How To Add Apps To Hisense Smart TV? [Complete Guide]

The sales of Smart TVs have tremendously risen recently. These televisions are empowered to do anything. Playing games and watching online web series is something you can even do on this special type of television. It is like the replica of a mobile phone – what can be done on your mobile can be similarly done on this type of television. This article will discuss how to add apps to Hisense smart tv.

Download the application that you desire to use on your television. The procedure is extremely self-explanatory. It will seem impossible, but you will learn that it is not.

One of the major issues people face is understanding the downloading of applications on television. This is a little similar to downloading applications on a mobile phone. Instead of scrolling through apps, your remote control makes the process challenging. Since it is a developing concept, people find it challenging to still adapt to it.

This doesn’t mean you will never understand how to add apps to Hisense smart tv. Even if you do not have technical knowledge, you can do this instantly by following this article.

How To Add Apps To Hisense Smart TV | 3 Ways

Numerous techniques have been demonstrated in this article. Techniques that have been prescribed do not need technical expertise. Following the steps in the prescribed manner will help you to perform the process properly.

Using The Television

Knowing how I can add apps to my Hisense smart tv can be easily grasped with this method. There will be a home button on the remote control that you need to press. Once you locate that, press the button. After this, you will have to look for Hisense smart tv apps store. There will be an icon that looks like that. Here, you will have to choose the application you wish to download. You can do this by running a search for the app. There might be an instance where you might have to go to the Premium apps section. Using the cursor of your remote, you will have to redirect yourself. Once you get the application, you will install it by clicking OK on your remote.

hisense smart tv apps store
Hisense smart tv apps store

The internet service that you own will determine how quickly you can get the application. Once you click OK, the download will begin. Enjoy it once it gets downloaded.

Using The Assistance Of VEWD

Another way to sideload apps on Hisense Smart TV is to take advantage of a cloud-based application VEWD can assist you with. This application is a little less challenging to comprehend, so the method is easier to perform.

Utilize your Smart TV remote to head to the button that leads to Apps. You will see that the VEWD Apps Store is already present here. Reach that by using your arrow keys. As soon as you do so, hit OK on your Smart TV remote


At the highest part of the screen of your Smart Television, there will be an option for you to categorize apps in various other subcategories. Those can include Technology, New, Popular, and so on. From here, choose the app you wish for. Clicking the OK button will launch the app for you.

If you do not want to do this repeatedly, you need to categorize that app into Favourites. This is how to add apps to Hisense smart tv using VEWD.

Utilizing Google Play Store

There might be an instance where the methodologies above may not resolve your doubt about how to add apps to Hisense smart tv. You could try the final alternative. Making use of the Google Play Store might be the one for you. 

google play store
Google play store

Head on to that application taking the help of the remote of your Smart TV. Swipe right or left to sort the applications. Move down until you get the application you wish to download. This application should already be a part of your television. Once you locate that, you should click the OK button on your television’s remote.

Some permissions would have to be accepted by your television. Once you agree to all that, you can add apps to Hisense smart TV.


Learning how to download apps on Hisense tv is a simple cakewalk for you now. Make it mandatory for the technique to be followed. You can always use Hisense TV Users Manuals if nothing else works! 🙂

If you are familiar with the strategy of downloading apps on mobile phones, then getting it on your television is nothing to worry about. The problem is when the TV’s remote control replaces the mobile screen. This adds to the method becoming a little more challenging.

Smart televisions have thus developed themselves and introduced one of their models, a touch screen. You will find that you can perform how to add apps to Hisense smart tv extremely easily. 

Understanding the process will help you perform the process better. Make sure that time is spent reading and comprehending the different techniques. As soon as you read them, you know that this method is the easiest for you to perform. This is how you can learn how to add apps to Hisense smart tv.

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