Using robot are common these days. Once you know how to use and set up the Octave bot, commands are very easy to use. Reading this write-up will help you do that.

To activate GNU Octave on your machine, use Octave alongside referring to the GNU Octave instructions. Then, open the user-friendly query by entering the Octave in the address bar and launch the GNU Symphony by selecting the conversational prompt’s symbol in the programs menu. On how to operate Octave, refer to the instruction page.

Come on, let’s read in detail regarding the Octave bot commands. Here one can gain a depth knowledge of octave bot commands.

Octave on Discord

The person who created this Octave robot discontinued it after receiving cease from YouTube. Until the conclusion of September of this year, the Octave automated is no longer active. On September 21, 2021, Octave Bot’s Discord channel posted a notification about its demise.

octave on discordThe users of your chat stream may wait and play music upon adding this virtual assistant to Discord. The musical robot was developed by Dank Memer and Discord’s largest meme network.

Octave was a distinctive Discord musical robot with straightforward capabilities and instructions. Octave regrettably stopped working in 2021; thus, we need to find a replacement. Due to YouTube’s legal proceeding directed at the Octave bot, it is currently unavailable.

Ways to add an Octave to Discord

Octave bot commands usage is fun when you know how to use it. While enjoying the games, players may converse with one another using Discord. In addition to offering video, speaking, and textual converse, users can play songs from YouTube and Spotify.

Participants must be within the identical channel to include songs on the list and use the Octave robot to listen to tunes. Learning to integrate Octave into Discord is the subject of this article.

octave to discord The Octave bot request link may be utilized to add Octave to Discord. Select a server to utilize Octave by clicking the requested link, then provide Octave administrative rights.

This is how you can utilize the Octave musical bot’s remarkable capabilities & activate it to operate on a Discord channel.

Following an overview, let’s learn more about Octave and how to connect with the Octave robot to Discord. You can check out another website to learn more about adding a bot to Discord. And also learn about the best public discord servers to use in 2023.

We’ll also go through Octave’s amazing characteristics to learn how to perform tunes through it. To utilize Octave personally, read through each component of the tutorial.

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Octave Discord bot commands

Bot commands make our life easier when users understand technology thoroughly.octave discord bot commands You may also like to know about the Best Discord Bots With Advance Level Features. Here are some of the Octave bot commands that are very common.

Hydra robot

Users connected to the Discord service may submit tracks to the music stream using the Hydra robot. Using some easy queries, the Hydra robot may perform functions such as including tracks to a line-up or collections from services like Spotify or YouTube.

hydra robotThe Hydra robot has many functions similar to sound players and additional functionality like hold, restart, play, list, next, earlier, clear, leap, and mix that may all be used on your Discord account.

Visit: Hydra robot

Jockie Songs Robot Commands

Jockie Music is a musical robot for Discord that can be utilized for playing any track by title or URL. This is a complimentary audio bot. It may only generate money through its merchandise or Patreon page, which caters to users who want a more premium experience.

jockie songs robot commandsYou may invite four copies of the robot to the network using the Jockie bot. If you possess a Patreon account, you may have 5 (instead of 4) copies of the Jockie robot performing songs on various channels.

A full-of-functions bot, Jockie has an abundance of capabilities and commands.

Visit: Jockie Songs Robot Commands


Users connected to the Discord network can add tracks to the music stream using the FredBoat Bot. With just a few simple instructions, users can use the FredBoat Bot to include music to a list, add tracks from services like Spotify or YouTube, and more.

fredboatSeveral capabilities of the FredBoat Bot are comparable to those of musicians. Even more are available, including pause, restart, play, queue, subsequent, earlier, clear, leap, and hop, all of which may be used on your Discord account.

Visit: Fredboat

MEE6 Robot

The MEE6 bot has extensive functions, including building custom instructions, level positions and XP, moderate discussions, declarations, and visually streaming songs.

These capabilities provide Discord channel administrators more control over their growing user base and assist in keeping people interested.

mee6 robotThe MEE6 bot assists in controlling the network by silencing, kicking, or suspending individuals in accordance with the regulations established by the host server when discussions turn into passionate arguments that disrupt the interaction of the other users. This significantly contributes to keeping the Discord server’s functionality high.

