In 2013, a sensation started spreading like wildfire among the gaming community! Well, not only in the gaming community but also among the general public! Today, we know this sensation as GTA 5. Even today, the game is so vast and diverse that experts are still digging up some of the GTA 5 Hidden Secrets! 

Secret Locations in Grand Theft Auto 5 That You Didn’t Know About

1. Epsilon Vantage Point
2. The Tennis Coach’s House
3. Ghost Voices By The Seaside
4. Jack Howitzer’s Motel Room
5. Taco Van Location
6. Tongva Cave
7. Secret Cave Bunker
8. Large Hotel Swimming Pool


You are undoubtedly wrong if you think you have absorbed every minute detail of the game! Even if you feel you have explored the beauty and vastness of the entire game, you are still on the top of the iceberg for all you know! So, read the whole article to see that you don’t miss out on anything and discover each GTA 5 Hidden Secret!

Top 6 GTA 5 Hidden Secrets

The game is around three main characters. It stood well in receiving by critics and the audience alike! It became one of the generation’s most popular games, given the enormity of its expanse and attention to detail in the game. This gave rise to a new demographic of gamers- experts unveiling GTA 5 Hidden Secrets, which is what this article will discuss.gta

The Rockstar Games developers were innovative in hiding references and specific locations. After discovering them, the franchise’s most ardent fans did the awe. This article will ensure you will be equally surprised when you unearth the GTA 5 Hidden Secrets!

Land Act Water Dam

This dam is no secret if you have wandered through Los Santos, the top GTA 5 hidden secrets list. It is the only dam in the game, shaped like an arch and enormous. If you explore this dam, you will find many exciting things. 

land act water dam

For instance, if you go to the dam, you will find some constructions here and there. Numerous rooms are situated here, some at the bottom of the dam as well. Scan for any stairs while exploring the dam!

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Fort Zancudo

It is no mystery that Fort Zancudo is one of the most secure places in San Andreas in GTA 5 hidden secrets. The perimeters are so well-armed and manned that you can’t enter without breaking in. And once you do, you won’t survive in there for 10 seconds without invincibility or no police mods. 

fort zancudo

It is the #1 modding service and has completed 50,000+ orders. Once you reach the control tower inside Fort Zancudo, enter it through the green doors, as shown below. Once you go inside, you’ll see different servers and control rooms. The control room at the top is sometimes equipped with a machine gun!

Bizarre Bones In The Sea

If you go off-coast to a specific location on the map of Los Santos and dive to reach the seabed, you will find two giant skeletons. This discovery was a topic of debate until the GTA community finally stated that those were the remains of sperm whales.

bizarre bones in the sea

You can find sperm whales on the shores of California. It has got inspiration from the landscapes of Southern California. You can find the location by visiting the spot on the map below. Also, don’t forget to wear diving equipment or take a submarine, as you know the results of doing otherwise!

Hidden Room At Vespucci Beach

In GTA 5 hidden secrets, there is a blue-colored shop at Vespucci Beach. If you go there and climb the noticeboards of the shop, you will enter a secret room. The room is behind a banner titled “SHARK HEAD PIZZA.”

hidden room at vespucci beach

The room has low-quality desks and chairs and black paint color. Some posters on the other end of the wall aren’t very clear. Overall, you will not understand the objective of this room at all, and Rockstar Games has made sure that it remains a mystery!


In GTA 5 hidden secrets, this secret is one of the finest! The answer to why Rockstar Games decided to keep it so far off-shore is still unknown. You don’t see the ship unless you come down South. Yes, you have an aircraft carrier in GTA 5, although it is very well-concealed.


The creation of the vessel is the result of every minute detail, making it look highly realistic. The warship includes numerous warplanes and helicopters. It also has an enormous amount of guns, ammo, and missiles. Imagine the fun you’d have if you got to control the vessel!

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Secret Cave

If you go to the location shown below, you will reach a cave that’s so massive that you can fit a hydra inside it! The cave consists of some collectibles and is pretty much empty other than that in GTA 5 hidden secrets. 

secret cave

Although, if you stand on the rock at the center of the cave, you will witness beautiful scenery! Watching through the cave at night, you will see pretty decent views of the night sky and silver moonlight.


Is there any secret places in GTA 5?

Yes, in GTA 5, there are several secret locations and easter eggs to discover. From hidden caves and underwater wrecks to mysterious UFO sightings and hidden missions, exploring the vast game world can reveal many surprises, making your gaming experience more exciting.

What is the rarest thing to find in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, one of the rarest things to find is the Space Docker, a unique vehicle. To obtain it, you must collect all 50 spaceship components spread over the map. This rare dune buggy can hover and has distinctive alien-themed aesthetics, making it a coveted treasure for dedicated players.

Where is Trevor's secret room?

Trevor's secret room in GTA 5 is located in the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club. To access it, complete the ‘Hang Ten’ mission, then return to the club as Trevor. Go upstairs to the manager's office and you'll find the room, which contains some unique items and provides a hidden space for Trevor.

Who is the secret killer in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, the secret killer is the ‘Infinity Killer.’ This is a reference to a series of gruesome murders involving the Infinity 8 symbol. It's not a character you interact with directly but rather a mystery you can uncover through side missions and clues scattered throughout the game world.


Top picks for GTA 5 Hidden Secrets! These spots make them all the more mysterious for you! The locations are not accessible for you to find and might sometimes take up a lot of your time while you find them. But, the thrill and satisfaction you get while reaching them are inarticulable! 

There are some more famous spots, but they don’t give you exhilaration as they are not as adventurous or mysterious as the ones we included. Anyways, the main objective of these secret places is to keep you excited and eager to keep searching for more and more. So, all that matters is the fun you’ll have in finding them. Happy gaming!

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