6 Best Free Dodge VIN Decoder Tools


VIN, i.e., Vehicle Identification Number is a 17 digit unique number or code which is used to identify the vehicles and differentiate them from one another just like every human being has his/ her Aadhar card number which distinguishes one from another. VIN comprises critical information about the car, for example- the date of manufacture, year of production, the name of the manufacturing plant and similar details, the type of engine, etc. It is beneficial as it has a global recognition with an online database. Before buying, you can check whether the vehicle is stolen, damaged or modified, and thus, verify the validity of the automobile because, by law, every car/jeep/truck needs to have a mandatory VIN, the location of which is usually under the lower left-hand side of the windshield.

If you decode a VIN, you can obtain a vehicle’s information instantly like its engine specifications, safety equipment, build sheets, style and trim, technical specifications, and so on. The decoding can provide you with excellent information, which cannot be seen from the naked eye. It is also useful in determining any crime that has taken place, for example – the police can use it to check whether the car has been stolen or not. There is a procedure to decode the VIN of any vehicle.

Procedure to Decode the VIN Number

The country, i.e., the place of origin of the vehicle can be found by reading the first digit of the VIN. If the first digit is 1 or 4, it means that the manufacture of the vehicle was in the USA, 2 – Canada, 3- Mexico and so on. The second digit represents manufacture code. A – Audi, B – BMW, C – Chrysler, etc.

The third digit shows the division within the manufacturer, once the second digit has determined the manufacturer; the third digit comes to light. For example – the first digit was 1 which means that the manufacturing happened in the USA, the second digit was G stating that the manufacturer was General Motors, the third digits options can be1 – Chevy car, C – Chevy truck, N – Chevy SUV, etc. Suppose the third digit was 1, this means that the vehicle is made in the USA by General Motors and is a Chevy car. Thus, it is essential to learn the VIN.

The fourth digit tells you the gross vehicle weight. The fifth digit determines the vehicle line., for example – a sedan Neon. Checking the sixth digit of the VIN, you can learn the series of the model. The seventh digit tells you the body type of the vehicle; the eighth specifies the motor size. The ninth digit is called ‘check digit’ as it varies for every year, makes and model. Seeing the tenth digit, you can determine the year of manufacture. The eleventh tells the manufacturing plant details and so on and so forth.

Dodge VIN Decoder Tools

You can find several types of VIN decoders such as Chevy VIN Decoder, Ford, BMW & many more. There are various websites and tools to decode the Dodge VIN. Some of the most commonly used tools for Dodge VIN Decoder are as follows:


This website offers a platform through which you can use Dodge VIN Decoder services for free. By using this site, you can retrieve a wide range of data such as the engine specifications, color codes, safety equipment, build sheet and various other features that are usually found in a car at one place to suit your needs.

You do not have to go about from one place to another to obtain knowledge about a particular vehicle; you just need to know the VIN of that specific automobile.

Dodge VIN Decoder

This website is a Dodge VIN Decoder tool, and is a fantastic resource. It enables you to access the online database of the automobiles so that you can learn about the different specifications of that particular vehicle. It can help to verify a specific vehicle’s details and to find the life history of that automobile.

Knowing the life history of a car or jeep or truck, etc. is very crucial before you buy it. In today’s world, trust is the most prominent issue. The shopkeepers would exaggerate and lie to sell their things, advertising is delusional, and promises never kept. Among these lies, if you want to buy a car, you should verify its details with a Dodge VIN Decoder tool before signing the deal and buying a Dodge automobile.

Dodge Forum

This is another useful website that helps in decoding the Dodge VIN codes and is specially made as a Dodge VIN Decoder tool. The details of the vehicle are easy to look up and thus; it becomes a necessity for all the Dodge owners in the world to go to this website and utilize this tool to the fullest.

VIN Check Pro

This is another free website through which you can select your Dodge model and can obtain the desired information about the vehicle. For example – the history of accidents, total loss records, flood records, structural damage, theft history, mechanical maintenance, estimated odometer mileage, safety ratings, environmental score, defects, etc.

Islington Chrysler

Though the name suggests that this website decodes only Chrysler automobiles, but that is not the case. It can decode the VIN of dodge, RAM, Jeep or Chrysler. It offers a wide range of options. All you need to do is enter the VIN of your Dodge automobile in the given box and sit back, relax and wait till the website brings to light all the details regarding the vehicle.


The official website of Dodge is also a Dodge VIN Decoder tool. The official site of the automobile company is naturally one of the most trusted means to decode the Dodge VIN and find out the details that are necessary and required.

A company’s website gives you an accurate and fair view of the vehicles that it has produced because being the manufacturer; it is their duty and responsibility to ensure that all their automobiles have a VIN and they keep a track on them thus acting as a Dodge VIN Decoder tool.

The tools mentioned above are the best and most trusted Dodge VIN Decoder tools and should, therefore, be used by you whenever in need. The VIN of a vehicle holds a lot of importance.


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