12 Best Clock Widget Apps For Android {Free}

Right from the Sundial to the Hourglass, from the gigantic mechanical clocks to the Atomic clocks, our civilization has strived to transcend all imaginable limits. We live in an age of absolute time. Time is just so precious, isn’t it? And you need to see it in style, then why not use our list of Best Clock Widget Apps to do so.

We rely on our phone for a variety of our daily errands. Be it a meeting with a foreign delegation, a crisp information about all that is trending, having dinner with someone, and much more. We look at our phone at regular intervals to know about the exact time. At TechWhoop bring you some of the best clock widget apps running on Android.

Top 12 Best Clock Widget Apps of 2019

Here are the best apps of 2019 for clock widgets:

Onca Clock Widget

It is a very light but still the Best Clock Widget Apps, which makes your home screen look pretty amazing and much different than others’. Onca Clock shows you time, date (only if you want), temperature, and a lot more.

Onca Clock Widget
Onca Clock Widget

It’s amazing wallpapers are a feast for your eyes. You can choose amongst different styles. It comes in two versions: one is the free version and other being paid. You can customize this app according to your needs.

Visit: Onca Clock Widget

Minimal Clock Widget

This is one of the Best Clock Widget Apps. Minimal Clock Widget lets you customize the app, with your colour combinations. It gives you information about the weather, battery level, and of course the time and the date.

Minimalist Clock
Minimal Clock

This app has hundreds of styles for the widget app. It uses the Internet and also uses your current location to fetch you information about the weather.

Visit:Minimal Clock Widget

Dash Clock Widget

It is also one of the Best Clock Widget Apps, capable of doing many of your tasks. You just have to have it. You can download it on your Android version 4.2 and its next versions. It can also be downloaded on your tablets as well.


It informs you about the current weather, calls and messages, alarms, etc. You can do a lot of customization to configure it to your very own needs. If you don’t have it now, surely you gonna repent for it later.

Clock Now Widget

Clock Now is Best Clock Widget for Android, available for free on the Google Play services. You cannot turn it down at any cost. There is no need to worry about the ads because it doesn’t show any. If still it shows then you can use ad blocker tools.


You can use this one of the Best Clock Widget Apps to unlock your phone. It is of minimal design, and it won’t take much time to get installed. It is very simple, and you will love it. You can place any number of apps on your home screen, to create shortcuts.

Visit:Clock Now Widget

ClockQ Widget

ClockQ is again a home screen app for your phone. It gives you the flexibility of choosing among several eye-catching designs.


You can customise it to your own choices, and you can get more options, once you become its premium user, after paying some bucks. It gives you information about time, weather, battery level, etc.

Visit: ClockQ Widget

Chronus Clock Widget

Chronus clock widget app is a very fast, and highly optimized application, specifically designed to minimize your internet data, and the much needed phone battery. It is available in two versions: one is free, and the other is paid. The unpaid version of this one of the Best Clock Widget Apps gives you information about the weather, calendar, etc. in addition to the usual time and the date information.


It maintains your emails, messages, and also your calls. While it’s pro-version gives you the additional information about the weather forecast and many more interesting things. You would virtually fall in love with this app. You should have it.

Visit:Chronus Clock Widget

HD Clock Widget

HD Widgets is different from all other apps, in the sense that it allows you to have your own adorable and memorable photos, set as the home screen of your phone. You would develop an eternal relationship with this app. As the name suggests, this app provides photos in HD quality.

HD Widgets
HD Clock Widget

Apart from other clock widget apps, this gonna provide you information about weather along with its other essential factors like wind speed, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and the direction of moving air. It is one of the greatest apps; you should try at least once.

Visit: HD Clock Widget

Lines Clock Widget

Like many other Best Clock Widget Apps, this app also comes with the usual piece of features like date, time, weather, etc.

Lines Clock
Lines Clock

You can use Lines Clock as your home screen widget with many other apps lined up on your home screen, for shortcuts. It provides you splendid picture options for your home screen wallpaper.

Visit: Lines Clock Widget

D Clock Widget

It is very light and easy to use the app. This one of the Best Clock Widget Apps gives you information about the current battery level of your phone with time and date.

Simple Calendar Widget

Simple Calendar
Simple Calendar

It is one of the simplest Calendar & android clock widget, providing you information about the date, time, weather, and schedules put into it earlier.

Visit: Simple Calendar Widget

Clock Widget

In a world where generally everybody aims at achieving creativity, it could still be pretty annoying for somebody who unlocks his or her phone to have a glance at time to be first greeted by any creative things which float around the clock.

clock widget
Clock Widget

For people who focus right on the money and want a sober illustration in the form of time, Clock Widget is the app to have. It enjoys the benefit of being linked to the default clock app which comes inbuilt in all the phones, by which it launches the alarms menu in just a single tap of the user, unlike the traditional methods which require some degree of dedication and human –mobile interaction. Supporting android versions of 4.1 and above, it is an essential app where one also needs not to worry about the headache of ads.

Visit:Clock Widget

Go Clock Widget

This is another of the Best Clock Widget Apps which provides the users the flexibility to customize their clock with the help of 9 different available themes. There are various sizes of the widgets which are supported by the app respectively, ranging from 4 x 1, 4 x2 as well as 2 x 2 size respectively. This app, however, requires a launcher in the name of GO Launcher Ex for it to function perfectly.

Go click widget
Go Click Widget

The developers suggest that in order to use the maximum size of the widget available, it is recommended that the users clear up space available on their device as it can occupy a relatively significant amount of space respectively. This app, like most of the apps which exist on play store, enjoys the credibility of downloading for free. It is a very necessary app for people who like to watch time customized in different themes.

Visit: Go Clock Widget


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