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The IT sector remains the highest-paying job sector across all the fields. With hundreds of startups starting every year. However, not all of these startups end up grabbing a hold in the market. With the growth of the IT sector, there is a massive demand for qualified programmers and software developersOne limitation startup companies come across here is that they face more obstacles when hiring programmers.

A programmer working for a startup is a young individual, probably having zero experience in the field. If the employed programmer fails to fulfill his duties, it might take the startup downhill. Thus, hiring a programmer without proper care might be a bane for the startups compared to reputed IT companies. We hope this article helps you comprehend how to hire a programmer for a startup and the top 10 things you should take care of while you do so. 


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Know Why You Need A Programmer

The first step in knowing how to hire a programmer for a startup is knowing why you need a programmer. You need to identify the need for hiring a programmer for your startup. Be concise with your needs and requirements. 

how to hire a programmer for a startup
Identify the need for hiring a programmer for your startup. Be concise with your needs and requirements

If you can define your startup goals correctly, it will help you identify your requirements. You can thus be clear about why exactly you need a programmer. 

Have Clarity About Who You Need

Now that you have understood why you need a programmer for your startup, the next step in knowing how to hire a programmer for a startup is to be transparent regarding who you shall need for your work. There are different kinds of programmers, and you shall have to choose them based on your needs. Having clearly defined requirements will give you clarity about who properly fits into the role of a programmer required for your startup.

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Look For Candidates In The Correct Places

It is imperative to have good resources in knowing how to hire a programmer for a startup. Make use of LinkedIn, recruiting agencies, and social media, and use all your resources at hand to look for talent. Apart from this, you can also be a part of meetings and conventions that can help you come across some promising talents for your work. 

social media platforms
social media platforms

Look for Exceptional Talent

The next step of knowing how to hire a programmer for your startup is to consider looking for sensational talent for your company. Our IT market is filled with employees who stick to their routine and work their standard time, with no passion for fueling their work. Such ordinary employees are not what you should be looking for. Do not ever think of lowering your standards if you fail to find the candidate you have been looking for. Have faith in your work, and have patience. As mentioned earlier, looking for candidates at the correct places will help you tap into good talent soon enough.


Qualities To Look For In A Candidate: 

Apart from the basic requirements for every programmer, there are certain other qualities that every employee should have. Make sure to look for such qualities in your candidate. First and foremost, look for someone who is disciplined in his ventures. Your candidate should be good at time management. Look for someone who wouldn’t mind working overtime if the need comes and knows how to work with deadlines. 

Make sure your candidate grasps new concepts quickly and is a quick learner. Other essential skills that you should be looking for are a positive attitude, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. Your candidate should be a team player as well. 


Before The Interview, Prepare A List Of Things That You Want To Ask The Candidate:

As necessary, the candidate prepares himself for the interview; it is equally essential for you as the one hiring the candidate to be ready with a proper set of questions. Correctly arrange your questions and cover all the aspects that talk about the work of a programmer. 

Proper Shortlisting Of The Candidates:

Once you have given the call for interviews, the next step in knowing how to hire a programmer for a startup is to gather up all the resumes you must have received from this call. You will have to shortlist a few from all these resumes properly, and it is a crucial step. At this step, the resume speaks everything.

interview candidates
Interview candidates

So make sure you check out all the aspects of every candidate’s resume and pick out only the best ones.

The CV Is Not Everything

The CV resume is nothing more than a document that lists out what the candidate has got – his education, work experience, skills, and aspirations. When you have a one-on-one conversation with the candidate, make sure to ask the candidate to elaborate on the things they have listed down in the resume. 

Team player
Team player

In this way, you can understand if they are willing enough to take up the workloads that your company requires. Ask the candidate about their achievements and aspirations in life. Know about their hobbies too. Most importantly, assess their communication skills. In this way, you can know if the candidate is competent enough to take up the role and fulfill the company’s goals.

Look For Experts To Be A Part of The Interview

As someone with a vision and goals for a fresh startup, you might not have the technical knowledge required while assessing a candidate to hire them for the role of a programmer in your startup. In such a scenario, it is always a good idea to have a professional by your side who can help you know, with their expertise in the field, whether the respective candidate is fit for the job or not.

Having The Programmer Onboard

Now that you have understood what you should take care of before hiring a candidate and during the interview, it is time for the final selection process and having the candidates on board. It is crucial for you as a startup head to ensure that this transition of fresh programmers joining your company is smooth. Make your employees feel welcomed and safe. Start with more manageable tasks and daily targets


Once you establish a good line of communication with your programmer, they will get going with the ways of your startup, and everything will be appropriately aligned. 

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We hope our article has helped you understand how to hire a programmer for a startup. Make sure to keep all the over mentioned tips in mind while you are hiring one. We hope you now know how to hire a programmer for a startup, you can also understand how to find developers for a startup

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