VIN, i.e., Vehicle Identification Number, is a 17-digit unique number or code used to identify vehicles and differentiate them from one another, just like every human has their Aadhar card number, which distinguishes one from another.

The Dodge VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) configuration comprises the following elements:

1. The first three characters represent the Manufacturer Identifier.
2. The fourth character designates the Restraint System.
3. Characters five to seven indicate Make/Model/Series/Body Type.
4. The eighth character signifies the Engine.
5. The ninth character is the Check Digit.
6. Character number ten specifies the Model Year.
7. The eleventh character denotes the Assembly Plant.
8. Characters twelve to seventeen encompass the Sequential Production Numbers.

If you decode a VIN, you can instantly obtain a vehicle’s information, like its engine specifications, safety equipment, build sheets, style and trim, technical specifications, etc. The decoding can provide excellent news that the naked eye cannot see. It is also valuable for determining any crime that has taken place. For example – the police can use it to check whether the car has been stolen. And if in case, it gets stolen, can help you stay safe. There is a procedure to decode the VIN of any vehicle. Here we will be reviewing the 10 Best Dodge VIN Decoder Tools.

Procedure to Decode the VIN Number

VIN comprises critical information about the car, for example- the date of manufacture, year of production, the name of the manufacturing plant and similar details, the type of engine, etc. It is beneficial as it has global recognition with an online database. Before buying, you can check whether the vehicle is stolen, damaged, or modified, and thus, verify the validity of the automobile because, by law, every car/jeep/truck needs to have a mandatory VIN, the location of which is usually under the lower left-hand side of the windshield.

Let’s quickly check how to read vin numbers dodge

  1. Place 1: Is about the origin country
  2. Places 2-3: details about the manufacturer.
  3. Places 4–8: vehicle-specific data.
  4. Place 9 is about the VIN check digit.
  5. Place 10: model year.
  6. Place 11: Asks about the assembly plant.
  7. Places 12-17: Detail about vehicle serial number.

The country, i.e., the place of origin of the vehicle, can be found by reading the first digit of the VIN. If the first digit is 1 or 4, the vehicle manufacturer was in the USA, 2 – Canada, 3- Mexico, etc. The second digit represents the manufacturer code. A – Audi, B – BMW, C – Chrysler, number of car

The third digit shows the division within the manufacturer; once the second digit has determined the manufacturer, the third digit comes to light. For example – the first digit was 1, which means that the manufacturing happens in the USA. The second digit was G stating that the manufacturer was General Motors.

The third digit options can be 1 – Chevy car, C – Chevy truck, N – Chevy SUV, etc. Suppose the third digit was 1; this means that General Motors made the vehicle in the USA, and is a Chevy car. Thus, it is essential to learn the VIN.

The fourth digit tells you the gross vehicle weight. The fifth digit determines the vehicle line., for example – a sedan Neon. Checking the sixth digit of the VIN, you can learn the model series.

The seventh digit tells you the vehicle’s body type; the eighth specifies the motor size. The ninth digit is called the ‘check digit’ as it varies for every year, make, and model. Seeing the tenth digit, you can determine the year of manufacture. The eleventh tells the manufacturing plant details and so forth.

Best Free Dodge VIN Decoder Tools

You can find several types of VIN decoders, such as Chevy VIN Decoder, Ford, BMW & many more. There are various websites and tools to decode the Dodge VIN. Some of the most commonly used tools for Dodge VIN search are as follows:


VINDecoderz is one of the largest covering decoders online. Not only Dodge but it has a database of other automobile companies as well. The Dodge VIN lookup is essential, giving a detailed account of your car or even the vehicle you wish to buy.vindecoderz

One must check and study all the details before buying, right? Who knows if the car you’re eyeing is blacklisted!

So VINDecoderz is a free online website that gives a complete account on your search for a VIN. After that, you will get all the information on the manufacturer, registry of the vehicle, its year of manufacture, model number, horsepower, etc. This helps you know your car better and prevents auto-mobile theft crimes and even illegal modifications.

Since, nowadays, every automobile company is obliged to keep a record of their vehicles, VINDecoderz has a database of all the legally procured ones.

The ISO gave the format for this in legal terms. Moreover, this website provides a complete guide about your specific model Dodge, its parts, repair date, warranty, etc, through VIN.

Visit: VINDecoderz


FaxVIN is a wholesome guide for those new to the concept of VIN, how it works, and where to find it. Imagine if you just bought a new car, your forever-favorite one – a stunning Dodge. But, you know it has been illegally procured or is not the real deal. That would be a real bumpy ride!faxvin

You must check your car with the VIN to prevent such a mishap. FaxVIN here gives a comprehensive guide to the different models of Dodge. Where to find the VIN with respect to the model?

What details will you get which are essential for your knowledge and the next steps? For instance, the Caliber has the number plate at the bottom of the back engine, leaning toward the left side.

Moreover, this free website also has tools to check your Dodge truck. It gives a list of sample VINs you can relate to your car. Feed in the correct VIN and get all the known details of your Dodge automobile.