Visit: MEE6 Robot

24/7 Music Robot

Users of the Discord network may upload tracks to the soundtrack stream using the 24/7 Bot. Using some easy instructions, the 24/7 Bot may perform functions like adding tracks to a list or mixes from services like Spotify or Music Cloud.

music robotThe 24/7 Bot has many functions comparable to sound players and additional functions like pause, return, play, list, following back, noticeable jump, and mix that are all usable on your Discord account.

Visit: 24/7 Music Robot

How To Use And Setup Octave Bot Commands

Octave bot in Discord usage is quite easy once you choose the bot and follow the tips. See some of the common tips here beneath.

Hydra Robot

Following are the tips for using the Hydra robot.

  • Sign up for a voice account. You can connect a speech channel by selecting the channels via a microphone symbol.use octave bot on discord
  • Sign up for the Voice Channel. The voice attached may be displayed at the foot of the right sidebar.
  • You only need to enter the track title in the Musical Request Channel to start playing audio.
  • To generate a queue, enter the names of every track you want to include, and it will be created for you.
  • To manage the line, utilize the emoticons below. The tracks in the queue can be stopped, resumed, skipped, looped, unlooped, shuffled, favorited, and canceled.
  • To manage the list of requests, use a variety of instructions with short wording, including next, stop, resume, and so forth. The web server supports the subsequent input phrases.

Jockie Music Robot Command

It’s straightforward to use the Jockie Robot in Discord. You must first request it to the audio channel where you want to broadcast the soundtrack to begin using it, following introducing this to your server.

use of jockie music robot commandEnter any Jockie robot instruction to summon it, and it will immediately begin operating on the audio channel.

But be careful—if you don’t interact with the Jockie robot after welcoming it to the forum for three minutes, it will depart, and you’ll have to request it again. One may get around this if you are a Jockie robot supporter.


It is quite easy to operate FredBoat Robot and perform songs via it. Follow the instructions mentioned above to incorporate this into the Discord group so you can begin using it.

The following step is to establish an audio channel following one uploaded to the server for Discord.

Select “Create Channel” using the right-click menu on the network toolbar. Select “Voice Channel” because the FredBoat Bot needs one to function. Offer your channel an identity, then select Create.

The Discord server’s Talk channel created. Here, users on the network can join, communicate, and additionally use FredBoat Robot while enjoying audio. The audio conversation immediately connects to audio channel when it switch.

how to use fredboat commandOne can connect the FredBoat Assistant to the audio channel by entering the word; join. Use the instructions above to begin streaming audio for oneself and the server following the robot signing up.

24/7 music bot

Using a 24/7 songs robot is quite easy. Select the Invite icon up top. After that, choose the server where one wishes to integrate the 24/7 Robot. Then Grant the 24/7 Robot the authority it needs to function effectively.

how to set up 24-7 music bot

Complete the verification question. Then Return to the Discord channel where the 24/7 Bot was added. The 24/7 Bot will be shown in the right column.

Click on the header “How to listen to tunes with 24/7 Bot,” where I explain how to use instructions to perform tunes.

Apart from music you can also add funny discord bots like Dank Memer, MeMez Bot, and many others to have fun.

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What are some most used music Octave bot Discord commands?

!bot, !help, !info, !ping, !invite, !uptime are some commonly used Octave bot Discord commands.

The Octave bot is inactive; why?

Should you experience this problem, examine the Discord current website. A total Discord service failure may cause it.

Utilization of the Octave Bot on the Discord Server. Discuss.

Verify whether you are linked to an audio channel upon the necessary service and that the Discord robot has been added.

Octave: What is it?

A high degree of encoded language is mainly used for mathematical computations GNU Octave. It offers the ability to conduct other numerical experiments and the computational resolution of nonlinear and linear issues. Additionally, it offers comprehensive drawing tools for manipulating and visualizing datasets.


Octave bot commands are of various types depending on your needs. Reading this write-up, you have an idea regarding the bot’s usage, adding the bot, and related problems.

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