Presto is an Australian TV OTT service. It has millions of hit web series and ott content to binge-watch without ads. But do you know that you can steam Presto on Chrome cast too? Yes, you can! But how to get Presto on TV? Relax! We will be answering all these questions. This article will discuss all Presto on Chromecast and how we can stream Presto on Chromecast. In the end, I will answer some of the queries that will come to mind after reading this article.

Presto PVR is a versatile software that accommodates different TV standards, including analog, digital, DVB-T, DVB-S, ATSC, and ISDB-T. It also supports multiple video formats like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, and DivX. To use Presto PVR, connect it to a USB TV tuner device or PCI TV card that matches your PC and TV signal.

Presto hosts a wide variety of unique content from all the great movie studios worldwide; whether it be a series or that Marvel movie, you can watch anything from home. But until 2014, you can do Presto streaming on your computer only, and if you wish to see it on your TV, you can do so by connecting your HDMI cable. Seeing the gap, Presto partnered with Google, letting its viewer see Presto on Chromecast, a Google casting technology enabling you to mirror your phones and tablets on your TV. But how to stream Presto to TV? Let’s find out!

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Prerequisites For Streaming Presto 

You should have to check some prerequisites to stream Presto on Chromecast.

1. You should have a Google Chrome chromecast

2. An HDTV with an HDMI Port.hdmi port in tv

3. install the Presto Chromecast app on your mobile or PC system.

4. It is advisable to buy a Presto subscription, though necessary initially. You can enjoy the free trial Presto if you are new to Presto, but after a month, you have to upgrade to premium Presto. The premium Presto is relatively cheap; it starts at $9.99 per month.

After fulfilling all the above conditions, we should continue streaming Presto on Chromecast.

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Warming Up To Stream Presto On Chrome Cast

  1. Download the Presto application on your mobile device or PC systemdownload presto
  2. Install the app on your device and create your Presto account on the Presto app.
  3. Sign in to the Presto as a user by entering the credentials you have filled in when creating your Presto account.presto dashboard

After completing the steps mentioned above, you can stream Presto on chromecast.

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Steaming Presto On Your Google Chromecast

After completing the necessary steps, we are ready to begin the Presto Chromecast streaming guide.

  1. After downloading the Presto app, insert the Google Chromecast into your HDTV through your HDMI cast in hdmi port
  2. Now connect your TV to the device which has the Presto app installed.connect tv to ypur device
  3. Go to Devices and follow the prompts to connect your device to the TV.
  4. Open the Presto app after connecting your mobile device or computer to your TV.
  5. Ensure to have the latest version of the Presto app installed; if not, update to the latest one.
  6. Open the Presto app and login into your account with your login credentials.login
  7. Go to the menu option of the Presto app.
  8. There, select the ‘cast‘ option and select the Chromecast from the devices appearing there to mirror on.
  9. After selecting the ‘cast‘ option, a message will appear: “Ready to Cast.”
  10. Now select the movie or series you choose and stream it on your HDTV.presto dashboard

Now you can stream as many of your favorite movies and series on your TV directly from the Presto app on your mobile/tablet device with the help of Google Chromecast.

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Can you Chromecast live sports?

yes, you can Chromecast all the live sports channels like Ten Sports, Sports 1+, and many more and can watch the telecast of many live sports tournaments like IPL broadcast or you are the match of your favorite football match. Just install the Presto app on your mobile/ tablet and can stream them directly on your TV using Chromecast.

Can I cast my iPhone on the TV?

Yes, you can cast your iPhone on the TV, and you just need a Google Chromecast and Presto app installed on your iPhone. Go to the ios store and download the Presto app on your iPhone. Follow the steps above to connect your iPhone to the TV using Google Chromecast. After connecting your iPhone to your TV, stream anything of your choice from the Presto app directly to your TV.

Why am I unable to stream the Presto app on TV from my desktop?

You might have disabled Chrome's mirroring option. If you have disabled the mirroring option on your device, even after all the steps mentioned above, you cannot connect to your TV via Chromecast. Before streaming your Presto app from your desktop and even your mobile or tablet, ensure you haven't disabled the mirroring option on your device. So, go to your web browser settings, in this case, Chrome, and enable Chrome's mirroring option. The same applies to your mobile or tablet devices; go to the settings, then to the display settings, and tap on the mirroring option to enable screen mirroring on your mobile or tablet device.


In this article, we discuss Presto on Chromecast. We then look into installing the Presto app on a laptop, mobile, tablet, or desktop. Afterward, we go into detail about connecting the device to the TV via Google Chromecast, and we finally learn how to stream Presto on our TVs using Google Chromecast.

This guide is easy to follow, and one can effortlessly stream movies, web series, and any content of our choice from the Presto on one’s TV using Google Chromecast. 

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