Division 2 is a popular online shooter game that has been a hit among players since its release. One of the game’s features is the Ruthless upgrade, which allows players to upgrade their weapons to increase their power and effectiveness. Upgrading weapons in Division 2 can be complex and challenging, but with the right guide and tips, players can learn how to upgrade their weapons to become the ultimate weapon of destruction. This article gives you a detailed walkthrough of the weapon upgrading process for the Division 2 ruthless upgrade.

Upon reaching Level 30 and advancing to World Tier 1, your Item Level will be substituted with Gear Score, which measures your gear’s combined power and quality as a tangible and comparable number, with a maximum value of 515. Upon reaching Level 40, Gear Score will be replaced with SHD Levels.

Division 2 has introduced a new upgrade system called the “Ruthless” upgrade. This upgrade allows players to increase the damage of their weapons. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on upgrading to Ruthless Division 2, ensuring that players can take their gameplay to the next level and easily defeat their enemies.

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How to upgrade Ruthless Division 2

The Division 2 Ruthless Upgrade offers players a unique and powerful exotic rifle called the Ruthless, an upgraded version of the existing Merciless rifle.division cover pic

To obtain the Ruthless, players must first have a Merciless rifle with a gear score of 250. This article will discuss the steps required to upgrade to Ruthless in Division 2. Check this out to solve division crashes on launch.

Obtain a Merciless Rifle

You can obtain the exotic rifle known as The Merciless by completing the Grand Washington Hotel mission on any difficulty setting.merciless rifle

The first step to upgrading to the Ruthless is to have a Division 2 Merciless score 250 rifles. You must first obtain a Merciless rifle if you still need one. You can work to upgrade to the Ruthless once you have the Merciless.

Complete the Required Challenges

Players have to complete several tasks to advance to the Ruthless. Players must use the Merciless in various ways and on multiple missions to complete these tasks. 

The challenges may seem overwhelming, but they can be overcome with enough perseverance and effort. Finish your challenges by fixing the division black screen error

Challenge 1: Kill 300 Enemies using the Merciless

The first challenge is to kill 300 enemies with the Merciless. This reasonably easy challenge requires players to use the Merciless to finish various missions, tasks, and global events.kill score

Players can advance more quickly by concentrating on areas with many enemies, such as control points, bounties, and challenging missions.

Challenge 2: Complete Five Invaded Missions with the Merciless

Some of the most challenging missions in the game are the invaded ones, so to find success, players must be well-equipped and ready. The second challenge requires players to complete five invaded missions with the Merciless equipped.invaded mission page

The invaded missions rotate every week, and players can use matchmaking or play with friends to increase their chances of success.

Challenge 3: Kill Ten Named Hyena Bosses with the Merciless

The third challenge requires players to kill ten named Hyena bosses with the Merciless. This challenge requires players to explore the game world and complete missions that have Hyena bosses as targets.hyena boss

Players should check their map and look for activities, bounties, and missions that have Hyenas as the main enemy faction.

Challenge 4: Complete the Roosevelt Island Mission on Challenging Difficulty

The final challenge is the toughest of all. The Merciless must be equipped for Roosevelt Island, a mission of challenging difficulty.roosevelt island

Completing this mission is one of the hardest in the game, which requires players to be well-equipped and prepared. But after you finish this task, you will finally have access to the Ruthless.

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Upgrade the Merciless to Ruthless

Once players have completed all four challenges, they can upgrade their Merciless to Ruthless by visiting the crafting bench. Get a great gaming experience by solving Division 2 sound issue.merciless to ruthless

The upgrade requires some materials, but it is well worth the effort. The Ruthless has improved stats and new perks, making it a formidable game weapon.


What is the Ruthless upgrade in Division 2?

The Ruthless upgrade is an exotic rifle that players can obtain by upgrading their Merciless rifle, which is a rifle that can be obtained by completing the Grand Washington Hotel mission on any difficulty level.

Do I need a specific gear score to upgrade to the Ruthless?

To upgrade to the Ruthless, players must have a Merciless rifle with a gear score of 250.

What are the challenges required to upgrade to the Ruthless?

Before upgrading to the Ruthless, players must complete four challenges that call for using the Merciless in various capacities and on various missions. These tasks include defeating 300 enemies while using the Merciless, finishing Roosevelt Island on challenging difficulty while using the Merciless, defeating 10 named Hyena bosses while using the Merciless, and completing 5 invaded missions while using the Merciless.

Can you complete the challenges in any order?

You can finish the challenges in whichever order you prefer, yes.

How do I get the Division 2 Ruthless upgrade?

In Division 2, players can upgrade the Ruthless, an exotic assault rifle, to further increase its functionalities. You must first obtain the weapon to unlock the Ruthless upgrade. Then you must meet a set of criteria, such as finishing a set number of missions or taking down a certain amount of foes.

Is it possible to obtain the Ruthless without completing the challenges?

No, players must complete the challenges to upgrade to the Ruthless.

What advantages do Ruthless upgrades offer?

The Ruthless offers players unique abilities and perks to help them succeed in the game's toughest challenges. The Ruthless is a powerful and unique weapon worth the effort to upgrade.

Is it worthwhile to upgrade to Ruthless?

The Ruthless upgrade may or may not be worthwhile, depending on your preferences and playstyle. The Ruthless is one of the most potent weapons in the game for players who like to use assault rifles, and the upgrade can make it even more useful in combat. Although the upgrade process can be time-consuming and difficult, it's important to consider whether the advantages outweigh the time and resource costs.

How do I obtain a Merciless score of 250 rifles?

Players can obtain a Merciless rifle with a score of 250 by completing the Grand Washington Hotel mission on any difficulty level.


In conclusion, upgrading to the Ruthless in Division 2 offers a satisfying challenge for players seeking to enhance their firepower. The process may require patience and dedication, but the rewards are worth it. By following the necessary steps and putting in the effort, players can gain a powerful new weapon to help them conquer even the most formidable opponents.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, give it a shot! The four challenges required to upgrade to the Ruthless are tough but achievable, and they will keep players engaged and interested in the game for many hours. With the Ruthless, players will have a powerful and unique weapon that will help them succeed in some of the game’s toughest challenges.

The Division 2 Ruthless Upgrade offers players exciting perks and a new way to enjoy the game, and it’s worth the effort to upgrade to the Ruthless.

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