Are you contemplating relocating to Dubai Hills Estate? In that case, this is the ideal location. This essay discusses the benefits and drawbacks of living in and purchasing property in Hills Estate.

The development’s active lifestyle amenities are one of the main benefits of residing in Dubai Hills Estate. Numerous parks, green areas, tennis courts, and jogging trails are available in the neighborhood. Minor issues, meanwhile, might still be problematic for people. Being in a development phase when construction is going on is a drawback of living in Dubai Hills Estate. Even though these locations are far from private homes and villas, some people might find them uncomfortable.

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It’s like living in heaven on earth when you buy a villa with a pool in Dubai. Dubai is one of the world’s socioeconomic cities due to these vast deserts, which have been proudly transformed into a fruitful land. Those seeking a high living level can live in luxury in Dubai Hills. To enhance this luxury and ensure safety, you might want to consider the Best Self Monitored Home Security System. To know more about it, click here. Investors, home buyers, and tenants are all interested in the region and the Emaar Properties-built structures there. Keep reading until the end if you’re considering relocating to Dubai or the surrounding area. We’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of living in Dubai Hills Estate.

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Pros of Residing in Emaar’s Dubai Hills Estate

Hills Estate redefines modern living. In sustainable residential communities, prospective homeowners can pick from a wide range of amenities that provide an extraordinarily comfortable existence. International building codes constructed every house in this area.

A home built by EMAAR in Dubai Hills Estate can provide you, as a prospective resident, with several benefits. Here are a few of the primary benefits:

Location and Accessibility

MBR City, also referred to as Mohammed Bin Rashid City, is the location of Dubai Hills Estate By Emaar. The residential area is easily reachable from several well-known Dubai localities, including Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Emirates Hills. Homeowners need 20 to 30 minutes to commute from Dubai Hills to these sites along Al Khail Road and Emirates Road.

For homeowners looking to maintain their properties in top condition, exploring the ‘Best Tools For Homeowners‘ can be highly beneficial.

dubai hills estate location and accessbility

Al Quoz and Al Barsha, two of Dubai’s trendiest shopping areas, are close to the Hills Estate By Emaar development. From this residential neighborhood to Dubai International Airport, it just takes around 25 minutes. It is easy to reach Dubai’s other well-known sites and landmarks from Dubai Hills.

Residents in the region can easily access the nearby commercial centers. The information technology hub (also known as Dubai Internet City), the media hub (also known as Dubai Media City), Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), and others are among them. Dubai Hills is ideal for professionals working in these commercial sectors to reside.

Family-friendly facilities and contemporary amenities

Gated communities with villas and townhouses are part of the Dubai Hills Estate’s master plan. Each of these homes has an abundance of contemporary conveniences. The presence of family-friendly amenities boosts the neighborhood’s appeal.

dubai hills mall

There are numerous stores, restaurants, and cafes in the 2 million square foot retail mall. The large shopping complex nearby offers a ton of entertainment and dining alternatives. It ensures tremendous retail opportunities for those who prefer never-ending shopping binges. Residents can visit this shopping mall right away to treat themselves while socializing.     

Additionally, several shops, healthcare facilities, and renowned educational institutions are nearby. In other words, the area has everything a family could need or want. Bachelors can also live there stylishly and lead an exciting lifestyle.

Selection of Property

There are several advantages to Dubai Hills Estate, including different alternatives for building homes. The master design for this residential development contains several villas and apartments. There are projected to be 100,000 new residents there.home options in dubai hills estate In Dubai Hills, several different home options are available to potential residents. Luxury villas with three to seven bedrooms are where they start. Modern apartments with 1 to 4 bedrooms include additional choices.

The houses in this area are not only great choices for a home, but they are also wise investments.

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Calmness and Peace

The popular notion holds that wealthy communities usually lack tranquility outside urban cores. Dubai Hills, on the other hand, stands out in this instance. The neighborhood emanates serenity and tranquility while being geographically in the center of the city.

dubai hills estate peace

The residents of Hills Estate enjoy two advantages. The initial option for residents might be to live nearby the city core. The second benefit is that residents can live peacefully without being concerned about disturbing the neighborhood’s metropolitan surroundings.

Active Lifestyle

Hills Estate has a huge residential neighborhood park. The neighborhood has spacious parks, numerous gardens, and open natural spaces. Since there are so many of these places, locals may live active yet calm lives. Adults can use the spacious pathways for strolls or jogs while getting fresh air. Children can play in the neighboring vegetation while running and jumping.

parks in dubai hills estate

One aspect of the residential area is the athletic facilities. This neighborhood’s main attraction is a 1.2 million square foot golf course. The complex includes a driving range, putting green, floodlit practice area, golf academy, and a few eateries.  

A large tennis academy with indoor and outdoor courts, a jogging track, a splash park, a volleyball court, an outdoor gym, a specific kids’ play area, a skate park, and numerous other amenities are also available in the Dubai Hills neighborhood. Apartment buildings with swimming pools and community gyms provide residents with additional recreational opportunities.  

Happy Pet Owners’ Location

Having a pet in one’s life can bring about much happiness. Dubai Hills is particularly good at this. Residents can enjoy living with their pets in this community.

pet owners in dubai hills estate

Pets are not always permitted in residential lodging, though. The only limitation is that animals may not be bred for commercial gain.

Cons of Residing in Emaar’s Dubai Hills Estate

Given all of its benefits, living in Hills Estate has no drawbacks. While this is generally accurate, some aspects might differ from everyone’s taste. Before making a decision, you should take into account the following:

Currently Under Construction

The Hills Estate By EMAAR undertaking still needs to be completed. This indicates that local construction is occurring. This can start to cause alarm for some locals.

construction in dubai hills estate

It is crucial to keep in mind, nonetheless, that construction sites are typically situated distant from villas and flats for habitation.

Lack of Facilities for Public Transportation

The Hills Estate site needs more public transit infrastructure. However, there is a strong likelihood that this situation will soon alter.

transportation in dubai hills estate

Residents of this residential area can use the public transportation options available in the Al Barsha neighborhood until further development occurs. There are bus and subway services among them.

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Where exactly is the Dubai Hills?

You can find the Hills Estate By Emaar neighborhood on Al Khail Road in Mohammed bin Rashid City in Dubai. To get there by car, take Exit 18 off Al Khail Road (North). You can exit the metro at the Mall of Emirates Metro Station, First Abu Dhabi Bank Metro Station, or Noor Bank Metro Station to reach your destination. It only takes ten to fifteen minutes from these metro stations to drive to the neighborhood.

Where exactly is the Golf Club in Dubai Hills?

The vast shopping center in the area is close to the golf club. It can be found at Central Park.

What makes Dubai Hills a desirable place to live?

Being a Hills Estate By Emaar resident is a wise decision because it provides top-notch amenities. It offers residents everything they need, from opulent modern residences to expansive green spaces, sports facilities, shopping malls, and entertainment choices. The neighborhood functions as a self-sufficient community.

Can foreigners purchase homes and apartments in Hills Estate?

In Dubai Hills, freehold purchases of villas and apartments are allowed. Both non-resident investors and expatriate residents might be considered as such buyers. They may even decide to rent or sell their properties.


Dubai Hills Estate features all the amenities one would anticipate from a spectacular, high-end residence. It is a popular place for investors and homebuyers. The area is expected to grow into one of Dubai’s most sought-after residential communities.

If you want to live in a nice neighborhood in a peaceful part of the city, Hills Estate is the place for you.

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