How to Remove Redirect Virus from Windows

A virus related to a computer or mobile device is a malicious program that can infect the computer when executed. They can replicate themselves, modify or damage the files on the computer, insert its code in other computer programs etc. These traits make viruses highly dangerous to the cyber world. Recently, we wrote a guide on such similar virus i.e. Zeus virus. The article consists of proven tips to Remove completely.

A virus infection can have devastating effects on your computer, so it is always better to prevent a virus from getting into your computer system by using an antivirus or such methods. You can also know how to get rid of the virus without damaging other software on the computer. Here we will be looking a how to identify and remove redirect virus from windows.

What is an virus? is a browser hijacker virus that can infect browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and even safari. These viruses set the default search engine and the homepage of the browser to

This may look like any other genuine website, but is fake and even gives false claims such as improved search results and quick access to popular sites. The deceivingly realistic looks of this website cause the user to believe it is real.

The primary cause for the entry of this type of virus into your computer is the installation of bundled software. For example, when downloading and installing a video player software, this virus may come bundled along with the legitimate software and automatically installs into your computer without you even noticing.

Because many bundled installations do not give the exact details of the software in the bundle, this is easier to happen. This installation will change the default homepage and search engine of your browser.

This setting will not be changed even if you uninstall the main program that came along with the virus in the bundle. To remove this virus, there are specific steps that you want to follow.

Steps to Remove Virus

Using Windows Control Panel

Some components of the virus can be found in the control panel program list. These components can be easily uninstalled from the control panel.

  • Click on start menu and open control panel. (for older versions of Windows) For new versions, navigate to Windows homepage then search and open Control Panel.
  • Choose the ‘Programs and Features’ option.
Programs and Features
Programs and Features
  • Check thoroughly to find out any program related to the virus.
  • Click ‘Uninstall’ and uninstall the program.
Uninstall Program
Uninstall Program

However, this uninstallation would not remove the virus that has entered the browser settings. To remove that part of the virus, you must change your browser’s settings. Here we provide you with the step by step instruction on how to remove the virus from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Steps to Remove Redirect Virus from Google Chrome

To remove browser plugins

  • Click on the menu option (3 horizontal lines on the top right corner) from the Chrome toolbar.
Chrome Settings
Chrome Settings
  • Select More tools then open ‘Extensions’.
  • Check for the virus extension and delete all of them.

To change the default search engine

  • Click on the menu option and select Settings.
  • Open Manage Search Engines option.
Manage Search Engines
Manage Search Engines
  • Remove malicious search engine from the list.

To change the homepage

  • Click on the menu option and select Settings.
  • Under the ‘On startup’ option select ‘Open specific page or set of pages” and then click on Use current pages.
Open Specific Set of Pages
Open Specific Set of Pages
  • Delete the related startup pages on set pages.

Steps to Remove Virus from Mozilla Firefox

To delete browser plugins

  • Open the menu from the top right corner of Firefox Window.
  • Select the ‘Add-ons’ option.
  • Check the extensions and add-ons list thoroughly and remove anything related to or remove anything that seems suspicious.

To change the Firefox homepage

  • Open the Firefox menu.
  • Open options.
  • Select general.
  • Enter a homepage URL you prefer or click on Restore to Default.

Steps to Remove Virus from Internet Explorer

To remove browser plugins

  • Open the browser settings from the gear icon on the top right corner of the IE window.
  • Select the Manage Add-ons option.
  • Check the list of toolbars and extensions and remove anything that seems suspicious or is related to the redirect virus.

To change the default search engine

  • Open Browser settings.
  • Select the search providers option.
  • Select the ‘Find more search providers’ option and select Google as the default.

To change the Homepage

  • Open the browser settings.
  • Select the Internet option and then choose the general option.
  • Under the home, page field enter a preferable URL and then click on Apply.

Final Words

These are the step by step instructions on how to remove virus from your windows system. Even if you are using a different browser other than the ones mentioned above, the steps are almost same.

There may be minute differences in the naming and placement of options but the overall change is same. You have to find and delete the browser extensions or add-ons, then change the default search engine options and then restore the home page on your browser.

It is always recommended that you use protection such as an antivirus and firewall on your computer to avoid it getting infected as these softwares can easily identify possible threats. If you were somehow affected by the virus, we hope that our instructions have helped you to remove it.

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