Computing languages play a crucial role in developing various applications and tools that we use daily. There are a bunch of different languages that you can use for the job. C Sharp, commonly known as C#, is a name heard by every programmer. We find it working in various Windows operating systems, games, and software. However, you require a suitable platform to write and manage your coding files. So we bring you the best C# IDE to use in 2023.programming

This is where the role of IDE or Integrated Development Environment comes into play. You must have heard that every programming language requires a particular IDE for debugging and processing. Today, we are here to recommend some of the best C# IDE that you can use in 2023. Also, we have mentioned a quick overview of each tool to help you make the most optimal choice. Check out the best books on C# here.

Best C# IDEs

Let’s dive straight into our journey of the best C# IDE for your computer.

#1 Mono Develop

At first, we recommend you try out the Mono Develop application for your next C# project. The developers try to keep the user interface simple and effective for beginners. Users can choose from multiple code templates and snippets to save time in writing extended programs.

mono develop

It can even support gaming engines like Unity that are beneficial for game developers. The best part about practicing on Mono Develop is that you can even share the files with other platforms.

Features include:

  • Workbench with custom key bindings, layouts, and additional tools.
  • Support for many languages, including Boo and Java (IKVM) as separate add-ins and C#, VB.NET, and C/C++ support built in.
  • Support for type info tooltips and code completion.

#2 Atom

If you are a programmer who prefers both assessability and power, Atom is the best C# IDE you can get. It provides additional features like autocomplete, command palette, and even cross-platform editing. Users can easily arrange their projects and programs within a single platform.


Atom has various themes that you can select according to your preference and integrate multiple plugins to improve usability. It allows effortless C# editor debugging in Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.

Features include:

  • All of the ide packages contain autocomplete.
  • Grammar check:  The Diagnostics pane will appear when you click on the red exclamation point and yellow caution triangle of your Atom window.
  • Find All references display all of a class’s or variable’s references.

#3 VSCode

There is no doubt that VSCode is the most helpful C# IDE that you can use in the system. It offers various features to manage the entire code without issues. Also, VSCode has third-party extensions that will improve the overall usability.

vs code

Users can also efficiently operate other programming languages within a single application. The tool works on all platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac. You can download and install VSCode from the official website accordingly.

Features include:

  • Git, as well as other Software Configuration Management services, are simple to use.
  • Offers debugging and code restructuring.
  • It is simple to customize and extend this C sharp IDE.
  • On Node JS, Visual Studio Code runs smoothly.
  • You can modify the values in the drop-down that you can use to control various API calls with the help of Omni Sharp Server.

#4 Jet Brains Rider

Next, we have Jet Brains Rider on our list of best C# IDE that helps you program codes in no time. You can quickly run and debug large chunks of codes with a single click. The only downside of using Jet Brains Rider is that users must purchase the tool to work on it.

jetbrains rider

It is only actively supported by Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. However, a trial version is available for free with limited features to new users.

Features include:

  • The debugger access allows you to monitor, analyze, and run to the cursor and is supported with. NET Framework, .NET and Mono Core programmes
  • A stack trace debugger, VCS, NuGet browser, and database support are other available tools
  • Access databases with SQL without leaving Rider.

#5 Kite

Kite is one of the best C#IDE tool that allows you to run programs in 16 different languages. Therefore, you can code in any language of your choice and get the desired outcome. If you want to share the program, directly send it via email. Kite provides real-time suggestions to complete the code as you type.

kite coding

However, it is only applicable in Windows PC as per the latest configurations. Make sure to check system requirements before installing the IDE.

Features include:

  • Finish several lines of code at once.
  • When coding editors like VS Code are unable to understand the code, provide completions. Kite Claims VS Code Alone has fewer code completions.
  • Show completions more frequently
  • Work with code-completion tools from VS Code and other editors

#6 Code Maid

As the name suggests, Code Maid is another one of the best C# IDE to keep your program running in various conditions. It removes unnecessary spaces and characters that might create issues while compiling the code. Also, you can simplify complex algorithms and convert them into a readable format.

code maid

Only a handful of text editors can organize your entire program according to the suitable configuration. Hence, developers tend to use Code Maid for languages apart from C# IDE linux.

Features include:

  • Code Cleaning and Code Digging
  • Rearranging the Code as well as Formatting the Comments
  • Using the alphabet, sort the code in the highlighted section.

#7 Slick Edit

Slick Edit is another popular C sharp software for programmers who want the exclusive experience for their coding time. One of the best C# IDE on the market, it has intelligent suggestions to edit and rebuild your code from scratch.

slick edit

Once ready, click on the debug button to highlight prominent errors. You can run Slick Edit on Rasberry PI, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices without any effort. Although, the pro version of the software requires some additional charges to be made by the customer.

