Sports channels are among the most important segments of online media. Therefore, it attracts millions of watchers each day who want to know the latest news in every game. Live games are better as it feels like watching the sport in the stadium. There is no doubt in the fact that accessing sports streams live online is a difficult task.

Hence, you want some alternate solutions for the same. Many of you are aware of Kayo, which is a perfect tool for the job. If you don’t have any prior information, don’t worry! Today, we are here to discuss everything you need to know about using Kayo.

Also, we have some methods that will answer your question, “How to watch Kayo on TV?” It is better to read the blog until the end to avoid missing any important information.

How does Kayo work?

Let’s begin our discussion on the topic by having a basic understanding of the application. Kayo Sports is a subscription-based OTT platform that live-streams various sports and games across the globe. The platform is majorly available in Australia, the country of its origin where Stream Motion manages it.

Launched in 2018, Kayo became a massive hit in the region as users could now watch live sports at home. Also, English is the primary language of service that might vary depending on the channel you are watching. The best feature is that you can enjoy live sports anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t involve any pre-roll ads and keeps updated with new content.

kayo banner

If you have multiple games going live simultaneously, Kayo allows SplitView. It means you can watch up to 4 games simultaneously on the same screen. Watching key moments from a recorded game without spoilers is relatively easy. Therefore, you can binge sport with all conventions on your mobile or tablet. It even supports streaming on various TV screens using methods like Chromecast.

Kayo also provides a bunch of free channels under their banner called Kayo Freebies. The main aim was to improve the number of subscribers to the track. It will target games of A-League, Australian Diamonds, Mount Panorama, and others. You need to purchase a subscription plan that costs around $25 per month. Users can enjoy live streaming for 14 free trial days, after which they need to pay the charges.

How to Get Kayo on TV?

Now, the question arises, “How to watch Kayo on TV?” without any significant issues during the process. Well, thousands of other users are also seeking an answer to this question.

kayo on tv

The problem has several solutions, and we will discuss every method one by one. Make sure to go with the explanation that suits your requirement.

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How to Use Kayo on Fetch TV?

No doubt that Fetch TV users experience issues regarding how to watch Kayo on Fetch TV screens. But no need to worry as we have a simple solution regarding streaming live sports at your home. However, you need access to some tools and applications for the method to work. Before moving on to the steps, you need the following items,

  • HDMI cable
  • Working tablet or mobile phone
  • Kayo Sports Subscription
  • OTG-USB Adaptor

Once you have them, follow these steps,

Step 1

First, download Kayo mobile app, which is available on Google Play Store on your Android phone.

kayo sports app

Step 2

Log into your premium account by filling in the user credentials. If not, create a new account and buy the subscription.

Step 3

Next, please turn on your Fetch TV and connect it to the HDMI cable.

remote placed

Step 4

Plug the USB adapter into your phone or tablet and plug it into the other end of the HDMI cable. The mobile screen will appear on your TV screen.

Step 5

Finally, play any channel from the Kayo app, which will also be visible on the big screen. You can control volume ad contrast settings from the remote itself.

How to Chromecast Kayo on TV?

Chromecast is one of the convenient methods that helps you stream Kayo on your TV screen.

chromecast and remote

It also allows you to watch Kayo on Google TV as it supports Chromecast and other mirroring techniques.

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Kayo from Mobile

kayo play store

If you want to stream from your mobile, follow these steps,

Step 1

Download and install the Kayo Sports app on your mobile, then log into your account.

kayo sports app

Step 2

Activate the Chromecast option from your TV and make sure it is discoverable by other devices.

kayo in phone app

Step 3

Play the live channel from Kayo and click on the Casting button at the top right of your screen.

cast kayo tv

Step 4

Select the TV screen and establish a secure connection. Eventually, you will be able to watch content on your TV.

Kayo from PC

The steps for how to watch Kayo on TV from your PC are as follows,

Step 1

You need the latest version of Google Chrome on your PC or laptop

chrome logo banner

Step 2

Go to Kayo’s official webpage and log into your account.

kayo site

Step 3

Select the channel you want to watch and click on the Chromecast icon on the screen.

kayo channels

Step 4

Finally, choose a nearby device and enjoy your favorite sport on the big screen.


We hope your questions regarding how to watch Kayo on TV are resolved through our guide. It is recommended to follow the steps in the mentioned order.

Further, watching Kayo on TV may not work on older models or versions. Therefore, ensure that your TV is compatible with the latest configurations.

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