A sixth-generation video game console called the Nintendo GameCube was created and produced by Nintendo and launched in 2001. Despite being a commercial failure compared to its rivals, the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, it had a substantial library of titles and a devoted following. Best Selling GameCube Games will leave you to spend time with them again. 

The GameCube sales number are- Units sold: Worldwide sales total 21.74 million, with 12.94 million sold in the Americas. 4.04 million in Japan and 4.77 million in other regions.

This article should be read since it thoroughly summarizes the Nintendo GameCube’s top-selling Gamecube Games. This article contains something for everyone, whether you’re a nostalgic GameCube enthusiast wishing to relive its heyday or an inquisitive player interested in learning more about its most well-known games. Let us look at the best-selling Gamecube games

The Best Selling GameCube Games are

Below are the most popular GameCube games like Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart: Double Dash!, Sonic Adventure, The Legend of Zelda, and more. Millions of copies of these games have been sold worldwide, and they are among the most well-liked and highly regarded games available for the system.

Even though it wasn’t as popular as its rivals, the GameCube offered a large selection of titles that its devoted fan base adored. You may learn more about the most well-liked and highly regarded console games on this page and how these games have affected the gaming industry. The list of Top Gamecube games is in front of you. 

Super Smash Bros. Melee 

Smash Bros is one of the Gamecube best-selling games. On the N64, the original Super Smash Bros was regarded as little more than an entertaining game built around an excellent concept before the release of Super Smash Bros.  Meleesuper smash bros. melee one of the best game Just over two years later; many fans believed that Super Smash Bros. would be the only Smash game.

Super Smash Bros. Melee captured gamers worldwide with its compelling fighting gameplay, demonstrating that the series could develop into much more than just a silly idea.

What could initially appear to be a surface-level fighting game revealed significant layers to its gameplay that sparked numerous real-world gaming tournaments. The game was a superb illustration of easy play that is tough to master.

In contrast to the original game in the series, which only had 12 playable characters and a few stages, Melee offered gamers 25 selectable characters, 29 stages, and a fantastic soundtrack. The fast-paced and competitive gameplay was also commendable.

Download: Super Smash Bros. Melee 

The Legend of Zelda

‘The Legend of Zelda’ Action-adventure game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was developed and published by Nintendo for the GameCube in 2002. Japan saw the release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in December 2002, followed by North America in March 2003 and Europe in May 2003.the legend of zelda

A departure from the franchise, the game takes place on a collection of islands in a vast sea. The player controls the series’ main character, Link, as he battles to control the Triforce, a sacred item that grants wishes while attempting to save his sister from the evil sorcerer Ganon.

Link travels the seas, discovers islands, and explores dungeons in search of the strength needed to fight Ganon, with the help of companions such as pirate captain Tetra, a manifestation of Princess Zelda, and a talking boat called the King of Red Lions.

A key component is the wind, which makes sailing possible, and one can manage it using the Wind Waker, a magic conductor’s baton.

Download: The Legend of Zelda

Sonic Adventure 2 

With the Sonic series, Sonic Adventure 2 premiered on the Sega Dreamcast gaming system. It comes under the best-selling Gamecube games. In the original game, the player could participate in two plotlines.sonic adventure 2 game The journey expanded with new multiplayer possibilities, improved skills, and unique characters. 

Additionally, it added 21 new two-player warfare maps to the mix. Even though some people thought the redesign needed to be more thorough, the game sold over 2.5 million copies.

Download: Sonic Adventure 2 

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Nintendo developed and released Mario Kart: Double Dash for GameCube in 2003. One can also use the phrase “Mario Kart: Double Dash.” Following Mario Kart 64, this title is the third home console in the Mario Kart series.

The Game Boy Advance was released in 2001, and Mario Kart Super Circuit followed in 2005 for the Nintendo DS. Mario Kart: DS was its immediate successor. mario kart double dashToad’s sister, Toadette, makes her gaming debut in this game. Rather than using sprites to represent the racers, it is the first game in the series to do so.

Download: Mario Kart: Double Dash

Pokémon Colosseum

Pokémon Colosseum is a role-playing computer game from Genius Sonority, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo. It was released for the GameCube; on March 22, 2004, it was released in North America; on May 14, 2004, it was released in Europe.pokémon colosseum

Colosseum allows the player to “snag” other Pokémon Trainers’ Pokémon instead of random encounters. The game also includes battle modes for single-player and multiplayer play.

The game’s setting is the desert region of Orre, and the player controls Wes, a former Team Snagem member. Wes’s sidekick and Shadow’s identifier is Rui, a non-player character. We use snagging to save “Shadow Pokémon” throughout the game.

Download: Pokémon Colosseum

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Which GameCube game is the longest?

The longest GameCube title is, by far, Animal Crossing. The most-played GameCube title is 'Super Smash Bros. Melee,' it might seem like it would take the longest to finish. Still, it only requires roughly 68 hours on average.

A GameCube game has how many gigabytes (GB)?

The GameCube Game Disc is an 8 cm, 1.46 GB miniDVD-based device that rotates at a constant speed (CAV). Nintendo picked it to prevent piracy of their games, cut production costs compared to Nintendo 64 Game Paks, and avoid paying the DVD Forum licence fees.

Do GameCube games work on my PC?

Have you ever wished you could play GameCube and Wii games on your PC? Dolphin, a free Wii, and GameCube emulator, supports most games on the Wii and GameCube. An emulator by the name of Dolphin can simulate your preferred vintage systems.

Can GameCube run on Android?

With the finest Android GameCube Emulator, it's not just possible but also a terrific experience to play GameCube games on Android. If you want to take this classic Nintendo system wherever you go, look no further! Of course, it's important to remember that Android offers more platforms than GameCube emulation.


Despite not being as popular as its rivals, the Nintendo GameCube had an extensive library of games adored by its devoted fan base. The above list is among the Best selling Gamecube games for the system that has sold the most copies.

These titles are among GameCube’s most well-liked and highly regarded, having sold millions of units globally. Despite the console’s economic failure, it significantly impacted the gaming industry thanks to its extensive game library.

Remember that these best Gamecube games are global sales numbers and that the order may change based on the area.

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