Clipboard Folder in Android | Where is it & How to Use

There is a huge demand for the latest Android phones and various other variants available in the market. Every new mobile phone has new features that will enhance the overall usage of the customer. However, there are some cases where you are not even aware of the basic knowledge about an Android phone. One of them being the feature known as the Clipboard Folder that is quite effective. Also, most of you would be hearing this term for the first time.

This is the reason that this guide will tell your everything that you need to know about the Clipboard folder in Android. Moreover, we will discuss some of the common methods to access the same. Further, you can find the answer to where is Clipboard on Android phone or how to use it. Thus, make sure to go through every section and understand the concept.

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What is Clipboard Folder?

The first thing that we will share with you is the basic detail of Clipboard on Android. Many of you might have seen the option to copy the text from anywhere on your phone. Further, this feature is very useful when you are trying to get access to a long text or phrase. In layman language, the clipboard stores the copied text in a temporary location on the phone.

android clipboard
Android clipboard

This temporary memory space is sometimes called the Clipboard folder in Android. You can either copy or cut text from a document and transfer it to a different location. Moreover, some users refer clipboard as the pasteboard that originates from the latter task of pasting text.

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How to Copy Text on Android Phones?

There is no doubt in the fact that copying text is quite easy, especially on Android phones. However, it is our duty to tell the correct method for the new users. There is no rocket science in understanding the way to use it. Also, you should consider saving the text once you copy it from the document, as the previous context will be overridden after you copy anything new. Therefore, there is no way to come back and retrieve the data until you have some third-party applications. Thus, follow these steps to get the job done,

Step 1

First, you need to open the page or document from which you want to copy the text.

Step 2

Users can easily activate this feature by long-pressing the text and wait for the selection curves.

Step 3

Next, control these curves to select the desired text from the document. You can also tap on the Select All option as per the requirement. This will select the complete text written on the page.

copy text
Copy text

Step 4

Finally, click on the Copy button to save the text in the Clipboard. Thus, now you go to the desires location and paste the text accordingly.

Note- In case you choose to Cut the text, it will be erased from the pata Nahin chocolate original location. However, you can paste it anywhere on the phone without any potential risk. Moreover, pasting the text on the original location will restore the document. But it will be kept safe in the Clipboard folder in Android phone.

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Where is Clipboard on my Phone?

Here is a tricky question that almost every Android user thinks about while copying the text from one location to another. If you are wondering that where is clipboard on Android, well, it is not present there. Moreover, there is no provision of giving the clipboard folder to Android users by default. Thus, the best way is to download and install some additional applications to do the job. There is no potential risk as these applications are quite popular among the users. Read this article, to know the 8 Best Folder Lock For PC To Ensure Your Privacy.

Therefore, we have compiled some reasonable tools for proving access to the clipboard folder in Android. These applications are easily available on the PlayStore and are compatible with most devices. Hence, make sure to follow the steps to set up the Clipboard on Android,

Gboard Clipboard Manager

As the name suggests, this tool is developed by Google and is extremely effective for Android users. Moreover, it can also act as a keyboard application whenever necessary. But today, we will discuss how to use the clipboard feature present in it.

Step 1

First, make sure to install the Gboard application on the device. Also, make sure that it is connected and working properly.

Step 2

Open the document or any other text-supporting tool on the phone.

Step 3

Next, tap on the typing dialog box, and it will automatically switch to the Gboard keyboard. Users can find the clipboard option on the top of their keyboard.


Step 4

Click on it, and you will get an option to save texts and sentences accordingly.

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This method includes getting the Clipboard Manager tool available on the PlayStore as well. It will save all of your copied text at a single location for better accessibility. Thus, follow these steps to use the Clipper,

Step 1

First, install the application on your Android phone.

Step 2

Next, open the application and set up various requirements and demands of it. You will need to allow and give permission to access various components.


Step 3

Further, you will have the option to directly save the text in the Clipboard. Also, users can manage or sort their text based on several filters.


We hope that this guide about the Clipboard folder in Android will serve the purpose. Also, you can install any one tool as it will most probably do the task. There are several other applications, but we recommend you to use mentioned above.

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