This is like a dream come true, isn’t it? Wearing a formal government-authorized uniform equipped with a belt that holds kind-of lethal weapons, tasers, and whatnot. You guessed it accurately! I am talking about a police uniform. It was a dream of a majority of children to become a law-enforcement individual when they grow up, to maintain peace in the streets or to be the first person to reach a crime scene and investigate, mostly chasing after the criminal and catching him red-handed. Thus, you must know about the best Police Scanner Apps out there. Not just these, now you can scan your credit card with these apps.

All this accelerates the adrenaline, doesn’t it? Although some of you may have fulfilled this dream, many of us have not. This is when these police scanner apps come in. You can listen to thousands of stations, hear police conversations get to know everything that is going on in your city, and satisfy the policemen in you. Below listed are the best police scanner apps segregated according to iOS and Android.

NOTE: Before we go any further, please make sure that you are allowed to use these apps in your city, as they are illegal in quite a few of the cities.

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Best Police Scanner Apps You Can Use

Here’s a list of the best Cop Scanner Apps for your utility. They are reviewed along their features:

Scanner 911 (Android)

Scanner 911 is one of the best police scanner apps for Android, focusing on enforcing law and medical emergencies. Its user interface is easy-to-navigate with numerous features and customized settings. The strong equalizer and amplifier are built-in and work efficiently. Thus, you can listen to the radio background noise-free.

scanner 911

Other features of Scanner 911 include audio regulation, a sleep timer, etc. Moreover, it shows all the 10 codes to stay-put with the live action and current location. This lets users find scanners that are within a close range and even across the state.

Visit: Scanner 911

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Fire and Police Radio (Android)

The Fire and Police Radio is a highly recommended police scanner app, popular among ex-cops due to its wide cover range. You can get emergency alerts, live police radio channels with high-quality audio, and even surf the nearby localities. All of these features work rather efficiently throughout the country.

fire and police scanner

Moreover, the best part about it is the dark mode and the different code-pages meant for various departments of police. One can scan the vicinity and listen to the live updates of police action through this app.

Visit: Fire and Police Radio

Police Scanner Radio (Android)

Police scanner radio is one of the top-rated apps, which is why you find it in the first position. This application gives you access to more than 5,000 radio stations where you can hear live conversations between the police, firefighters, and other emergency services.police scanner

You have the option to choose from over 10 countries and listen to any of the feeds you like and be updated on the top news and actions of the emergency response departments taking place in different sections of your city/country.

You can get a normal version for free from the play store and upgrade it to premium/pro for just $3 and enjoy added features.

Visit: Police Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio Deluxe (iOS)

Here, we’re looking at Scanner Radio Deluxe. You can’t listen to every scanner out there, but it does give you access to a little over 6,000 feeds. One of the neat things it does provide you is a handy emergency guide, so you can kind of decode what police, fire, EMS, and dispatch are saying.

scanner radio deluxe

They have a sort of “code” that they follow, so this manual or guide will help you decrypt and understand what they’re saying. This digital police scanner app is available for IOS users.

Visit: Scanner Radio Deluxe

Multi-Channel Player (Android)

The popular developer BEROBO developed the Multi-Channel Player as a great police scanner app. It comprises 5+ channels to hear and experience the live-action simultaneously. However, the channels need to be compatible to your locality, all 5 won’t work everywhere.

multi channel player

One can observe the different radio frequencies in a single go. Although it works best in less-populated localities, the cosmopolitan areas, too, get audio-efficiency. However, extremely crowded and busy areas affect its functioning. Other than that, another plus point is that it not only works in the USA but in the mainland of Europe as well.

Visit: Multi-Channel Player

Broadcastify (Android)

With over 5700+ stations in use, Broadcastify accounts to be one of the largest scanner applications. You can choose your country/city and listen to unlimited feed from all the stations.


A feature that distinguishes this app from others is that you can create your account and save channels to ‘My favorite list‘ and listen to your chosen top feeds. You can even change the settings after logging in and make it more convenient to use.

Other than the police, you can listen to feeds from the fire department, aviation department, rail marine, and others. Thus it secures its place in the list of best android police scanners.

Visit: Broadcastify 

IScan Application (iOS)

As the name suggests, iScan is a scanner app for iOS users only. You can listen to police as well as fire department feeds in your country/city and be on top of things. This application lets you listen to feeds from all over the world.

iscan ios app

The best part about this app is that you get alert messages whenever there is an issue on the mass level. You will be the first set of people that know about the problem. Forget searching T.V. or watching hours of the news channel to assess the situation; now you and get updates on this app.

