Have you heard the stories of some of the greatest musicians’ beginnings in the business? It might be difficult as an independent musician to spread the word about your music to as many people as possible. Nowadays, there are many free music promotion sites for musicians to market their music online, and no single website will allow you to connect with every prospective fan.

The best free music promotion sites are Beatchain, Push, YouTube, Reddit, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, IndieSound, Facebook, Instagram, and Label Radar. To know about these sites in detail, keep on reading the article. Free music marketing is available in many locations. Yet, gathering them in one location might be challenging. To help musicians like you, we have collected a list of the top websites that provide free music marketing.

We want to hear your music and recognize how difficult it may be to launch a career on your own. Making your identity known on these websites will encourage people to pay attention. This list of free music marketing websites can assist you in finding the products and tools you require, whether you’re a musician seeking distribution or an aspiring artist wanting to get your music noticed. Get the top free music promotion sites right for you and your needs from our list.

List of Best Music Promotion Sites/s

Let’s examine some of the top free music promotion websites that might be useful.


A tool for indie musicians to increase their popularity is the Beatchain app. Their free plan allows musicians to monitor the statistics from their playlists and streams, provides information on the demographics of their fans, as well as a social media post scheduler and a constrained monthly distribution.beatchainYou get added benefits from premium plans like free distribution, branded smart links, and an immediate website. These sites to promote music are the finest option to opt for.


Push. Fm enables labels and musicians to advertise their music. Push gives you access to listening stats and data to know how and where your fans discovered you and how they like to listen to your music.playlist push Push also provides features like fan links to assist you in getting more followers.


One of the finest free music promotion sites is YouTube. Up to 1.8 billion users might be active on the network each month. It’s easy to set up a channel. You can find many instructions online if you need to learn how.

But this is where you’ll have to put in some effort. You must amass a sizable fan base. Do you realize how frequently vloggers nag viewers to subscribe to their channels? Bet that’s something you’ll be doing a lot of.

Compel your viewers to interact with your material due to the intense competition. Thus, use your creativity in your videos and prove your uniqueness to fans!youtube music

High-definition sound and graphics are required. The entire period of tension will have been worthwhile. The fans belong only to you because it is your channel.

You can make money even while asleep if you have many subscribers. It enables you to produce more interesting content. You may learn what you are doing well or incorrectly using the analytics.

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Forums for debate and community interaction make Reddit popular. Every topic you search for will get an answer. Moreover, musicians can advertise their songs on the music page.

Millions of individuals who enjoy music are what you discover. However, remember that you must give much more than uploads to stay relevant.reddit Networking and conversation engagement is essential. Building a presence will assist the community in getting to know you. Developing a loyal following on your social media accounts or website is an excellent approach.


The greatest music and audio platform in the world, SoundCloud connects artists with their followers worldwide. Yet SoundCloud is more than simply a platform to submit your favorite music; it also helps creators connect with possible collaborators and sponsors who want to support what they do best. This is one of the best music promotion sites for free.soundcloud

Even though it has been around for a long time, it is still an effective tool for helping you reach a broader audience with your music. You may repost other artists’ tracks on SoundCloud and request a repost in return if your SoundCloud account is connected to Repost Exchange.

You may gain a lot of play and exposure. Since both programs are free, everyone benefits.


You can find incredible new music on the well-known site Bandcamp while also directly supporting the musicians that create it. Many technologies exist to assist artists in connecting with their audience, managing their enterprises, and earning money.bandcamp

This is one of the best free music promotion sites. To share your tunes from your artist page on your website or blog, utilize the embeddable player.

You can establish a preset price for your music or let fans pay whatever they want in exchange for their email address.

The fan community is accessible, there are real-time statistics, the option to sell merchandise, and your profile is Search Engine Optimized to be found, among many other things.

They also provide a pro package if you want even more features. It’s an excellent all-around answer.


This is one of the best free music promotion sites. With the help of comparable artists, IndieBound enables you to post your song and receive free music marketing. The musicians will share your song on social media if they enjoy it. indiesoundUsing the fans of other artists to promote your music is particularly effective when using IndieSound’s strong Twitter integration.


There are many websites to promote music, but the biggest social network worldwide is still Facebook. This app allows you to convey the word about your music to many people with your originality and perseverance.facebook

You may build an artist page on Facebook to use for promotion. You may post your most recent releases and inform your followers about your activities and any new information. Also, share your playlists and integrate music and video in Facebook ads.

You must concentrate on organic development to get free music marketing; to do this, you must cultivate genuine relationships with people before requesting that they promote your music.

Of course, they have Facebook advertisements that employ the greatest advertising AI engine, but these are expensive.


Instagram’s over 1 billion user base offers artists a great opportunity to advertise their work. So, investing the time and effort needed to create and maintain a stellar profile is entirely beneficial.

You must carefully craft your profile. A profile picture that accurately represents your brand should be used. The accuracy of your bio should also be considered. You have 150 characters, so use them wisely and succinctly describe your music.

Choose the connection that is now most crucial, as there is only one place for one. To get around this constraint, you could utilize a program like Linktree.instagram

Use hashtags to help you connect with the audiences you believe would love your music. Put all your vital links on Linktree, then utilize the Linktree link in your bio. Each post should include 10–20 hashtags, ideally.

This is one of the websites that promote music most finely. Posts about your releases should be mixed in with those on other topics. Because you will lose followers, you don’t want to appear as spam. Also, know about how to Go Viral On Instagram.

Label Radar

Label Radar is a marketing tool aimed at producers and performers of electronic music. They have a pool of major and independent labels and many music promoters. You will receive 5 credits each month with the Lite plan, which is free.labelradar

One credit can be used to promote one tune. This is a great approach to promote your music for free if you play electronic music.


How is music marketing conducted?

Nowadays, there is much more to music promotion than just music. Everything else that can aid in creating a narrative around your sound includes movies, pictures, articles, playlists, sample packs, live performances, etc.

Can you market music without using social media?

Bet on your YouTube channel as an additional means of music promotion. Without using social media, YouTube is a terrific ally for promoting music. A music release might be made only by publicizing it through this medium. So be careful to consider the unique features of this platform.

How do musicians get more successful using social media?

One of the key facets of an artist's career is social networking. The ability to engage authentically with fans and other artists is made possible by a musician's social media presence, which has the power to build or ruin a career.

Can music boost retail sales?

Music may indeed boost sales, but it can also hurt them. According to several studies, listening to incorrect music has a detrimental impact on how people behave. Shoppers will finish shopping quickly without slowing down, picking up more goods, and departing without looking at other items.


It might be difficult as an independent musician to reach as many people as you can with your music. Nowadays, there are various options for musicians to advertise their music online, and no single website can help you connect with all of your prospective fans. Choose from the top free music promotion sites that best meet your requirements.

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