Top 6 Car History Report Generator Tools of 2019

Have you ever bought a new car? If you do so, then I hope that you might have taken a vehicle report before purchasing a car. A vehicle report tells you about the car’s past such as maintenance record, number of owners, how it was used, odometer rollbacks, accidents, and many more. Several car history report generators are available online through which you can get to know the current status of the car you are purchasing. In today’s article, we are going to know about a few car history report generators such as Carfax, Autocheck, CarRecord, carVertical, auto DNA, etc. Let us have a look at one by one.

6 Best Car History Report Services of 2019

Here’s the list of the best VIN checker tools of this year. Have a glance at all of them!


carVertical is the first Car History Report generator in the world, based on blockchain. You can find out the full car history, its mileage problems, records in documents, if it is crashed or not, check previous countries registrations with the help of VIN code.


You can also verify the database of stolen vehicles via carVertical. With the carVertical report, you can watch its archive photos, model bugs, equipment, maintenance records, and also a VIN location. Let us have a peek at some of its exciting features.

Features of CarVertical

  • CarVertical accumulates information from various global services, which include national and private registers, insurance, leasing, claims to handle databases, paid APIs, and you can also find OBD devices installed in the car through which you can get real-time data.
  • The verification process takes on with the help of blockchain technology, which can’t be changed, rewritten, or manipulated in other ways.
  • CarVertical is decentralized and allow every car owner to get reliable and specific information about the vehicles all over the world.
  • You can opt for carVertical vehicle history report by paying $14.99 with a credit card, PayPal, and other commonly accepted payment methods.

Visit: CarVertical


This is a car VIN generator through which we can get a brief report on its sales, owners, accidents, thefts, damage checks, open lien check, and many more by just entering the VIN of your vehicle.


The data of vehicles is retrieved from government agencies such as National Motor Vehicle Title Information Systems(NMVITS), National Insurance Crime Bureau, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, non-profit organizations, and industry sources. VinAudit offers free data tools which help you to get to know the value of your vehicle. VinAudit offers memberships which are accessible in both mobile and desktop interfaces.

Features of VinAudit

  • VinAudit offer tools for car dealers, people who wish to do shopping with cars.
  • Market Value Tool is used to estimate the retail value of any car, and also shows how the value has changed and predicts how it is going to be in a graphical manner.
  • Ownership Cost Tool calculates the true expenses you can expect in various aspects such as Insurance, Fuel, Maintainance, Taxes, and many more over the next five years.

Visit: VinAudit

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Before you going to buy any second-hand car, it is advisable to have a brief check of the car. autoDNA is a Car History Report generator which gives a quick view of the present condition of the car by entering the VIN.


The report tells about the last recorded mileage, archived photos of the vehicles, a check of stolen vehicle records, manufacturing defects. It also has information about the crashes or accidents, and the technical data of the car.

Features of AuoDNA

  • If you wish to purchase a car from the USA, then this Car History Report tool is priceless.
  • AutoDNA is one of the largest sites in Europe and Worldwide.
  • AutoDNA is available for 24/7 to keep their customers satisfied every day.
  • Reports will finalize from reliable sources such as national administration, financial institutions, and central registers of vehicles.


CarRecord is a vehicle report generator which assists car buyers to know about the history and value of the used vehicles. It is the USA operated online automotive bureau. The data of the vehicles will extract from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System(NMVTIS). It has a design to protect the customers from fraud and unsafe vehicles. You can get a brief view of the car by entering the VIN or license plate.


The report includes the study on various aspects such as Vehicle Valuation Data, collision history, Manufacturer Recalls, Thefts History, Odometer History, Title Problems, and Salvage and ReBuild history.

Features of CarRecord

  • The report also provides information regarding engine and PPSR certificate.
  • You can get a car vehicle report at $19.


This is a Car History Report generator which is running from 1984 by Robert Daniel Clark and Ewin Barnett with 500-750 employees. It supplies reports on used cars and light trucks for the American and Canada customers.


The report includes an in-depth check of significant accidents, mileage rollback, warranty information, Salvage Titles, structural damage, estimated miles driven per year, Airbag Deployment, and many more.

Features of Carfax

  • Carfax provides red flags while analyzing the report.
  • The report provided by the Carfax is comprehensive and very easy to read for the customers.


It is one of the finest Car History Report generators which helps you to understand the history of vehicles. And choose the vehicle that is perfect for you based on your requirements. The data will recover from trustworthy industry leaders such as, CarMax, eBay Motors, Kelley Blue Book, and


This service delivers information on reported accidents, odometer rollback, lemon vehicles, branded titles, and many more. Autocheck has around 13,000 dealers on their network.

Features of Autocheck

  • The serivce is a part of Experian, a trusted global leader in information services. It helps customers to make the best financial and purchasing decisions.
  • Autocheck Mobile: You can get free access to vehicle history delivered to your mobile.
  • Autocheck Score: This feature provides the rate of the risk of buying a vehicle with unseen problems.


These are the few Car History Report generators through which you can get to know more about the car. If you want to purchase a new or second-hand car, then we advise you to go with these VIN Decoders. And be free from risk.

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