The app is loaded with a ‘night mode‘ as well. This enhances the visions and optimizes the apps used in the dark as well.

Visit: IScan Application (iOS)

Police Scanner (iOS)

Police Scanner is a free iOS application that is guaranteed to amaze you at first look. The design of this application is quite amazing and actually, provides a great experience. This application is very user-friendly and can be used by every person irrespective of the level of knowledge, etc.

police scanner (iOS)

The additional feature that you will get in this application is that you can record the conversations/feed that you listen to.

Visit: Police Scanner

Police Scanner+ Free (Android)

Police Scanner+ Free belongs to genre of free Police Scanner Apps. It allows you to organize your scanner nicely feeds to listen to. One of the neat things that this police scanner application offers is that it will enable you to listen to feeds outside of your area.

police scanner free

For example, you could be over in Seattle and listen to a feed over in Boston or New York City. It is thus one of the best Android police scanner apps.

Visit: Police Scanner Free

Police Scanner 5-0 (Android)

Police Scanner 5-0 is one of the oldest Police Scanner Apps that currently exists. You can listen to over two thousand five hundred stations (2500) or feeds and know the latest updates of departments like the police and the fire.

The application is also equipped with a GPS system which automatically detects your location and shows you the feed accordingly; you can disable the GPS and enter the location manually too.

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We’re looking at the 5-0 Radio Police Scanner app. This is one of the much-loved Police Scanner Apps, mainly because of everything that it covers. With this one, you can listen to police scanner feeds all over the world, even if you may not understand what they’re saying in some countries.

police scanner (Android)

What’s particularly helpful about this application is that you can listen to the police scanner feed minimized. Many applications will require you to have it at the forefront to continue listening, but this one will let you do other things while listening, too. You can, of course, look at the top 100 radios and edit favourites. There’s even support for the iPhone X.

Police Scanner 5-0 is a completely free application and is available on the Google Play Store.

NOTE: – A similar application by the name of 5-0 Police Scanner is also available for iOS users and supports all IOS devices.

Visit: Police Scanner 5-0

Citizen (Android)

Citizen does not exactly qualify to be called a police scanner app. But, it serves the function of a police scanner rather well. Being one of the best safety apps, it gives live alerts and even video-clip coverage of the happenings. Thus, it is a saviour in emergencies or calamities of nature.


Other than that, as a police app, it allows the user to listen to police action in the vicinity. One can even report crime-incidents with the click of a button and help the victims. However, due to its extensive features, its coverage is not as expansive as the others in the list. But its higher version is developing that will cover the minor areas as well.

You can block spam numbers annoying telemarketers, and unwanted people from your contacts through this app. It works in sync with Google Maps to give the exact coordinates of the number’s location. However, you are unlucky if you have an Android under 4.0 because it is only available in the better versions.

Visit: Citizen

Scanner Radio California (Android)

As the name suggests, Scanner Radio California is a unique one that only focuses on the radio feeds and frequencies of California. It does not use much of your battery life and easily operates without causing any lag or hassles.

The latest update of the application even save battery and enhances the performance of your phone.

scanner radio

There are a bunch of applications available on the similar lines, but the ones that are here are the elite of the elite, with millions of people using and reviewing them everyday.

Visit: Scanner Radio California

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What is a police scanner app?

A police scanner application allows users to listen to live audio broadcasts of police, emergency services, fire, and other public security radio communications. These apps provide real-time access to scanner feeds from various agencies, keeping users informed about local incidents and events.

Can I use my Android phone as a police scanner?

Yes, you can use your Android device as a police scanner by installing apps like 'Scanner Radio' or ‘Police Scanner X.’ These apps provide access to live police, fire, and emergency service radio feeds. Hence allowing you to listen to real-time communications on your mobile device.

What is the best real police scanner app?

The 'best' police scanner app can vary based on personal choices and location. Some popular options include ‘Scanner Radio’ and ‘Police Scanner X’ which offer a wide range of scanner feeds. It's advisable to read user reviews and try some to determine which suits your needs and provides a good coverage area.

Can I listen to my local police with a scanner?

Yes, you can often listen to your local police and emergency services using a scanner app or scanner radio. Many apps provide access to various scanner feeds, including local police frequencies, allowing you to monitor real-time communications within your area, provided the feed is available and not encrypted.


If you think there are other Police Scanner Apps that we missed/gives you a more relatable feel of an officer, do let us know in the comment section below.

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