Suddenly, your Google Chrome won’t open on Mac. You’re not alone if you’ve experienced this annoying situation; many other macOS users have too. Fortunately, we are aware of how to fix it.

The top 5 ways to fix Google Chrome not working on Mac are Restart Mac, Reinstall Chrome, Run a Virus Scan, Verify to See If Chrome Is Already Running, and Delete Suspicious Programs. To know about these ways in detail, keep on reading.

Google Chrome is the most used web browser, but it can be difficult to use on Macs, so getting back on track is essential. There are various reasons why Google Chrome won’t open on Mac, and we’ll list the most prevalent ones below. Additionally, you’ll discover how to resolve the issue so that you may resume operations.

Why won’t Google Chrome run on a Mac?

Has Google Chrome’s Mac support been discontinued? The following are some potential contributing elements.

  • Outdated software: This is among the most frequent causes of Google Chrome malfunctions. It’s a good idea to download all of Google’s Chrome updates immediately.outdated
  • Glitches: On occasion, Chrome’s responsiveness will deteriorate. glitchdefaultThe issue could show up when doing a difficult chore, like watching movies on YouTube.
  • Extensions may be the source of issues: Although extensions are helpful, you should use them sparingly. safari-extensions-macIf there are too many, Chrome may cease functioning correctly.
  • Syncing across many devices: By avoiding the need for laborious logins, syncing makes it possible to access your favorite websites more quickly. However, Chrome may struggle to function at its best if it needs to work harder in the background.
  • Your cache isn’t functioning correctly: You could find that your cache stops functioning properly if you visit more websites and save more passwords.remove-cache-mac This can be one of the causes of your encounters with frozen Chrome on Mac.
  • Outdated Mac software: Chrome may occasionally function flawlessly, but your Mac’s software may not have been updated.update_not_found_ You can have PC performance difficulties if you don’t keep macOS updated.

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Top 5 Fixes If Google Chrome Won’t Open On Mac

Look at the top 5 fixes if Google Chrome is not working.

Fix 1. Restart Mac

Restarting your Mac is the first thing to do. Restarting your computer can sometimes assist with various problems, including Google Chrome not opening on Mac.restrart mac

Click the Chrome app to test whether it can normally open after restarting.

Fix 2. Reinstall Chrome

The Chrome installation may be incomplete or damaged if you cannot access the Chrome browser on your Mac computer or if Google Chrome does not function on your Mac. The answer is to uninstall Chrome from your computer, download it, and then reinstall Chrome for Mac.

  1. Select “Finder” > “Go” > “Applications.” To remove Google Chrome from your Mac computer, locate it and drag its icon to the Trash.

2. You can visit the official Google Chrome page after erasing Chrome. This page can automatically detect your computer system. To download the Chrome installation, click the Download Chrome for Mac icon.reinstall chrome

3. To install Chrome, click the downloaded dmg file and drag the Chrome icon into the Applications folder.

Fix 3. Run a Virus Scan

Some apps may not open or function due to computer malware or virus infestation. You should do a virus check on your computer using your third-party antivirus program.virus scan

Check whether the Google Chrome is not opening, operating, loading, or responding to the problem has been resolved after the malware scan.

Fix 4. Verify to See If Chrome Is Already Running

You can force Google Chrome to close if it’s already running in the background before attempting to launch it again.

  • The keyboard shortcut for bringing up the Force Quit Applications window is Command + Option + Esc.
  • Check whether Google Chrome is listed, and then click Chrome and Force Quit to shut it

You may use this way to force Google Chrome to close on Mac if it is not responding.

Fix 5. Delete Suspicious Programs

Google Chrome won’t open on Mac if third-party apps interfere with the Chrome process. Any questionable apps on your Mac computer should be removed.

Launch Finder. Apply by clicking. Check the list of applications you believe to be suspicious. To remove the software, perform right-click and choose to Move to Trash. When ready to empty the TrashTrash, right-click the Trash icon on the Dock and select Empty Trash.


Why does Chrome run more quickly?

Which Macs are Chrome compatible?

If you want to use Chrome on a Mac, you'll need: High Sierra 10.13 or later for macOS.

Why is Chrome on Mac so large?

There may be too many open tabs the reason Chrome takes so much RAM. To make some room on your computer, delete your surfing histories. Try closing any unused tabs to see if it helps.

What are Chrome updates' sizes?

Minor updates often only take approximately 50 MB, while the usual complete ChromeOS upgrade is over 400 MB. Devices get cumulative feature upgrades every six releases or roughly every six months if you select the Long-term support candidate (LTC) or Long-term support (LTS) release channel.

Is ChromeOS portable?

Operating system-wise, Chrome OS is a lightweight alternative to Windows 10, Windows 11, and MacOS. Because Chrome OS doesn't require a lot of processing power, Chromebooks can be powered by low-power mobile CPUs.

Is Chrome preferable on a Mac?

Additionally, Chrome is renowned for its quick response times and regular upgrades. Safari could be better if you value privacy and have strong Apple ecosystem ties. However, chrome could be a better option if you use many devices that run various operating systems and value flexibility.

Why is Chrome sluggish?

Chrome keeps temporary files in its cache by default for a very long period. As a result, the browser could consume excessive space on your hard drive. It may also significantly slow down the browser. Select More Tools and delete Browsing Data from the triple-dot menu in the upper right to delete your cache.

Is ChromeOS fast?

Fast and reliable is Chrome OS. Machines are frequently small, light, and portable. The battery life of Chromebooks is long.

Can I use Chrome on a Mac?

It can be a big issue because Chrome is known for using up all of your RAM. Consider switching to a different Web browser if you're concerned about maintaining your Mac's performance. The same applies to anyone trying to increase their laptop's battery life.

How big is the Chrome update?

About 50 MB are used during the first Chrome browser installation. The subsequent upgrades between each version are around 10-15 MB. 3-5 MB are normal patch update sizes. In most cases, updating from one major version to a subsequent, nonconsecutive major version necessitates a fresh installation.


You may take several actions to resolve Google Chrome won’t open on Mac problem. You ought to be able to discover a solution that enables your browser to resume functioning normally, from deleting your browsing history to reinstalling the software.

To solve the issue, try the 5 suggestions above. Please don’t be afraid to offer more effective suggestions if you have them.

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