Top 10 Games Which Don’t Need Internet To Play

The gaming industry is highly manipulating the community with online games that are much aggressive and compelling. However, the craze for games that don’t need the Internet is still present in many players. Thus, we decided to develop this blog where you will get the Top 10 Games That Don’t Require Internet to play. We recommend checking out the list if you are looking for something similar.

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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the first name on our list of top games which don’t need the Internet to run. It is a single-player game that involves running on the rail track to avoid getting caught. The policeman and his dog are chasing a little brait spray painting the trains.

subway surfers
subway surfers

You can collect coins and power-ups like a magnet, jetpack, sneakers, etc., on the way. The game is over once you hit any obstacle or the train. You can also use keys to get another chance.

Download: Subway Surfers

Angry Birds

The Angry Birds series was started back in 2009 and is one of the popular free games you can play offline. It is a simple aim and fire game to rescue eggs from evil green pigs.

angry birds
angry birds

The player throws birds with unique abilities using a special wood stand on the castle. It will demolish the structure and helps you achieve stars to free up the eggs while beating the guard pigs.

Download: Angry Birds

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Hill Climb Racing

If you are looking for free games that don’t need the Internet, Hill Climb Racing could be your ideal choice. It includes driving multiple vehicles on challenging terrain to cover the maximum distance.

hill climb racing
hill climb racing

Also, get more rewards by performing stunts like front roll, wheelie, and many more. The best part is that you can change the environment by spending coins that you earn. The game ends only when the character falls or the fuel exhausts from the car.

Download: Hill Climb Racing

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Temple Run

Temple is quite similar to Subway Surfers but is a bit difficult to control your character. You also have to tilt your device to align the character on the track to collect points.

temple run
temple run

On the other hand, the speed is comparatively more with various edges to fall. You must run from the reach of a giant monster chasing you to steal the gem. Don’t forget to look out for hidden traps on the map.

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Smash Hit

This game will end your search for no internet games in Google as you don’t need a network to play it.


The player enters a virtual world full of glass obstacles covering the way, and you can smash them using steel balls to clear the path in front. Also, try to gain more balls by destroying crystals without any miss. You will enter challenging levels after completing the earlier ones.

Download: Smash Hit

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is among the games without the Internet that you will love to play in your free time. Imagine a world collapsed with zombies invasion trying to eat your brains.

plants vs zombies
plants vs zombies

You need to protect your house from the most likely attack from your backyard side. Hence, the player must deploy unique plants that defend the area from zombies. Every plant or bush has a different power that is helpful during zombie waves.

Download: Plants vs Zombies

Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is among the games which don’t need Internet and falls under the car simulation category. As the name suggests, you drive different cars across the city and reach the desired location.

dr. driving
dr. driving

Moreover, you have to avoid bumping into the traffic, leading to extra costs for fines and repair. Players can earn gold coins by completing missions and executing perfect turns. Make sure to unlock new vehicles and beat your high scores in the game.

Download: Dr. Driving

Cut the Rope

Next, we have Cut the Rope offline game, which you can try to get some mind refreshing levels. The primary aim of the game is to make the alien eat the candy without falling.

cut the rope
cut the rope

The candy is usually connected with multiple ropes hanging all over the screen. You can cut any rope by simply slicing it to make the candy swing. If you complete the mission by collecting every star, you complete the level.

Download: Cut the Rope

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Asphalt 9

Let’s move on to some thriller racing no network games that will blow your mind with excitement. Asphalt 9 is undoubtedly an interesting game with high-end graphics. However, you can use the online mode to play Asphalt 9 with your friends.

asphalt 9
asphalt 9

You have to race against other competitors to win multiple tracks, and you can also collect boosters to give you better acceleration during the race. Moreover, unlock new cars as you move ahead in your career.

Download: Asphalt 9

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Piano Tiles

The last game on our journey of games that don’t need the Internet is Piano Tiles. This game is pretty engaging and gets more challenging as you progress. You need to press black tiles that appear on the screen without missing any.

piano tiles
piano tiles

Also, touching the white tile will end the game, and you have to start from the beginning. It tests your hand-eye coordination to get more scores. The background music suits best with the piano sounds while playing the game.

Download: Piano Tiles

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We hope you had a good time reading our guide on top games which don’t require Internet on your phone. Each game is available on play store. These games can be played without internet but also have an online version for a better experience, and you can easily install and play them with your friends.

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