We are in the 21st century, where technology is changing rapidly daily, and we are not using it entirely. We are using that device daily but are not aware of its features solely. It’s our Android phone!! This individual device is very convenient for the knowledge field as it will help you gain knowledge without wasting time. Thus, you must know about the finest General Knowledge Apps out there.

As we know, our smartphones can be used for different purposes. Besides entertainment, we can also use it for educational expectations, like using General Knowledge Question Apps for Android. Android phones are also prominent among college and school students. Because it’s effortless to take notes on notepad apps instead of notebooks. The best G.K. Apps For Android are QuizUp, General Knowledge Trivia, Aptitude Test and Preparation, Knappily, Daily Hunt, iProf Study Buddy, All GK, Quora, etc.

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Also, many apps are available for a different educational perspective, like dictionary apps for examining meaning. Accordingly, countless Android apps are available on the market to boost general knowledge. With the help of these Android Current Affairs apps, students can study even when they have no books to study, are out of home, or are traveling. General knowledge apps for Android preserve the cost of buying hard books. The best intention of choosing these is that we don’t need to come across multiple sites and dissipate our time for exploring advantageous stuff. These best-knowledge Android apps accommodate various features that solve all those difficulties.

List of Best General Knowledge Apps

Here are some General Knowledge Apps for Android that will help you to increase your brain power and boost your General Knowledge.


QuizUp is a fun-learning GK quiz app. It focuses on enhancing your GK through rapid quizzes. With over 1000 topics ranging from current affairs, history, sports, music, economy, etc., this app frames simple questions for you to answer.


You can challenge yourself or your friends. You can even play with random players online worldwide. It is very addicting when you start. Who knew quizzes could be fun?

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Visit: QuizUp

General Knowledge Trivia (General Knowledge Apps)

General Knowledge Trivia is another great General Knowledge app. Students in need of trivial pursuits are advised to use this app! It generates multiple-choice questions from the selected category.

gk trivia

One can challenge oneself within the prescribed period with a narrow clock time. This feature makes it very useful for entrance exams, wherein time management is paramount. Also, the questions in this app are framed in accordance with the current patterns of civil service exams.

Visit: General Knowledge Trivia

Aptitude Test and Preparation

Aptitude Tests and Preparation apps are all used to help you prepare for various competitive exams like Bank PO, CAT, IBPS, GRE, GMAT, etc. This app also includes aptitude, reasoning, and verbal tips and tricks that help you gain knowledge efficiently.

aptitude test and preparation

This app categorizes questions by topics, difficulty level, and subsections. The main feature of this app is you can use it offline with no annoying Ads.

Visit: Aptitude Test and Preparation

Knappily (General Knowledge Apps)

Knappily has become a must-have nowadays. After InShorts, which gave snippets of the news, Knappily followed similar steps. It offers current affairs and daily news for its users, along with alerts.


Moreover, it has a bookmark feature if you are busy doing something else. This allows the user to follow the news at a convenient time. All topics range from science, technology, entertainment, business, etc. The daily notifications are sure to keep you up with world affairs.

Visit: Knappily

Daily Hunt (General Knowledge Apps)

Daily Hunt is a well-known app for all general knowledge apps for Android which offers knowledge about daily news and current affairs.


Its salient features include support for many languages, regular daily news, and e-books. The user also gets a notification on what’s happening worldwide and can save news articles to read later.

Visit: Daily Hunt

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iProf Study Buddy

The app iProf Study Buddy is an Android app. It suggests an extensible range of features like a quick discussion board, courses from the country’s renowned faculties, a videos and notes library, and indefinite practice tests. It also includes an excellent feature of ‘raising a doubt’, which allows a student to transmit personalized queries to teachers and pursue help in solving doubts immediately.


The app gives students an iPod library with over 85,000 videos and around 5 lakh questions and notes for various courses.

Visit: iProf Study Buddy

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Daily Current Affairs and GK (General Knowledge Apps)

The app allows students to learn about current daily affairs and GK and test their knowledge by attempting mock tests.


The home screen of the Daily Current Affairs & GK app provides you with the option to ‘Explore’ or ‘Sign Up’ it as a guest, and if you already have an account, an option for entering the app is provided at the base of the app’s home screen. Once inside the daily current affairs app, there is a second home screen where you will find some options in the GK Quiz section, like the India, Study Notes, and Daily Updates.

Visit: Daily Current Affairs & GK

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All GK

All GK, as the name suggests, is a wholesome app for GK questions. It is an excellent preparation tool for the ones sitting for civil services exams, PCS, management, etc. The questions revolve around current affairs and also provide answers that are easy to grasp.

all gk

Moreover, this app has sample papers for various competitive exams, daily notifiers for upcoming exams, and a simple navigation process. Also, its questions are available in more than 20 languages. Thus, it should be your best friend during your preparation!

Visit: All GK

Quora (General Knowledge Apps)

Quora is an app and a website that connects people worldwide; how this app works is that one can quickly put up even the most ‘common-sensical’ questions or queries. After a while, hundreds of responses and answers will be from people worldwide.


