazon prime” and most importantly – IS HULU FREE WITH AMAZON PRIME? What if you can’t find the Hulu app on Samsung tv?

In reality, the straightforward answer would be no. Hulu and Amazon Prime are considered rivals in the digital streaming industry. As such, one cannot be bundled or included within the subscription of the other, and each requires a separate subscription.

Now, we shall understand what Hulu and Amazon Prime are all about.

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What’s Hulu All About?

Is this a very heated question today? Is Hulu free with amazon prime? It’s among the top subscription programs, proceeding against rivals like Netflix & Amazon Video. As long as you have Network connectivity, Hulu Plus can torrent films and Television series to your handset, eliminating the necessity to buy them outright. 

what's hulu all about

Hulu is a little trickier than other content providers, specifically if you have a Hulu Plus subscription. You connect to this cloud service on the device and begin broadcasting. Furthermore, Hulu + supports high-speed internet connectivity, allowing it to broadcast on-demand television series and films on portable devices, making it the best choice for lengthy leisure. Regardless of your selected package, you must complete a series of assessments before streaming on Hulu. 

About Amazon Prime

Including benefits for Amazon, users set Amazon Prime aside from Hulu and other streaming media providers. You can use its Prime Video services, savings, delivery service, and Prime 24-hour video logo Amazon Prime doesn’t offer its broadcast program, but it does provide it in the form of Prime videos. Millions of prime users exist because many people routinely purchase things on Amazon’s global store.

Is Hulu Free With Amazon Prime?

It’s understandable if you find the solution a little unclear. With an Amazon Prime membership, Hulu isn’t available. There is no synergy between Hulu and Amazon Prime Video; these broadcasters are separate.

However, as paid optional charges, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video offer access to more networks and memberships. Earlier, when channels were Nevertheless, each a premium add-on that may be accessible through Hulu Prime Video.

is hulu free with amazon prime

The most significant distinction is that neither Hulu nor Prime Video members can view each other’s exclusive content. These two services vary even if they have comparable qualities. Each is distinct; they are now tightly integrated because of many network subscriptions.

For instance, HBO material is accessible on Prime and Hulu- provided that you have a membership to HBO. Read this article to learn how to delete your HBO subscription in 11 ways. The same holds for identical memberships from numerous providers, including Lionsgate, BBC, Fox, and other streaming services.

Is Hulu Included With Amazon Prime?

Is Hulu free with amazon prime? This is the biggest question that our prime members have right now. 

Although Amazon Prime delivers various benefits, such as Prime Video, Hulu is an independent content provider providing an alternative to broadcast Tv packages. Users can’t access Hulu using their Amazon Prime membership, which isn’t free using Prime. Furthermore, while Hulu used to be free, you could only receive it for free if you initially joined because the initial month is considered a free trial.

is hulu included with amazon prime

After that, you can keep using Hulu and make a monthly or yearly payment. While Prime Video gives customers access to optional channels like Sundance, Espn, Brit Box, and much more through Prime Video, it doesn’t provide free access to Hulu at all.

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Comparison Between Hulu And Prime

To understand “Is Hulu free with Amazon?” we must compare the two streaming platforms.

Suppose you have not yet subscribed to either Hulu or Prime. You might wish to understand which is more efficient for you before knowing if Hulu is free with Amazon. You could reach a well-informed judgment if you look at both options.


hulu and amazon prime

For your favorable consideration, Hulu offers a variety of unique video content entertainment. Additionally, it features a few other independent prequels. Excellent original programming is also available on Prime Videos, amazon.

Although, you shouldn’t anticipate finding any of the creative programs that Hulu or another Chromecast offers as it is a rival of Amazon prime video. Know What Are Amazon Digital Downloads? Just by clicking here!

Ways To Use Hulu And Prime Combined

Though Hulu is not officially fully available via Prime Video, there seems to be a method to combine the two services.

You may already have a Prime membership with a Prime Fire Television or Fire Tv stick. 

ways to use hulu and prime combined

Create a Hulu membership for a free introductory trial version using either of these gadgets. 

You can deactivate it and remove the program from your smartphone if you’d rather not keep watching Hulu and subscribing to it after your trial period. Although Hulu is not accessible through Amazon Prime, you may still sign up for the introductory free trial period of unlimited access.

You can purchase a Prime membership, continue using Hulu while paying for it or do both. Speaking of membership, learn how to cancel your LA Fitness Membership Online

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If you have Prime Membership, is Hulu still accessible?

Despite being a top-notch product, Amazon Prime does not provide packages with Netflix, Foxtel Plus, Hulu, or another proxy server. Hulu does not offer Prime Membership. It would be best if you acquired Hulu individually to view the selection of films and television shows available to stream.

What is the price of Hulu with Amazon Prime?

Start watching hundreds of films and television shows, including hit blockbusters, new content, and upcoming programs. Use your preferred devices to stream without advertisements. Offer good for a discounted six-month- month subscription to Hulu (commercial plan) when an eligible Kindle Fire tablet is purchased.

Could I access Hulu without paying?

The first and most apparent way to obtain Hulu for free is the simplest, notably when you've never subscribed to Hulu before. Simply up for a Hulu free version program. The website provides a month-free Hulu trial for both the Hulu with advertisements program and the Hulu without advertising package.

Is Amazon the owner of Hulu?

Amazon competes for clients in each service category—movies and Television programs Amazon Prime and Hulu. Amazon does not own Hulu, and there doesn't appear to have any link between the two. The two do, nevertheless, include some glaring parallels and notable distinctions.


To answer your question, “Is Hulu free with amazon prime?” No, It is not! Hulu is not included in the price of Prime Video. You must subscribe to a Hulu membership to see Hulu’s original programs, and conversely. Only external memberships, like Fox or Premium cable, are accessible through any of the two viewing applications.

In this article, we covered all your queries, from “Is Hulu included with amazon prime?” to “How do I get free Hulu with amazon prime?”. Read about how to get HBO to go on Vizio Smart TV next. 

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