Visit: FaxVIN

VINFree Check

VinFree Check, as the name suggests, is a literal free VIN checker for your vehicle. Dodge, a vast market worldwide in Canada, the USA, Western Europe, etc., produces quality vehicles that have never missed a VIN check.

vinfree check

Yet, if you want to know your dream car well, you can easily retrieve all the details about your Dodge truck, sedan, SUV, etc, on this website. It has an entire chart-wise list of the model of the car and its VIN’s location.

You can navigate your way to find your Dodge in the list, cross-check the VIN and get a full report on your car.

The model specifications, modifications, vehicle history, records, etc., will all be shown to you afterward. Dodge has grown up to be a popular name for producing performance models. All of its information is on this online database, as VINFreeCheck compiles data from multiple sources, including the Dodge official website.

Visit: VinFree Check


This website offers a platform through which you can use Dodge VIN Decoder services for free. Using this site, you can retrieve a wide range of data such as engine specifications, color codes, safety equipment, build sheet, and various other features usually found in a car in one place to suit your needs.


You do not have to go from one place to another to obtain knowledge about a particular vehicle; you need to know the VIN of that specific automobile.

Visit: YouCanic

Dodge Forum

This is another helpful website that helps in decoding the Dodge VIN codes and is specially made as a Dodge VIN search tool.

Dodge Forum

The vehicle is easy to look up; thus, it becomes necessary for all Dodge owners worldwide to go to this website and utilize this tool to the fullest.

Visit: Dodge Forum

VIN Check Pro

This is another free website through which you can select your Dodge model and obtain the desired vehicle information.

VIN Check Pro

For example – the history of accidents, total loss records, flood records, structural damage, theft history, mechanical maintenance, estimated odometer mileage, safety ratings, environmental score, defects, etc.

Visit: VIN Check Pro


SafeCar was established soon after the law for compulsory VIN was approved. Thus any car bought after the 1980s is bound to have a set unique VIN.  This VIN search tool is safe and has government recognition.vinrcl.safecar

It gives complete information from the past 25 years of records, covering almost all automobile manufacturers worldwide. It can even recognize your motorcycle or bike if you have one!

This website covers all brands, such as Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ferrari, Ducati, Ford, and our favorite Dodge. The website, as its name suggests, aims to provide you with all the details about your car to ensure the safety and legal compliance of the vehicle.

Visit: SafeCare

Islington Chrysler

Though the name suggests that this website decodes only Chrysler automobiles, that is untrue. It can solve the VIN of Dodge, RAM, Jeep, or Chrysler.islington chrysler

It offers a wide range of options. All you need to do is enter the VIN of your Dodge automobile in the given box and sit back, relax, and wait till the website brings to light all the details regarding the vehicle.

Visit: Islington Chrysler


The official website of Dodge is also a Dodge VIN Decoder tool. The official site of the automobile company is naturally one of the most trusted means to decode the Dodge VIN and find out the necessary and required

A company’s website gives you an accurate and fair view of the vehicles it produces because of being the manufacturer. It is their duty and responsibility to ensure that all their automobiles have a VIN. Moreover, they keep track of them thus acting as a Dodge VIN Decoder tool.

Visit: Dodge Official


What information can I obtain with a Dodge VIN decoder?

A Dodge VIN decoder can provide details about a vehicle, including the manufacturer, model, year of production, engine type, transmission, trim level, standard and optional equipment, and sometimes even information about past accidents or vehicle recalls.

Can a Dodge VIN decoder provide vehicle history reports?

Some Dodge VIN decoders may provide limited vehicle history information, such as accident records or previous ownership details. However, for comprehensive vehicle history reports, it is recommended to use dedicated services like Carfax or AutoCheck, which compile data from various sources and provide detailed reports on a vehicle's accident history, mileage, title status, and other important factors that can influence its value and reliability.

Are Dodge VIN decoders free to use?

Many essential Dodge VIN decoder tools or websites are free to use and provide critical information about a vehicle's specifications. However, paid services may be available if you require more comprehensive reports or detailed vehicle history information. Exploring different options and considering your specific needs is essential when choosing a Dodge VIN decoder tool or service.

Can a Dodge VIN decoder verify if a vehicle is stolen?

While a Dodge VIN decoder can provide some information about a vehicle, it is not specifically designed to verify if a vehicle is stolen.

Can a Dodge VIN decoder provide information about recalls?

Yes, a Dodge VIN decoder can often provide information about recalls issued by the manufacturer. It can identify if a vehicle is subject to any outstanding recalls and provide details about the specific recall campaign, including the nature of the issue, potential risks, and recommended actions.

Is it possible to decode VINs for older Dodge vehicles?

Is it possible to decode VINs for older Dodge vehicles? Yes, a Dodge VIN decoder can typically decode VINs for older vehicles. However, the level of detail and available information may vary depending on the age of the car and the data sources used by the decoder tool or service.


The tools mentioned above are the best and most trusted Dodge VIN Decoder tools and should, therefore, be used by you whenever you are in need. The VIN of a vehicle holds a lot of importance. Thus, ensure you verify your VIN to maintain your royal vehicle!

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