Features inlcude:

  • Analysis and navigation of symbols
  • Expanding syntax and indenting
  • Multiple selections and cursors
  • With Shelving, this product supports version control.
  • Provides integration with JUnit

#8 ScriptCS

Moving ahead, you can download ScriptCS for all your C# programs and codes. The tool may not be heavy at other alternatives but do the job exceptionally well. ScriptaCS text editor allows syntax highlighting and other useful commands. Users can load multiple JavaScripts and run them in a similar environment, making it one of the best C# IDE available.


Further, you can access the bootstrap platform to collect new scripts. Overall, it provides a better experience than using the same old VSCOde for your C# coding.

Features include:

  • Use your preferred text editor to write C#.
  • To manage your requirements, use NuGet.
  • You simply need one line of code to create and run an application thanks to the permissive C# scripting syntax.
  • You can use Script Packs to bootstrap the environment for brand-new scripts, which further minimises the quantity of code required to utilise your preferred C# frameworks.

#9 Notepad++

Notepad is among the initial text editors that any programmer uses at the beginning of their journey. Although, you get some more features in Notepad++ that exclusively runs in Linux and Windows environments. The text editor might be a small package but support multiple languages.

notepad ++

Users are only required to save the file with the appropriate extension, and the program is ready to go.

Features include:

  • For languages including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, syntax highlighting is supported in this free text editor.
  • Word completion and function completion are both automatic.
  • Both macro recording and playback are available.
  • Additionally, it provides folding and user-defined syntax highlighting.
  • This C# compiler works in a multilingual setting.
  • Provides a GUI that is customizable.
  • Support for b.

#10 Codeanywhere

At last, you can collaborate with your C# programs through the app called Codeanywhere. The working station is smart enough to run various codes in the available hard disk space. You can save this code on remote servers if you have urgent files.


The interactive console design helps you compile the projects and initialize various extensions. Users might need to move their files between servers to get the best output.

Features include:

  • With over 120 different programming languages
  • Completed code (js, php, html, css)
  • Linting (js, css) (js, css)
  • Numerous cursors
  • Zen coding assistance
  • Code aesthetics
  • Support for all devices and browsers
  • Edit files and folders by dragging and dropping them from your desktop.

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#11 Eclipse aCute

A language-based addon called Eclipse aCute offers C# and .NET Core development capabilities. It enables the allocation of resources to other linguistic features. For developers wishing to create their own personalised code editor, this top C# IDE offers fantastic capabilities.

eclipse acute

Features include:

  • Pre-written code templates.
  • The syntax is automatically validated by this programme.
  • Eclipse gives you the option of remote project management.
  • Windows is a supported platform.

#12 Rider

The IntelliJ platform and ReSharper function well with Rider, a cross-platform C# IDE. The design works with both the.NET Framework and the.NET Core.

rider ide

Features include:

  • More than 2200 live code inspections, as well as several context actions and refactoring, are available.
  • The editor can be divided either vertically or horizontally.
  • It aids in your solution’s visualization of project dependencies.
  • You may use this C Sharp IDE to deal with databases and SQL without leaving Rider.
  • Rider includes built-in support for TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Sass.
  • Platforms for Windows, Linux, and Mac are supported.


Is VS Code an IDE replacement?

Almost anything is functional in VS Code. Even while VS Code intends to be a 'code editor' rather than an IDE, you can install VS Code extensions to almost identically mimic the functionality of an IDE.

Does C# remain in demand?

C# takes the top four spots. A general-purpose programming language called C# was developed primarily to overcome C++'s shortcomings. C# has many different use cases because it is a general-purpose language.

Is Visual Studio superior to VS Code for C#?

In comparison, VS Code is quicker. Developers can utilize the free editor included with Visual Studio, but there is also a better, more expensive IDE option. VS Code cost nothing at all. The best and most sophisticated IntelliSense is used by VS.

Does Sublime Text work well with C#?

There is no support for C# in the NEEDLE, which in this case is Sublime Text. However, Microsoft has recently endorsed Sublime Text. Users of Mac and Linux systems must have Mono installed. You must have Python installed and in your PATH if you use Windows.


We hope you learn a lot about the best C# IDE through our comprehensive guide. You can learn more about the pricing of C# IDE from the manufacturer’s website. It is better to look out for each text editor from official sources. Also, ensure your system is compatible with the requirements of the tool before installing. 

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