Skype is a free telecommunication application which made its first appearance in the August of 2003. It specializes in offering video and voice calling to anyone and everyone who uses the application. Utilizing a freemium type of business model, Skype also provides users with the ability to instant message with text, pictures, video and a wide variety of emojis tailored to one’s feelings. Currently has more than a million users, the program was recently bought by Microsoft for 8.5 billion dollars. You must have faced the “RAVBg64.exe Want to Use SkypeError.

Skype introduced a telecom revolution everyone was hungry for as it provided free access to anyone who wanted to make calls or video calls through the internet. It also provides a service which is paid for if the user wants to call to a landline or a mobile number. Being available on various platforms, Skype is known for being easy to use and user-friendly. This has made it a crowd favourite and has also survived the criticism of many tech gurus. Unfortunately, Skype hasn’t been problem free.

This is because many governments and corporates have banned the usage of Skype due to the security risks it raises, the excessive usage of bandwidth by the program and the misusage of such a free service. The application’s problem doesn’t even end there, many of its users have faced problems which have fully changed their outlook on the program.

Skype Offline Installer
Skype Offline Installer

Turning it from positive to negative, many users have complained about the quality of calls provided by them as they can receive a better service from other providers like Google Duo for free.

One of those problems faced by many is when RAVBG64.exe want to use Skype. This type of error in the form of bug which is faced by many users who utilize the latest version of Skype. These include versions 7.22 and above. This escalated from a problem to a nuisance so fast that the officials of Skype came out and confirmed that it’s a bug which they attempted to fix in an update. Unfortunately, some users still face this problem.

RAVBG64.exe want to use Skype is not a system crashing bug or a file corrupting problem. In fact, Skype needs the RavBG64.exe Skype file to connect to third-party applications like drivers so that you can hear the audio and it runs in the background. The error arises when the bug starts acting up. And deletes the list of 3rd party applications which are accepted and connected to Skype. Which in turn will make the third party software or drivers to ask permission to connect back, hence making it ask permission in the way of requesting RAVBG64.exe to use Skype.

3 Methods to Fix RAVBG64.exe Want to Use Skype Error

Update the outdated

The first step to take regarding on how to fix RAVBG64.exe want to use Skype error is that to make sure you have the updated version of the software running on the system. This in most cases will fix the problem immediately because Skype themselves with the new updates have claimed to have fixed the bug. Observing that it has worked in many cases also, this solution is a good one to try out. If the problem still presides even after launching the application after updating it, then the next solution should help you out.

Fresco install

The second solution you could utilize to fix the RAVBG64.exe want to use Skype error is by executing a Fresco install. A Fresco installs literally in Spanish means a “fresh install”. To execute this solution the user has to uninstall Skype. And then ensure that the registry is clean from any Skype related files.

Uninstalling Skype is simple as removing any other software. This can be done by going to the uninstall or change a program option on “my computer”. Once clicking on the option mentioned, search for Skype. Which can be uninstalled by right clicking on it and selecting the uninstall option in the drop-down menu. Now Skype has been removed from your computer.

To ensure its been fully uninstalled, the user can go to the registry and check for any remaining files. To access the registry, the user can request and receive the run window by pressing Windows and the “R” key at the same time. After accessing the run option, the user just has to type in “regedit” to reach the registry. To easily find out the registry files related to Skype, pressing the control key and the “F” key (Ctrl+F) together.

Registery Editor

This gives you the access to check out the files. Moreover, you can delete the files by clicking on the files  from the drop-down list. Now the user can be fully assure that the PC is clean of any files of Skype.

After which the user can re-download the new version of Skype from the corresponding website. This will surely fix your problem of the RAVBG64.exe Skype. Also, if you want to use Skype error as the solution. If the problem still resides then the next solution will surely fix it.

The inside out

If RAVBG64.exe want to use Skype error still exists then the problem can be still fixed from the inside out. To execute this fix the user just has to access the tools drop-down menu and click on the options selection. After the options window pops up, click on the advanced settings selection on the left-hand side. Within that setting select the option “Manage other programs access to Skype”.

Once inside the option click on RAVBG64.exe Skype and select change. After which, select the option “do not allow” and confirm it by clicking the ok button. Once that’s done select the same option once more and choose to allow and confirm it for the last time. This will, in other words, reset the permission of the RAVBG64.exe to default. Hence helping you to get rid of the RavBG64.exe want to use skype error for good.

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