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We all have our fantasies about our ideal worlds and our imaginary alike. It’s breaking out of the myth that virtual is meaningless or ineffective. Now that tons and hundreds of businesses are run on social media along with apps like Kicksta, it is a market for tremendous advertising. Also, it is the utmost platform for expressing your interests to the world! And to do so, followers are the key. They are the people who have subscribed to your posts, and it turns up on their feed, while they can comment, like, share, and communicate and enhance the organic reach of your business. To earn them is an Everest climb since the Instagram culture hasn’t developed on the Try-and-discard philosophy yet.

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To tackle these issues, a lot of generators online be of help or try to, in order to improve users’ reach. However, like the saying “All that glitters is not gold”, all that is bold is not the best. A staggering number of followers are promised, but there is hardly a change. While we review websites which serve the purpose of getting Instagram followers, we come across some legitimate Generators and tools, one amongst which is Kicksta. Scroll through this Kicksta Review to know if it is worth the ordeal to use Kicksta to obtain real Instagram Followers.

What is Kicksta?

It is a prudent and pragmatic tool that has algorithms which help brands and influencers grow with its foundation of several real followers.

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Of all the tools that surface on the Internet, most are scamming people through surveys to perform before using the tool and other means of distractions that will ask you to do more work than the generators.


Kicksta does not work in that way. It creates organic followers not by ‘hacking’ or ‘tweaking’ into Instagram’s algorithms, but by authentic methods. Hence, gifting you real followers and creating you your virtual stage to attract similar minds. Kicksta promises more engagements, conversations, shares, and post likes along with followers too. Moreover, these are real followers and not bots or fake accounts created by Kicksta.

How Does It Work?

Suppose you are a fashion blogger and create content for a Magazine. Kicksta, through your account, goes to thousands of public accounts which have an interest in fashion blogging and fashion itself and likes their posts. This creates a chain of responses that will make them give your account a visit, at the least. In case you have your website’s link in your bio, you can get a potential client out of literally nowhere! This might also lead to more followers on your blog or Instagram account if they like your content. It uplifts your brand and image with the essential kicksta to embark on a journey of influence and stardom on Instagram with real followers!

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How it Works
How it Works

You will have to enter around 10-12 public Instagram accounts whose followers you want to target, and Kicksta will notify 30000 users in a month about you, by liking 1-2 of their posts. Being humble and sincere about it and addressing your needs of Instagram followers while they are at it. Statistics and growth reports are produced monthly to assess your investment and returns. In turn, you can earn every seed you have sowed here through paid partnerships you will receive once you have the massive number of Instagram followers you always wanted. A ‘dedicated customer service manager’ will answer your queries and guide you through your lift.

The Motive Behind It

Philosophy of Kicksta about Instagram followers and why they are different
Kicksta does not promise the number of followers you can get. It believes that it is irrational and impossible to generate a specific number of followers. Kicksta gives you real Instagram followers who you will have to maintain with content. Further, it will bridge them to your growth and thereby attract and stand as a potential market for the advertisement for numerous companies.

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Kicksta stands out from the rest because they make you realize that your growth is possible by you. Also, they help you realise that you deserve real Instagram followers. It is unlike a certain few celebrity accounts with average likes per post being less than 1% of their total Instagram followers. They have promising clients who have reviewed the same to be propitious to their success story on Instagram. Kicksta works on filters that can know a real account from a ton of spam ones. Therefore, reduces chances of bots and fake accounts following you. While going the extra mile to earn your followers, Kicksta’s numero uno priority is user security.

Pricing of Kicksta

Kicksta offers a 14-day cash back assurance to clients who want to continue using only if it yields results. The important part of Kicksta is that unlike other tools, it does not instantly add followers to your profile making it look unnatural and perhaps unethical morally too. It is an organic growth after liking and interacting with several users’ posts.

Hence, the people who have stuck on the longest are the ones who experience the true onus of Kicksta – to append real Instagram Followers.

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Kicksta Pricing
Kicksta Pricing

You will have to provide Kicksta with your Instagram username, password, and the list of accounts you wanted to target. They advise you not to use other tools or services while using theirs, so as to differentiate growth solely on their efforts.

Pricing includes two modes – Creative and Professional.

For $50, it seems like a strike worth deal to make to improve your business. Also, it helps to get the Instagram followers you always desired.

Kicksta Support

With your name, email ID, and contact information, you can get in touch with Kicksta’s support. If you have questions other than the frequently asked ones, you can fill up the same information and expect Kicksta Support. Customer Success Managers are appointed to personally keep in touch and cater to all the needs of their clients.


That’s our two cents and hope this Kicksta Review has proved fruitful. You can utilize one of the many tools to generate Instagram Followers none of which contain Case Studies of Success or Returns of users who have used it. Without reviews like this Kicksta Review, you cannot excavate the complete truth in the dearth of these many tools.

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