You all might have heard of horror movies. You all would have watched horror movies by covering your eyes with your hands and watching between your fingers. To a higher level, switch off the lights and watch midnight. If a horror movie can give you the experience of living in the same horror land with ghosts around you, why can’t you live in that world by playing with them? That sounds interesting. This is not misery, as we have Roblox horror games. What is something special about it? Does it have the same impact as horror movies? Can we engage our friends in it? What different and good horror Roblox games could be suggested for this post-pandemic era? These questions are out of curiosity, but read the entire article that answers all your questions.

  • Roses
  • Lloyd Residence 
  • SCP-3008 
  • Identity Fraud
  • The True Backrooms

This article elaborates on good Roblox horror games that can be suggested and can have the ability to interest the audience or the subscribers to enjoy your favorite game. This article also discusses the insights of using the Roblox horror games and the games updated in 2023.

Top 5 Scariest Roblox Games

Being fond of Roblox is neither a surprising statement. To a clear understanding, if your children are in love with it, you would have heard these terms: Booga Booga, Roblox Studio, Theme Park Tycoon 2, etc. But have you ever heard or do you ever know that you have good horror games to play on Roblox?scariest roblox games

It is new for some of you, but on the other side, what are the excellent Roblox horror games that can be played in this era? This article will help you pick the scariest Roblox games multiplayer 2023 to play with friends.


If you are fond of horror movies and horror fiction, then Roses by Clockwork Entertainment is the best option. Roses will be the best option if you are searching for good horror games on Roblox, especially as a single-player. The backdrop, music, and props are visuals scripted in such a way as to create a scary environment around you.


This game is all about finding your friend Max in an asylum. You have to fill the shoes of Max’s friend in the asylum, and then it is up to you to find Max. Roses will be the best choice if you love to play as a single-player and want to vibe with music, props, and the minute details that matter.

Visit: Roses

Lloyd Residence 

Lloyds Residence is one of the good Roblox horror games that can be suggested. If you love to read or write horror stories or are a person who loves horror fiction, then you will fall in love with Lloyd Residence. The reason for mentioning people who love your grandma’s story is the storyline and the backdrop deal with Zombies, Ghosts, and Myths. This game is divided into two types: One of the two is the Lloyds Residence. And the other one is Chuck Lloyd’s basement.

lloyd residence

The Lloyds Resident generally has the same baseline seen when the game starts. When the game begins, you will be able to find a lot of spirits and ghosts trying to kill Chuck Lloyd. On the other hand, Chuck Lloyds’ basement is where you will have some clues to finding Chuck Lloyds Past life.

Visit: Lloyd Residence


There are a lot of good Roblox horror games, but one such game that can be equally horror and fun is Uglyburgers0’s SCP-3008. It is a unique game arena with minute, detailed infinite interior space.


All you have to play this game is to stay alive. In this game, you must implement all the measures to safeguard yourself from inhuman spirits. This is one of the excellent horror games on Roblox. The activity undertaken to protect the character might end up in disappointment.  

Visit: SCP – 3008

Identity Fraud

It is one of Roblox’s best and most scary games to play with friends. If you love games with maze setups, imagine a maze set up with a monster and dangerous creatures like shadows as the antagonist, and you have to safeguard and escape from the labyrinth. If reading takes a long breath, imagine how the game will be. Put things into perspective.identity fraud

Yes, Identity fraud is one of the scary Roblox games 2023 to play with friends. What is interesting about it is you will be able to understand the monster’s characteristics. All you have to do is, use your brain to trick the beast and escape. Moreover, the puzzle will also put things into a scary yet breathtaking atmosphere. The entire journey is more or less a treat for your brain to think, process, and express.

Visit: Identity Fraud
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The True Backrooms

Like those good Roblox horror games mentioned above, the True Backrooms also occur in a maze setup. Your main goal here while playing the true backrooms is to escape. To find the exit and to liberate yourself. Moreover, there will be well-light and entirely dark areas in the maze as well.

true backrooms

There will be many ways where some tend to make you come to the starting point; in other cases, you feel like running through a circle. The motto is to escape. To try all possible ways and escape. The sounds add more effect to increase your fear. But ignore the sounds and move forward. There isn’t any barrier to stop you from reaching the exit point. It is your job to use your brain to find the exit point.

Visit: The True Backrooms
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Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a platform designed or creator for gamers. It is an app or a website with a series of games on different streams. This is a platform created by Roblox Corporation that enables the users to design games and allows the other users to play the games developed by various game programmers.

Who can play Lloyds Residence?

If you are a person who loves to play with riddles and is curious about connecting the evidence and finding the results. You can choose Lloyds Residence.

Is it necessary to have music while playing in The True Backrooms?

It is up to you to choose whether you want background music. Music is preferable since these games are designed to have a scary experience. The background music is highly horrible and always puts an urge to excite and brings you to a point to end up with a wholesome experience. So, if you prefer to play in a scary atmosphere and to have a thrilling experience, then hands down, you can choose The True Backrooms.


This article primarily focuses on how you can download horror games and a clear description of the updated list. This also sets people elated and improvises in downloading and using good Roblox horror games you have to play with your friends in this post-pandemic era. Moreover, profound insights will also guide you in choosing the suitable match that suits you.

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