As a homeowner, you could do fantastic landscape design tasks outside your yard or front lawn. Some landscape design advice might be helpful if you need help developing ideas. So let’s see some of the best landscape design apps. 

Some of the best landscape design apps are iScape App, Landscaper’s Companion, Houzz, Home Outside, Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden, Garden and Landscape Designs, VR Gardens, Planter, etc. Read the full article to learn about these landscape apps. 

This page is the ultimate resource for businesses and designers on landscape design software. Homeowners and expert landscapers may plan outside areas using landscape design applications. Advanced elements, including the display of augmented reality, are included in some. Some only assist you in organizing your garden design and placing plants.

A landscape design App: What Is It?

A particular kind of software called a “landscape design app” aids in visualizing new landscape designs by designers, homeowners, and landscapers. They enable you to expand your collection of plants, water features, or hardscapes so that you can see your plans for implementing new ideas as a whole.

Best Landscape Design App

The top mobile applications for Android or iPhone for landscape design are a good place to start. landscape design appsThey are ideal if you want to develop fantastic landscape design ideas since they will enable you to present your concepts to a landscape architect who can make them a reality.

iScape App: This App is Free

You may improve your understanding of what landscaping plan would be best for you with the aid of iScape. It only needs a snapshot taken with your phone’s camera of your front or back yard to be used. Next, using the app’s design tools, you may transform the original image into what you have in mind.iscape A virtual pen, the ability to input objects, and other user-friendly capabilities are available. One of the greatest applications of landscape design is said to be this one. If you decide to purchase the version, the free version will allow you an opportunity to “test drive” it first. While iScape has received mixed reviews, most people give it a perfect rating. There are many apps for landscaping, but this one is the best of all. 

Landscaper’s Companion at Just $9.99

Landscaper’s Companion is one of the best applications for helping you landscape your yard with plants. More than 26,000 plants’ names and 21,000 images are included in this extensive collection.landscapers companion One of the greatest programs for landscape design, in our opinion. Customer feedback is inconsistent but generally decent to very good. You can obtain all the info you require about any plant you have an eye on and are thinking about planting on your property, irrespective of whether you’re a casual or serious house gardener or an experienced or inexperienced landscaper.

Houzz: This is a Free App

One of the most widely used applications and websites for landscape design right now is Houzz. The software offers a comprehensive outdoor decorating and planning area that may assist you in creating your ideal yard, even if interior décor is its most popular usage. It’s a fantastic tool for selecting a contractor and creating your ideal House, inside and out.houzz This one is the free landscape design app present right now. The Houzz app offers more than 16 million high-resolution photographs of interiors and exteriors and verified product ratings to help you develop fantastic landscape design ideas for your House. The app may be used to identify contractors and other experts who work in home repairs. 

In addition to these fantastic services, Houzz’s editorial team and design professionals keep you informed about the most recent business developments through their newsletters and articles. The Houzz mobile application and website enjoy great acclaim and a large following. The app has received rave reviews.

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Home Outside at Just $2.99

Landscape design is now open and accessible for everyone thanks to the fantastic Home Outside planning and design software. Designing your own House and yard is simple with the tap-and-drag feature. You may select from over 700 pieces in 29 distinct palettes.home outside The program has various features, such as a sketch tool that lets users draw free-form forms like garden beds and other objects and a map tool that lets you upload a Google Maps image of your House. You can also add a picture as the background to represent your home plan or layout visually.

Home Outside is one of the most comprehensive and adaptable landscape and house design applications. It has received only positive feedback from users who have downloaded it. This landscaping app, free, is one of the finest apps to use. 

Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden at Just $0.99

With all the original House Design 3D elements but tailored this time for outside areas like yards and gardens, Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden is an easy-to-use, intuitive, and comprehensive program. You may choose your yard’s precise measurements, drag and drop more than 200 outdoor design elements, and view the outcome in 3D immediately.home design 3 You also have the option of saving your design. The software is often updated with bug fixes and new features. House Design 3D Outdoor & Garden has an excellent rating and receives a lot of downloads.

Garden and Landscape Designs at Just $4.99

Garden & Landscape Designs for the iPhone is, without a doubt, one of the greatest applications for landscape design. The software may be used while your phone is offline and might provide you with ideas for your gardening endeavours. Gorgeous photographs of landscaping and gardening may be found in a database, along with comprehensive descriptions of each design. This is one of the best landscape design apps. garden and landscape designApart from the photographs that provide you with ideas for landscape design, this program only offers a little. Still, the photos are amazing. If you want some original ideas to liven up your property and would want some inspiration for landscape additions or yard improvements, this is an excellent app to check out.

VR Gardens: This App is Free

Via VR Gardens, you can finally bring your fantasy garden design to life. The first 3D garden design planning app ever created is this one. With countless varieties of trees, flowers, and structures, you may experiment with landscape design.vr gardensVR Gardens is the best app for landscaping. Enter the exquisitely groomed backyard you created entirely from scratch to understand what it might look like in person. Once you finish, you can take a beautiful virtual reality tour of your custom-designed yard, making it the best feature of this software. User feedback for this app needs to be more consistent. 

Planter: This App is Free

Planter is the ideal app for landscape design for anybody with a green thumb who wants to use it to design the ideal garden. Gardeners with little or no expertise can both benefit from this software. You may plan out your complete garden and discover how to cultivate any veggie. Organizing your garden is simple with the help of this app’s square-foot gardening grid. Also, a planner is provided, allowing you to set reminders for when to plant or transplant the objects.planter They are constantly developing new features for the app to provide you with new activities to engage in and new flora to discover. If your favourite plant isn’t currently available, upload your creations to the app.

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Does landscape design support exist as an app?

One of the top applications for designing landscapes is this one. The yard of your House may be represented digitally with iScape. So that you can view the pattern before you do any digging, including your favourite plants. A virtual pen, the ability to input objects, and other features make it user-friendly.

What should I do to make all applications landscape?

Many choices, including 'Auto-rotate OFF', 'Auto-rotate ON,' 'Forced Portrait,' and 'Forced Landscape,' are available while you are on the main screen under the orientation area. As their names imply, these buttons allow you to change your device's orientation with only one tap quickly.

What elements impact the design of a landscape?

The following environmental elements must be considered while landscaping a site: climate, wind, sunlight, microclimate, rainfall, temp, and frost. Aspect, soil type, pH, and terrain are physical elements.

What does a sustainable landscaping design entail?

The art of creating a landscape that is both ecologically responsible and suited to the local climate involves a variety of techniques.


Plenty of premium and free landscape design apps are available for various skill sets. Some top options include iScape, Garden and Landscape Design, and Home Outside. To find the best design tool app for your needs, compare feature lists for the available options on your devices. You can try out their trial period for some time and then choose the one you like the most of all the listed apps in the article. 

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