Improve Instagram Engagement | 7 Ways To Use In 2023

Instagram is one of the best social media sites for marketing your brand. However, it takes a broad and genuine following to unlock the opportunities on Instagram. An extensive and natural audience would be hard to come by without a high level of engagement on the platform. That is why, in this article, we will be discussing some of the smartest ways to improve Instagram engagement for unlocking opportunities.

Unfortunately, most brands don’t know how to improve engagement on Instagram. There are Instagram growth tools like Social Buddy that can help, or you can work hard to improve Instagram Engagement. It doesn’t take special skills to increase Instagram engagement in 2023. These simple practices should do the trick.

Improve Instagram Engagement
Improve Instagram Engagement

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How to Improve Instagram Engagement in 2023

The following are some of the things that can help to improve Instagram engagement on your account without any technical knowledge.

Touch Up Your Bio

Your bio is the first thing people see when they visit your Instagram account. It tells a brief statement of your brand, and the way it takes it can be a make-or-break deal. As such, make sure that your bio is compelling and makes a good and lasting first impression.

Try to add up a brief and engaging description of your brand in the bio. One of the ideas could be playing with the words that speak to your audience.

Since you cannot afford to make any mistakes, you should consider soliciting the services of a professional to help you craft the bio. Also, be sure to add all relevant contact information to nurture your audience’s trust. This could be the first measure to improve Instagram engagement.

Touch up your bio
Touch up your bio

Make Your Posts Fun (To Improve Instagram Engagement)

Instagram is all about the glitz and glamor. Most people go on the platform expecting to see something fun and engaging, and they do not hesitate to pass over posts that may be considered boring.

In addition to being relevant, every post on your feed should be creative and fun. The posts should tell a story humorously and engagingly. They should also be attractive and consistent – ensure consistency in factors such as colors, tones, and nature.

Have fun creating your posts – if you don’t have what it takes to incorporate some fun into your posts, then you better get a professional Instagram account manager to improve Instagram engagement.

Instagram wall
Instagram wall

Tip: Instagram Stories command greater engagement compared to regular posts. Use this feature to tell your brand’s story and start conversations.

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Post More Videos

Watching a video is more comfortable and more fun than reading an article – research supports this as videos are becoming increasingly popular compared to other forms of web content. This is what your audience wants, and more followers will become engaged if they love your videos. Precisely, it helps to improve the Instagram engagement of your account.

Instagram lets users post short videos limited to 60 seconds on their feeds. The platform also has a new platform, dubbed Instagram TV (IGTV), which allows users to post longer videos.

As is the case with your posts, make sure that your videos are fun, insightful, and engaging. Learn more about important factors such as lighting and color. A poor-quality video will compromise your brand’s reputation and likely leave a negative impression.

Tip: Most people find it challenging to create professional-grade videos. However, since quality cannot be compromised, it becomes necessary to solicit the services of professionals to improve Instagram engagement.

Converse With Your Followers (To Improve Instagram Engagement)

One of the most fitting ways to connect and engage with your audience is through active, one-on-one communication. As such, never let a DM, comment, tag, or any other form of communication go unanswered.

Keep track of all communication alerts. Track your posts to see your audience’s comments and reply to each one accordingly. Also, try to respond to direct messages in a timely fashion.

You should also take the initiative and start conversations through your posts and Instagram Stories. You can also reach out directly to individual loyal followers and strike conversations.

Remember: the most effective form of improving Instagram engagement marketing is word of mouth, so talking is a smart move. Make sure that your conversations are relevant, insightful, and reflective of your brand’s personality.

Make Use of Branded Hashtags

Hashtags function like pointers on the Instagram platform much in the same way that keywords work on search engines. They are a basic form of marketing to improve Instagram engagement on the platform.

You should choose your hashtags carefully. They should be short, brief, and relevant to your brand and posts. There are lots of analytics tools that help identify the most popular hashtags, so make use of them.

In addition to narrowing down your hashtags, you should also consider branding them to conform to your brand’s name. Branding is essential as it gets your brand name on the map and nurtures trust and confidence in your audience.

Keep Track of the Numbers (To Improve Instagram Engagement)

Numbers don’t lie, and everything you do on Instagram has an impact on your numbers. The number of Instagram followers is the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of names. However, there are more factors at play.

Some other factors to improve Instagram engagement are the number of people who clicked the link to your website, no. of profile visits, and taps on your profile. All these numbers are essential.

You can get a simplified view of the effectiveness of your marketing and engagement campaigns using analytics tools. There are lots of analytics tools, so you have many options to choose from. Generate reports as often as possible to stay on track.

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Tag Your Locations

Posts tagged with a location get more attention and engagement compared to posts without location tagging, according to studies on Instagram. Most importantly, most of the meeting comes from local followers looking for jobs in their locations.

This comes with many trickle-down benefits – most notably, it is a great way to start conversations with followers in the tagged locations.

As such, make a point of tagging your location with your IG posts. Choose a creative way to improve Instagram engagement, such as a sticker or hashtag.

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Final Words (Improve Instagram Engagement)

The best way to keep your Instagram account alive is by engaging with your followers. There is nothing special to it – you need a smarter strategy for ordinary activities, such as making your posts more fun.

These tips to improve Instagram engagement has been tested and proven time and again, and they may be the key to unlocking your IG account’s maximum potential in 2023.

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