However, one must check the credibility of the person answering your question before believing his/her answer. Other than that, people can respond to your queries within minutes of posting and give a detailed answer. It is a great app to learn some extra knowledge.

Visit: Quora

General Knowledge

General Knowledge is one of the leading apps in all Android GK apps available on the Google Play store for free. One of the best features of this app is that it does not require an internet connection.

general knowledge

Yes! You don’t need a net on your smartphone to use this app; you can use it offline. Other features include the availability of thousands of general knowledge questions, and you can continue from the current question where you left previously and also can jump to that question.

Visit: General Knowledge

India GK (General Knowledge Apps)

India GK is free in the Play Store and requires Android 2.0 or a higher version. It is best suitable for those preparing GK test for the Navy, Army, Govt jobs like railway, etc.

india gk

Also, It includes about 3000 or more general knowledge questions. And is suitable for civil services aspirants also as it covers not only GK but also current affairs.

Visit: India GK

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Wikipedia is one of the most popular non-profit encyclopedias and the most significant source of information. It is available in the Google play store for free and is the most widely used app.


It has excellent features like it provides searching facilities, picking descriptions from wiki data, containing millions of articles in different languages, etc.

Visit: Wikipedia

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Quizlet (General Knowledge Apps)

The Quizlet app is the easiest way to practice and master whatever you are learning. Over millions of students, around 30 million, study with Quizlet monthly. That’s because it’s the leading education and flashcard app that makes studying topics efficient and straightforward.


You can create your own study sets or choose from millions created by other students- it’s your choice.

Visit: Quizlet

Current Affairs – General Knowledge Quiz

One of the most talked-about General Knowledge apps for Android, Current Affairs – General Knowledge Quiz is an app for most students taking exams that require a very up-to-date and relevant GK and knowledge about Current Affairs use.

This app is one of the most sought-after by students to gain their daily dose of GK and Current Affairs. Not only is this helpful app for students but also people who want to increase their wealth of knowledge by being up to date with the world prefer this app the most.

current affairs

This app covers all of the GK and Current affairs questions and answers for the government exams in India. Also, It’s easy to use quizzes to help the students to memorize stuff efficiently. You can switch between quizzes seamlessly, as the app does not put any restrictions on you.

You can also read the daily news in 100 words or less. Moreover, this app is entirely free to use, making it the bible for people looking forward to increasing their Current Affairs and GK.

Visit: Current Affairs – General Knowledge Quiz

Crazy GK Trick (General Knowledge Apps)

If you crave knowledge on many topics, searching for the perfect app ends here. Crazy GK Trick is an ideal app for Android people who want access to a bank full of GK it has to offer. Due to its separate sections for separate uses, the versatility of this app is something to be talked about.

knowledge apps

Its segregation of parts into “Study Material,” “Quiz,” and “Videos” help the students to attain the maximum knowledge through whichever medium they want. Not only that, but this app also provides you with math tests to be prepared for your exams thoroughly.

Visit: Crazy Gk Trick

General Knowledge Quiz – World GK Quiz App

This is one of the ideal General Knowledge apps for Android for people who love to choose between options. The basic structure of this app is to give you a question and four options as an applicable answer.


It has a user-friendly interface, which helps the users to answer all the questions. It has segregated sections related to food, tech, and much more. And one can also use its features offline. Therefore, this makes it one of the most rigorously used apps by people for its remarkable features.

Visit: General Knowledge Quiz – World GK Quiz App

GK Today – Current Affairs and GK

This is one of those general Knowledge apps specially built for Indian Test Takers; with UpToDate GK and News, this app can never go wrong among its users.

GK Today – Current Affairs and GK

People can also read articles about their interests as the app has divided the materials into categories, such as Arts and Culture, Banking, etc. It’s also not a heavy app, as its 9.9 MB size packs a lot of knowledge.


Can general knowledge apps improve my knowledge?

Yes, general knowledge apps can help improve knowledge by providing educational content and quizzes. They offer opportunities to learn new facts, expand understanding of various subjects, and challenge oneself with quizzes and trivia games.

Are general knowledge apps suitable for all ages?

Many general knowledge apps cater to various age groups and offer content suitable for children, teenagers, and adults.

Can I track my progress on general knowledge apps?

Yes, most general knowledge apps allow users to track their progress. They may offer features like personalized profiles, scoreboards, achievements, and progress tracking within quizzes or learning modules.

Are general knowledge apps free to use?

Many general knowledge apps offer free versions with essential features and content. However, some apps may provide premium or subscription-based plans with additional features or ad-free experiences.

Are general knowledge apps reliable sources of information?

General knowledge apps vary in terms of the sources and accuracy of information. While many apps strive to provide reliable content, it's important to verify facts and cross-reference information from trusted sources independently.

Conclusion (General Knowledge Apps)

This concludes our list of the 17 Best (G.K.) General Knowledge Apps for Android. Let us know which one was the most helpful for you. All the best if you are in preparation mode for the upcoming entrance exams! Happy Learning!

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