Baradin Hold is the raid instance that activates when your faction gains control of Tol Barad, much like the Vault of Archavon. Along with PvE tier gloves and legs, it drops a variety of PvP tiers and accessories. There are 3 bosses here: Occu’thar, Argaloth and Alizabal. You can purchase Cataclysm Classic Boost for a quick and easy run. WoW Cataclysm boosting will carry you through the dungeon and give you all the shiny loot. But there is a complete guide for you on Baradin Hold Raid Tactics if you want to understand the mechanics of the bosses.


This predatory demon broke out of his cage and gained access to the west wing of the prison, devouring all the prisoners there.occuthar demon Occu’thar’s gluttony has led to the fact that his carcass has noticeably increased in size, and now he cannot escape from prison, and the entire west wing has turned into his new cage.

The abilities of the boss: Occu’thar

This boss has some painful abilities, but we will talk about all of them just to be prepared:

  1. Focused Fire: Occu’thar casts his gaze at a random location, dealing 35,000 units of fire damage every second to players within a 12-meter radius.focused fire of occu'thar
  2. Searing Shadows: Occu’thar deals 10,500 units of Dark Magic damage to all players in a 60-degree cone in front of them, increasing their dark magic damage by 100% for 30 seconds.
  3. Eyes of Occu’thar: Occu’thar creates an Eye of Occu’thar for each player, which drills the player for 10 seconds or until he is killed.eyes of occu’thar
  4. Gaze of Occu’thar: The Eye of Occu’thar directs a beam at its target, inflicting 6,000 units. Damage from dark magic every second for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the Eye of Occu’thar gets the opportunity to penetrate the player completely, inflicting another 25,000 units on all surrounding players. Damage from the magic of darkness.
  5. Occu’thar’s Destruction: After 10 seconds, the Eye of Occutara can penetrate the player completely, inflicting another 25,000 units on all surrounding players. Damage from the magic of darkness.

Baradin Hold Raid Tactics of the boss: Occu’thar 

Baradin Hold Raid Tactics here are simple but still here, so you must do it.

  1. Occu’thar stands facing the entrance, and the entire Baradin Hold Raid Tactics needs to be positioned on the sides of the boss and behind his back.occu'thar before the entrance
  2. Two tanks will be needed to fight Occu’thar.
  3. The doggie often uses frontal cone AoE breathing. AoE hangs a debuff on the tank, which increases Shadow damage. That’s where the second tank is needed—they have to change, meaning another tank has to replace the tank. The main thing is that no one but the tank gets under AoE Occu’thar.

It is also worth noting that rays occasionally pop out of Occu’thar’s eyes. This creates void zones for random players — of course, their void zones should not hesitate to pop out (friends do not sleep).

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Baradin Hold Raid Tactics of Adds on Occu’thar

Occu’thar causes Adds “eyes” that drill the player for 10 seconds. The Adds will inflict another 25,000 points of Shadow damage on all surrounding players if he is not killed.occu'thar

The add-ons need to be killed quickly. You may think, “25k damage is survivable at ease,” but you’re wrong here. Many Adds pop up; if they all deal damage, it may lead to a wipe.

Otherwise, the Tactics on Occu’thar are simple.


The boss in the 10ppl has 21.5 million lives and 5 minutes timer for his enrage.

Argaloth is a massive pit lord demon prisoner in the Baradin Hold Raid Tactics. He is the first boss in there.

The abilities of the boss: Argaloth

He has only 3 abilities, which makes him an easy-to-understand encounter.

  1. Consuming Darkness: DoT, which needs to be dispelled.
  2. Meteor Slash: A very unpleasant ability of the boss that acts on two sides of the boss’s room, causes huge damage, and greatly increases fire damage that acts on all damage divided across all within 65 m.abilities of argaloth
  3. Fel Firestorm: Fel Firestorm is an ordinary puddle, and you need to avoid falling into it and, finally, not stand on it

Baradin Hold Raid Tactics of the boss: Argaloth

2 tanks

2 healers

6 dd with an average DPS level of at least 10.5k

The Baradin Hold Raid Tactics group is divided into two groups: a healer and a tank in each group. Both groups scatter in different directions of the room, preferably standing behind Argalot and beginning to bash Argalot.

Group One: The tank agitates the Argaloth and holds it on itself. The whole trick of the Baradin Hold Raid Tactics of the Fortress of Baradin bosa Argaloth lies in its ability to Meteor Slash, the damage of which is evenly distributed over an area of 65 m. So keep in mind that group 1 beats the boss, and as soon as it starts to take too much damage, i.e., it subsides.

(the second group is best to agitate immediately after the group has received a Meteor Slash debuff)argaloth

Group Two: The tank of group 2 overreaches Argaloth to its side, and the second group already beats the boss. The first group is waiting for the shock from the Meteor Slash to subside and recover. After peeling off, the tank of the 1st Argaloth group overreaches to its side, and then the first group already hits.

And so everything goes according to the cycle, then the 1st group, then the second.

Of course, do not forget about the Consuming Darkness; it must be dispelled. Finally, do not sleep or stand on the Fel Firestorm.

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Alizabal <Mistress of Hate>

The last of the three bosses here is Alizabal, a demon captured and sealed long ago. Now, she wants to break free from her prison.

The abilities of the boss: Alizabal

She also has only 3 abilities, which makes fighting her easy enough. If you killed Argaloth, you would probably kill Alizabal.

  1. Skewer: Alizabal impales his target, stunning it. At the same time, the target receives 20,000 units of damage every 1 second; damage received by the target increases by 100%.baradin hold alizabal fighting
  2. Seething Hate: Alizabal infuses burning hatred into a randomly selected target, thereby inflicting 100,000 units. Damage to all players within a 6 m radius. The damage is distributed among all those who are hit.
  3. Blade Dance: Alizabal begins the blade dance, dealing 10,000 units physical damage once per second to all players within a 15 m radius. During the blade dance, Alizabal also deflects all attacks directed against her.baradin hold alizabal blade dance

Baradin Hold Raid Tactics of the boss: Alizabal

Two tanks are needed.

When Alizabal uses a Skewer, one of the tanks retakes the boss from another.alizabal using skewer

Blade Dance – all run together to the specified mark and stop the DPS.


The Baradin Hold is a fairly simple raid tactic in WoW Cataclysm Classic. But even if you have problems, Overgear will take care of your most comfortable and fast passage. Play for fun and buy WoW Cataclysm Classic carry services for additional comfort.

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